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Nefret & Ammon Nasrallah

"Stop staring, we know we're gorgeous ha."

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a character in “Supernatural School”, originally authored by MarchHare, as played by RolePlayGateway




Nefret & Ammon Nasrallah






Egyptian Sphinx




Unlike most twins the Nasrallah twins personalities don’t counteract each other, their personalities are almost the same. They both are rather cheerful individuals and don’t take rude or mean comments seriously, even if the one who said it was being serious. Though there are quite a few things they disagree on but they aren’t anything major. In over all perspective they’re just two very down to earth and generous twins. Even with their cold handing from their hair and even clothes, they aren’t greedy.


Nefret: Nefret has a bit of a larger built than most other females of the same species she knows. She has a pair of wide set hips, large bust, and thick thighs that gives her the voluptuous figure. Her body is mutiple color of brown and a light tan, mimicking that of an animal, though in her true sphinx form her face, neck, and chest area are of the normal skin color. The female has a soft very silky smooth fur that covers her body, though it’s very short almost peach fuzz short. Her hair is a deep black tied in a long pony tail that is covered in cold and other colorful beads. Her eyes are a magnificent orange, outlined in a traditional styled eyeliner. On her back is a pair of wings and coming from her back is a long tail. When it comes to clothing she likes to wear ancient Egyptian styled dresses, no shoes though, she like to walk on her toes a lot.

Ammon: Ammon has a slender yet well built frame from keeping himself in shape. His body, like his sister’s, are multiple color s of brown and white, rather than his sister’s tan. His body is also covered in a soft, silky smooth fur that mimics the length of peach fuzz, though it being a bit longer. His hair is the same black that his sister’s is, though being different than what he’s is. The male’s hair is cut where one shit is short and the other side his long. The area of short has a bit of hair that his long that hangs over in front of his ear, jeweled with beads as well. Also fixed with a pair of wings and a tail as well. As for clothing he is quite different, never the one to be traditional in anyway he usually wears a tank top and a pair of jeans. No shoes as for the same reason as his sister.


They were born in their homeland of Egypt, near the river the Nile River. Being of mythical creature they did not much go out into the open, but stayed in one of the many pyramids that lived in until they reached their teenage years. They had gotten bored of being cooped up all of the time, but once they heard of the supernatural school they just had to go to it. So they did, along with some humanoid shapes that is. Life away from home is different for them though, much more of a different place than they are use to. Trading scorching hot desert for more of a place with greenery and such.

So begins...

Nefret & Ammon Nasrallah's Story


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Nefret and Ammon had found themselves an abandoned shed that they soon found themselves calling home for the time, not really having any clue of where to do. They were very far away from their home, nothing was familiar to what they were use to seeing in their desert like environment they had come use to. The two lay on the floor of the shed, curled into a ball against each other, both in sphinx form for the time being. A rustling of a tree outside caused the female to stir from her nap. She lifted her head only slightly to gaze towards the sky, the sun had already set, but there was something she was forgetting about. School, that’s right school, there wasn't a doubt in her mind that they were late.

Quickly she sprang up onto her paws, causing her twin to wake up from the sudden movement. “What’s wrong?” he questioned the girl, his thick accent hard to miss.

“We are late for school my brother,” she said in a hurry to grab her bag of things. It was their first day at the school, it was going to be hard fitting in for them.

“School?” the word ran through his mind, “SCHOOL!” The male quickly sprang to his own feet, grabbing a his own bag with school supplies their parents had send with them and slung it around his neck. He glanced over at his sister whom done the same, and once they were both ready they took off towards the direction of the school.

It had taken them a few minutes to find their way, but they soon made it, late, but they made it. As they approached the school Ammon slowly made his way into a more human like shape, but stopped short to turn around, his sister had stopped a few feet behind. The male raised an eyebrow in confusion before walking over to his still sphinx formed sister, leaning over to see what was the matter. “What is wrong sister?” concern in his voice.

“I’m a little nervous to be honest Ammon, what if we don’t fit in?” she lowered her head to look at the ground. Ammon only gave a slight chuckle before setting a hand gently onto her head.

“Even if we don’t fit in with anyone here, we still have each other,” he smiled in reassurance. Nefret looked up to his face and couldn't help but to smile back, he always knew how to make her feel better. With a head nod she slowly made her way into her human like shape as well and they both made their way into the building. To their suspicion, they were indeed late, probably a little too late at that. What they needed to do now was find their class, art it was. They both looked at each other for a minute then made their way down the hall.

It didn't take too long for them to find where they were going, and once they go there they entered the room. Nefret looked around at everyone in the room, the nervous feeling she had earlier returning to her. Her brother sensed the change in her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, trying to give her some sort of comfort. The girl let out a soft sigh as she leaned her head against him then they both found their way to a spot in the back. Ammon pulled a chair right up next to Nefret as she sat down, and without hesitation or the fear of people watching, he pressed his forehead against hers. A slight purring sound could be heard coming from him, in all his experiences with her sister, it was the only way he knew to make her feel calm.

Nefret wasn't sure how to respond right then, but soon started to purr herself. The sheer vibration and soothing sound making her feel more calm and at ease. They sat like that for a couple of minutes, even with the eyes wondering and looking towards them both. Their bond was too strong to care, they were like the closest of friends to each other, not having many friends growing up.

((woooah didn't think this would end up so long lol sorry for the long read XD;;))


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The two caught scent of the fire that had started in the class room, but paid to attention to it, what mattered at the moment was getting the nerves of Nefret calm enough for her to get through the day. Soon enough the fire had been put out, or so it was assumed by them having to longer having any sense of a fire in the room at all anymore. It was only a couple of minutes after when they heard a voice, speaking towards them which caused Ammon to turn his head quickly. His yellow eyes gleamed at them, wondering why he had taken an interest in knowing such things about them, but he answered anyway.

“Why do you very well care of such things about us?” he raised his brow, “we come from Egypt where we’ve lived our lives till now in an old pyramid. Easy to hide from the peering eyes of humans that sneak in for nothing but the treasures of the one buried inside.” Ammon turned his attention away from the male that had spoken to them and looked at his sister, whom seemed to be feeling better than she was before.

“As for, as you said out ‘story’ , I feel since we do not know you well enough, me and Nefret shall keep that to ourselves for now,” he paused for a minute, “sound alright to you my sister?”

Nefret looked around her brother and peered towards the one sitting where they were, her wings giving just a slight rustle. “It, sounds alright to me,” she said in a soft toned voice, unsure of the male that spoke to them.


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'Interest me'? The phrase ran through their minds for a bit, how ever was he interested in them? Eventually Ammon let go of the thought but it still seemed to run around in his sister's head. She'd never had anyone show any sort of interest in them before, living such a sheltered life before coming here there was only them two and their parents. Her eyebrow furrowed a bit, catching the eyes of her dear brother, who looked upon her slightly worried. "What troubles you?" he questioned her, his hand gently placed upon her head.

"Well," Nefret paused briefly, "we are new here and I feel like we should.. be making friends but..." Her voice trailed off as she glanced around the classroom at everyone that was attending that class at the moment. All different sorts of people and all different sorts of creatures. It interesting her very much but somehow she couldn't very well get herself to open up so soon.

"But what?" he asked as his wings twitched just slightly.

"We really aren't doing a good of a job trying..." Nefret's head hung down as she stared at the ground, unsure of anything at this point and time.

Ammon merely chuckled at her, "do not worry to much about it sister, we will eventually make friends.. we just have to get use to being around here is all." He got up out of his chair a grabbed a few things of paint, consisting of the colors black, tan, brown, and a gold-ish one.

"I know what will cheer you up, let's do some painting, you love painting," he smiled, setting the paints on the table in front of them. His sister smiled just slightly, she did love to paint but before she could get do doing any paint there was a strange heat . They both looked forward to the front of the classroom where a dragon was setting fire to something, though the only think they noticed from it was the smell of hydrogen and sulfur. The scent carried into their sensitive noses causing them to let out a soft hiss in discomfort.

As soon it it was over the the smell left they relaxed, "that is better," the girl said as she took hold of a paint brush and began painting. Ammon follow suite and joined in doing so, painting the ancient language they grew up with.