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Roxanna Bell

"Never let it tie you up."

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a character in “Supernatural Next Generation”, as played by Burn One Down


spinners ||| THE HOLD STEADY

{ “they put another record on”}

{ Misnomer } 
Roxanna Faith Bell
{ Nickname }
{ Age }
{ Sexuality }
{ Romantic Orientation }
{ Species and Side }
Human; Hunter-Enabler; Caretaker at the Road House
{ Hunting Abilities }
Weapon Knowledge
While Roxy is absolutely horrible with combat, she knows just about everything there is to know about weapons (even if she can't use them), and she's incredibly good at both creating weapons and finding them, as well as researching them and finding them for other hunters.
Cooking and Hunting Game
Being a great cook, Roxy can easily put together a meal worthy of a house full of hunters, and not bat an eyelash when she has to hunt for a deer or two in the process, either.
Medic Training
Whenever Roxy's mother came home from a bad scrape with the wrong kind of monster, Roxy was the one to dress her wounds, and doing so gave her more than enough training to do the same to every other hunter who passes through her life.

{ “and she carries the cross”}

{ Likes }
Cooking Hunters Stars Weapons Cherry pie Taking care of people Medicine History Socializing Smiles Her fringe lifestyle Hunting game Lazy sundays The feeling of grain Wind Soda Feeling at home
{ Dislikes }
Moving around too much Being flirted with too forcefully Hunting monsters Ingrates Romantic comedies Homeschool Cheap beer Being in cars for too long Blueberries Missing people Underage drinkers Being ignored
{ Fears }
Losing he roadhouse Saving the wrong person Not saving the right person Vampires Drowning
{ Skills }
Cooking Hunting game Healing/medical procedures Blacksmithing Creating and researching weapons Socializing
{ Deficits }
No good with weapons or self defense Physically weak Terrible marksman Gullible Vulnerable Timid Painfully selfless Can't drive, gets carsick, hates planes

{ “but you can dance it off”}


{ Personality }
Sweet Supportive Gullible Caring Friendly Grounded
Soft hearted and softer willed, Roxy is easy to sway and easier to lie to, while she herself is an amazing liar, she has a hard time detecting it in other people. While brave, she rarely wants anything to do with combat and will happily slip away to see to the wounded afterwords. She can drink a grown man under a table and when she's in a good mood around people with whom she's comfortable, she's perhaps one of the most boisterous people anyone's ever met. She knows how to make hunters have a good time and it's one of her favorite duties as a caretaker at the roadhouse. She likes her job a lot and is an extrovert of massive proportions.
Making allies and friends is one of Roxy's greatest talents, but she's not good at keeping in contact very well and she's prone to saying the wrong thing and losing allies just as easily as she gains them. She's an incessant optimist and almost never shows a temper in the slightest. With everyone's needs placed above hers, she tends to forget to ask for things for herself, and is often too timid to speak up for herself when it needs doing. She likes bringing people together, especially through food and is very fond of most hunters. She treats them all like children or siblings, for the most part.

{ History }
Growing up, Roxy knew nothing about her father, but everything about her mother; including the little detail of her hunting life. Being raised on the move didn't really suit Roxy, and that was evident enough by the time she was five or so that her mother settled them down just outside of Las Vegas and kept hunting the area while she began something of a safehouse for hunters there. Homeschooled until then, Roxy took to public school like a fish in water.
Socialization meant everything to Roxanna, which was a big reason middle school was so incredibly hard for her. Her cliques fell out and her mother got more dangerous with her hunts and everything, for a short period, felt indescribably wrong. They moved to a place in upstate New York after that, started up a different safehouse, and repeated the process again when Roxanna got to high school.
In Roxanna's senior year of high schools, a coven of vampires found their way to the Hudson Valley and her mother planned on going in alone, eradicating the coven. Even Roxanna knew it was a bad idea, but she'd argued with her mother over hunts before, and always lost. When her mother didn't return, Roxy somehow managed to avoid blaming herself, though, and she instead simply went looking for her mother. When she found her dead, it wasn't a shock, it just meant life complicating for a while, and a dull ache of losing the only family she'd ever had.
After high school, Roxy moved on, wandering a bit, and somewhere along the line she met one Peyton Harvelle, with whom she began yet another roadhouse and safehouse off a long dirt stretch specifically for hunters. In that, she found her purpose; cook, clean, and fix the house, and do whatever she can to get hunters better equipped to fight their monsters, as well as dress their wounds and act as a bit of a mother hen for them during their stay at the roadhouse.

{ Other }
Dialogue Color: 541F78
Ally of Ben and Peyton

So begins...

Roxanna Bell's Story