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Leyton Conhime

"I don't wanna walk with my head down"

0 · 535 views · located in The Good Ole' US of A

a character in “Supernatural: The Kids Aren't Alright”, as played by xNocturnax


Seven Nation Army | Bring me to life | Blood On My Hands | Carnival of Rust
{Trust me, I wish it were steroids}

{N A M E}
Leyton Conhime
{N I C K N A M E}
{A G E}
{G E N D E R}
{S E X U A L I T Y}
{R O L E}
The New Girl

{Not the kind to slow anyone down}

{H A I R C O L O R}
Redish Brown
{E Y E C O L O R}
{H E I G H T}
{W E I G H T}
116 pounds
{A P P E A R A N C E}
Overall innocent. There's not anything physically visible to taint her pale skin.

{Made with just a dash of spice}

{P E R S O N A L I T Y}
On the surface there is a fun and perky, optimistic girl that needs to make a joke of most things to feel better. But what part of powers is normal? She's always been a jokester and prankster but now it is used so naturally to avoid confrontation and closure. She seeks to be the careless fool and avoid the deep and meaningful conversations. She's open to listening but not sharing.

{Afraid to lose to a little girl in an arm wrestle?}

{P O W E R S}
Super Strength

{W E A K N E S S E S}
•Friends: With such a desire to blend into normality she can be easily swooned and distracted at the idea of true friends
•Manipulation: Like the above, she is an easy target to manipulation and some image of prince charming or "a better way"
{S K I L L S}
•Self Defense: She trained herself to fight before her powers bloomed.
•Acting: Need a witness? Truth or lie she will be sure to be very persuasive for the cause.
•Improvisation: She is able to adapt and improvise in heat of the moment quite effectively.
{W E A P O N S}
Dagger: Simple yet stylish. And stolen from a hunter

{Whatever helps you sleep better at night}

{L I K E S}
Challenges | Movies | Romance | Singing | Dancing | Socialising

{D I S L I K E S}
Opening up | Being sleep deprived | Sushi
{F E A R S}
How she will die | Her powers (there's a whole hot and cold relationship)
{ H O P E S/ D R E A M S}
To control her super strength and at least blend into normality again | To have her own muscle car

{Life sort of snuck up on me}

{H I S T O R Y}
Never knowing her mother never really bothered her. Certainly bad luck and a shame but because of not knowing her, it didn't make a large difference to Leyton. Plus she always preferred not to dwell and her and her father had a decent relationship.

The friction began when her powers began just finishing up her senior year in school. Dodgeball became bullets, climbing rope became easy, clenching the tables or seat broke the fragile material, nudging people aside was violent shoves which many people didn’t take kindly to and fights broke out.

She caused a fair stir leaving students in the sick bay without much of a bruise or scratch on her which gained her some unwanted attention meaning, hunters. The kind that liked to play small talk and big offense.
{F A M I L Y}
Jennifer Conhime | Mother | Deceased
Jai Conhime| Father | Alive

{I'm not gonna be wiped off this world because you wish it}

{C O L O R}

{F C}
Emma Stone
{P R O T R A Y E D B Y}

So begins...

Leyton Conhime's Story