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Rayen Asis

"Wanna bet?"

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a character in “Supernatural Rehab”, as played by pkDragonbutt


Rayen is a nineteen year-old, female, witch-in-training.

Rayen takes good care of her appearance, almost never allowing herself to appear uncouth. She is of average height and weight; somewhat pudgy here or there. She has slightly pointed ears, and sharpened teeth. Her eyes are a bright red, and her cheeks are a constant flushed pink. She has a general look of innocence about her, with a subtle strangeness as well. Her blonde hair travels in waves to mid-way down her back.

Rayen likes to wear ribbons in her hair of different colours. The colour of her ribbon usually reflects her mood. Cooler colours mean she is in a foul mood. Warm colours mean she is happy or content. She often wears different types of frilled dresses and robes, always matching her ribbon. She generally wears heels, enjoying the height boost they give her. She also has her ears pierced, with earrings matching her attire. She has a generic magic pendant that is always with her. Aside from this, she wears no jewellery or additional accessories.

(I used Fallen Angel Flonne from the Disgaea series as a general face claim, please do check her out! Or the game!)


Rayen is an incredibly upbeat person. Often found humming, singing, skipping... the like. She hates to see people sad, and does her best to keep up the mood. She often gets overwhelmed because she feels as though she carries the world on her shoulders, but she deals with it without complaint. She is incredibly polite, almost always being formal. She has only ever loosened up around very close friends. Rayen can be very old fashioned as well. Due to this, she is somewhat opinionated on a few touchy subjects.

Rayen has a few big problems. One problem is that she has a sweets addiction. If she goes long without some kind of sugar in her system, she will lose it. She stars out by becoming cranky and unresponsive. After this, she will become assertive. If left too long, she becomes incredibly violent and needs to be restrained frequently. Any little thing can make her snap at this point, and she isn't beneath turning people into frogs and squishing them between her toes.

Another problem is a slight closet gambling addiction. This stems from a love of money, and possessions. She also tends to place bets on situations. One of her favourite phrases is "wanna bet?" She has her two cents on everything, and money to match. Fight going on? She bets $5 that the guy on the left will be the winner. Lunch time? $30 and a week's worth of homework says we're having that gross meatloaf; AND she will pay you an additional $10 to see you eat all of it!


Basic magic abilities are Rayen's forte. So to speak, she has a lot of basic spells under her belt. She knows things like levitation, love spells, telepathy, healing spells, and more. Each of course drains a sufficient amount of energy from her.

As far as equipment goes, Rayen has her magic pendant. This grants additional energy to her as necessary, making it easier for her to pull off difficult spells. She also has a generic witch's staff, used for controlling magic.


Growing up, Rayen had temperament issues. She would scream, bite, and hit everyone constantly. Her family and friends had to constantly bribe her in order to keep her calm and happy. Her sugar addiction stemmed from her getting various sweets in order to subdue her anger. Due to this, her aggression never completely went away.

After years of this "nonsense", everyone decided to cut Rayen off cold-turkey when she began her witch training. This of course did not go well. Rayen lashed out, harming anyone she came into contact with. She cast spells, snapped fangs, and even used her staff as a physical weapon. She had to be restrained, and was finally taken away to rehabilitation. They gave her sweets on the ride up, but there's no way she can keep getting them forever, and who knows how long her good mood will last in a place like this...

So begins...

Rayen Asis's Story

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From behind the door of a dorm room, bustling could be heard. There were various crashes, whimpers and other odd noises. Inside was Rayen, rushing from one place to another, trying to find things. She had slept in, and was now running late. This was so unlike her! She was always punctual! She hoped this would not ruin her reputation!

Finally dressed and ready, Rayen left her room. She adjusted the ribbon on her head as she scurried off. Pulling a sucker out of her sleeve, she unwrapped it and stuck it into her mouth. This would calm her down until she got there. It was her duty to make it in time, and she was determined to do it.

"Oh, oh gosh," she squeaked as she tripped in the door of the cafeteria. Rayen gripped into the wall for support, quickly adjusting her position. She dusted herself off, clearing her throat and walking in. She could hear the snickers of the people that had seen her, and did her best to ignore them; chomping down hard on the full sucker, breaking it right in half.

Rayen hurried to grab her breakfast. She collected all of the most sugary foods, and even packets of sugar to sprinkle on top. She was almost purring as she sat down alone to eat. She never sat with the others; she didn't really get along with anyone else. Not because she was particularly unlikeable, but rather because she had low tolerance herself for the likes of most of the rehabilitation center's inhabitants. She brushed her long, blonde hair back behind her to keep it out of her food, proceeding to dig in.

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Rayen slipped into the room alongside a group; inconspicuous. She was nibbling away at a piece of chocolate, many more in her pocket in case things got irritating or intense. Unlike everyone else, she intended to do everything in her power to get the best out of this place. It had taken a while for her to come to that conclusion, but she figured it was for the best. She was here for her own benefit, after all. Thus, she was going out of her way to keep her cool.

Seating herself in a lone chair, she crossed her legs. This is the proper way for a lady to sit, she thought to herself. Prim, proper and aloof. This was how she wanted to be portrayed. She looked around the room in curiosity, narrowing her eyes at this or that person. She was silently judging them all. Her eyes stopped on the Fae. Ugh, she always had this look on her face. As though she was better than everyone else. How irritating. Rayen chomped down on her chocolate, not wanting to let her blood boil.

Deciding it was best to distract herself, rather than let her opinions run wild, Rayen cleared her throat to speak.

"Ah, I do believe that this place will evidently be most helpful actually, Ms. Fieldings," she giggled a little at the end of her sentence. Sucking up might not help, but it definitely made her feel better about her own persona.

"This is after all a place of healing. It is no one's fault but their own if they choose to... wear a band aid, so to speak. Not everyone can be an adult about this," she tried to keep a straight face; she didn't want to appear too stuck up. She was merely stating an opinion, right?

"That said, may I be so bold as to say that outside these walls, I am more than willing to help anyone in any way that I can. Yell my ear off, if you must. I do care, you know. I certainly hope you all open up. I am ever so curious about you all," she smiled a brilliant, white, perfect smile.

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Thats when Blake finally showed up. He simply sat down, and he didn't seem to to quite get. He however, took his chat, backed it up a good 3 feet, and sat down. He simply listened.

"Everyone, might I have your attention please?" a mentor said. He knew what she would say. He knew it wouldn't apply to him.

"I know that you all hate therapy sessions. You think of them as torture, you find them useless, you regard them as a waste of time. I think, for most of you at least, this is the first time you are in one of my therapy sessions. Today, we will do things a little different. I will not force anyone to talk about anything they do now want to talk about. You can all tell stories of your past if you want to, or you may tell us of your hopes and plans for the future, if you prefer not dwelling on the past. In return, I hope for a little good will from your side - I would hate to sit here all morning listening to the silence." This ticked him off a bit. Almost enough to speak. He has never really spoken in a therapy session. But he could not remember the past, nor did he ever try to. He was tired of trying things that never worked. But for once, he almost did, though he wasn't sure of people noticed.

"This is a waste of time, space, energy, and life, I don't think anybody wants to talk about why they were sent to what I like to call 'Fancy Prison.'" Blake then thought to himself "Oh please. I think they could fix one of you at least. You don't have memory blanks with memories you suffer from, and the instability that follows.

Then Rayen spoke. Blake had no doubt she was lying on a major level. He knew no one thought like that here. He continued to remain silent however. He hates therapy. Waste of time.

The only way to get him to speak in therapy would probably be by antagonizing him.

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#, as written by Amnesty
Rose listened as Rayen spoke, her eyes attentive and slightly nodding to signal that she had her attention. In truth, however, Rose's attention was with the others in the session. She had hoped for her new approach to get some useful truths, or at least some half-truths. But everyone seemed to think of her as a waste of time. Frankly, it saddened her.

"Well Rayen, thank you for being brave enough to speak up in this session. Now, could you tell me why you think you are here? Or what you plan to do with your life once you get out of here? What are your goals, your views, your plans? Or, if you prefer, you could simply tell us a tale of something you remember from before getting here."

Anything would do right now, Rose thought. And then it struck her that she might actually be the only one that hated these sessions more than the patients did. At least they could leave once they had regained control over their powers. She was going to be stuck trying to get youngsters to talk until she died. Considering her age, she guessed she had about ten more years to go.

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"Can I be excused?" said Collin, before jumping up and leaving.

Khael watched Collin leave and pouted. It hadn't quite produced the effect she had wanted. But she did know that he obviously had very little self control and that could still be fun if she could get him to not just run off whenever the smell was too much. She tapped a nail against her leg and sighed lightly. She looked around at everyone as they spoke. Already she was bored. She was turning her head to look at whoever was speaking but she wasn't hearing what was being said. She even ignored the mentor. She tapped her foot on the floor.

She shifted. Then she watched Rayen. The mentor had spoken to her, right? She couldn't recall. Khael suddenly raised her hand.

"Hey, I think we should all leave!" she said brightly. "I've got better things to do." Her grin suggested that those 'better things' might not to apply to anyone laying on the other end of her amusement.

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Being addressed made Rayen think. What did she have to tell everyone else? Nothing particularly interesting, that's for sure. She was mostly a spoiled brat, not that she could admit it to herself. Clearing her throat, she hummed, indicating that she needed to think of something. Nothing was really coming to mind. Besides, she was simply more interested in hearing about others than talking about herself.

Rayen frowned in disappointment as Collin left. People didn't need to be walking out on this... she wondered what could be wrong with him. Poor guy, if he didn't come back then she would probably have to ask how he was. The next time she saw him, of course. Perhaps she'd give him a candy. Probably not though, she was never too keen on sharing.

Her attention momentarily shifted to Khael. There was an insane amount of cheek biting, but alas, Rayen could not hold her thoughts in. She frowned at the Fae, switching her legs so the other was crossed over top.

"I highly doubt that one such as yourself has better things to do. You never do anything of any use to begin with. Perhaps you should save your voice for words that are of interest," Rayen scoffed at Khael, popping a candy into her mouth. She swallowed it quickly, running her tongue over her teeth to make sure no pieces were left behind.

"As for myself... I'm here because I have a history of temper problems... violence... attempted murder... nothing too insane. It isn't an interesting story, really. Once I leave however, I would like to continue my witch training. I want to become a Master Sorceress.... get married... have children... the likes."

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#, as written by Amnesty
Rose sighed and stood up. She very well understood she would get nowhere with her current approach. And thus she decided to try another shift of tactics. She walked over to one of the windows, seemingly looking outside but still seeing her class through the reflection.

"I know none of you are here voluntarily, but you seem to misread our intentions. Or my intentions, at the very least. I am not here to play the warden of a high-security prison. I do not want to keep you prisoner. I still think of the name of this institution as being an ill choice. "Rehab Center" makes it sounds as if it is a clinic. It isn't. It's a school. We are here to help you control your powers, but can only do so if you let us."

She turned around and looked at the Khael.

"You, Miss Thera. You do not want to be here. You long back to your past situation. But, since you are here now, you decided to make the best of it by having fun, even if it makes other peoples lives miserable. And you, Miss Tiden, you believe you have never had anything, and you abhor pity. I am not here to pity you, I am here to help."

Her gaze turned a little darker while talking, and the temperature in the room turned cold.

"You are not the only ones who despise being here. But the thought that I might help you in finding your purpose in life makes it worthwhile. I already offered my help to Tessela and Rayen, so that they may master their abilities. I am willing to help any single one of you, as is Mr. Hunter. You need only ask."

Her gaze turned a little friendlier again now that she was done giving her speech, and gradually the temperature returned to normal as well. "That is all for today's session. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to come to me."

Rose then sat down at the desk and took her notebook, ignoring the students and allowing them to go about their own business.