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Rebecca Lockhart

0 · 278 views · located in California, USA

a character in “Supernatural Survival”, as played by BekaL101


Character Sheet

Name: Rebecca Lockhart

Nickname: N/A normally, but the newborn calls her 'Fangs'. Only them though, no one else gets away with it.

Age: 315 years old, physical age 20

Gender: female

Role: Night walker/ Vampire (Master)

Appearance: Image

Unique ability: Aside from the normal vampire stuff, Rebecca can read minds and influence them to some extent. Can only use this on humans, and it takes up a lot of energy for her to do so. She avoids doing this where she can, and only ever uses it when she hunts. She feels it is easier on the human if they don't remember her.

Personality: Rebecca is very protective of those she cares about, especially her appprentice (though she hates using that word). The only reason she took on an apprentice in the first place was because she was lonely, and she does NOT like being lonely. Humans are great and all, but she was always too scared that she would kill them. Rebecca is also quite patient, and is a good teacher, but if there is someone who is deliberately messing up, then there is no mercy. She doesn't tolderate slackers, or people who won't pull their own weight. if she can be bothered doing something, then she expects that everyone else should do so too.

Equipment: Due to the fact that she moves around a lot (staying in one place when you don't age breeds suspicion), she doesn't carry much with her, as material things can always be replaced. She does however, wear a small beaded bracelet, which she never takes off, even though the thread and beads it is made of have been replaced numerous times, due to how old it is. It was a memento from when she was human, that her sister had made for her when they were both children, and so it is of extreme importance to her. Not even the newborn is allowed to touch it.

Favored Weapon: Rebecca takes full advantage of her enhanced speed and strength and prefers to face an opponent in close combat, whether it be with weapons or not. She does prefer using her own body to fight i.e. using unarmed combat, but knows how to handle blades as well, and is an accomplished fencer, though she finds the styles and forms to be too strict for her liking.

History: Grew up as a normal girl (if 'normal' could be classed as growing up obsessed with fencing, and combat in general), and had a twin sister called Madelaine, whom she was very close to. Their mother had died having them, and so they grew up in the care of various nannies and governesses, which Madelaine didn't mind, but which bored Rebecca immensely. When they were adults, Madelaine was married to a young businessman, and Rebecca a sucessful painter, who considered the young woman his muse. Her father hated it, but Rebecca didn't care. The marriage soon broke down though, but rather than shame herself and her family with a divorce, she often had other relationships. It was one such relationship that got her to where she is now. Her latest fling was with a young(?) European named Alexander, who she was considering leaving with. What Rebecca didn't know was that her latest boyfriend was actually a vampire. They met in his home, and know...During one such meeting, Alexander lost control, and attacked her, leaving her for dead on the street. The bite changed her though, and she awoke a vampire. Heartbroken and scared, she went to her sister for help. Unfortunately, her new instincts and need for blood overcame her, and she ended up killing her twin, and her husband when he came to investigate the noise. She still lives with that guilt, centuries later...

Other: Despite being a vampire, she is actually highly claustrophobic, and hates the thought of sleeping in a coffin. So she just doesn't.

How you were captured (Write it as if it were a post): Need to discuss with Eleera Cain, since they were captured together.

So begins...

Rebecca Lockhart's Story