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Amy Pond

"I waited twelve years... not five minutes"

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a character in “Superwholock: Games of the Moon”, originally authored by Iezobel, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name:Amelia (Amy) Jessica Pond

Nickname (if any): The girl who waited

Gender: Female(obviously)


Show originated from (if any):Doctor Who

Physical description (words and pictures are nice):Amy's most distinguishable feature is her ginger hair which is usually curled at the bottom and mostly let down. She has chocolate brown eyes. Amy is quite tall at about five foot ten at least. She is also Scottish as she has been told numerous times.


History (this includes right before they arrived in London):At the age if nine Amy lived with her aunt. Then a strange man in a blue box arrived in the back garden. She invited him inside for dish fingers dipped in custard then took him to her room where she showed him the crack in her wall. He then left saying he would be back in five minutes but disappeared for twelve years.

Twelve years later he appeared and saved the village she lived in from aliens. Then two years later they met again and she started going on adventures with him. She later admits she left the night before her wedding and then attempts to subdue the doctor. The doctor then returns to the 21st century and brings Rory along on adventures with them. Amy and Rory then receive a blue letter from the doctor to go to Utah. They meet him aged almost two hundred years. River Song joins them and they witness the Doctors death by an astronaut. They then realise the doctor invited a younger version of himself and Amy then admits to the doctor that she is pregnant after killing a girl in an astronaut suit in an attempt to save the doctors life. Amy is then kidnapped by Madame Korivain. After giving birth to her child Melody Pond the doctor comes for her Melody is then taken away. After the doctor parts ways with Amy and Rory. Amy soon after becomes a model.

Motives (for being in London during the invasion, if any): As Amy is a model she was asked to do a modelling shoot in London and soon runs into the doctor.

Allies:The Doctor who she is the mother in law of.
Rory who is her husband.
River Song who is her daughter.
She also knows 9 pineapple but is not very close.

Not many.
The weeping angels, daleks ect.
Also she considers the crack in time an enemy as she supposes it is following her.

(In progress)

So begins...

Amy Pond's Story


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#, as written by Iezobel
Amy stepped out of the clean, modern looking building into the busy streets. She had just finished her last modelling shoot in London. She was going home tomorrow looking forward to the quiet village. She was fed up of having to push through people an being stuck in the endless lines of traffic jams. She also missed Rory. He was the only one she thought she could trust and also the doctor but she couldn't trust him all the time. The wind blew her perfect hair out of place. Amy didn't mind her hair wasn't always like this. It took ages to get her hair like this.
She began walking towards the hotel she was staying in. Four star of course. One thing she couldn't stand was old, dirty hotels. She walked past and alleyway. Something caught her eye. Something blue. Something familiar. She walked towards it. The tardis. Why was the doctor in London. He only came for specific reasons. Alien stuff. Supernatural stuff. She hammered the door. She ignored the mild pain on her knuckle.
"Doctor!"she called loudly.
The good thing about London was that no one stopped to stare, no one paid any attention to her.
"Doctor! Open this door right now!" Amy called louder.
She considered the fact that the doctor wasn't in the tardis. She holed in her brown bag for a pen and a bit of paper. She didn't have paper but she had a receipt.
Doctor, where are you, what's going on? Please find me.
She scrawled in messy writing along with her name and hotel room.
She walked out of the alleyway and hoped that the doctor would find. She headed to her hotel room in hope tht the doctor would find her soon.


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#, as written by Iezobel
She scanned the crowed of people for the doctor. Was he even here? A woman approached her.
"Who are you, what are you doing here?" The woman asked.
Amy didn't bother to answer her question instead she asked another."Have any weird people came through here?"
" yes, but why should I tell you?" The woman asked.
Damn this woman was stubborn. "I'm the strange man's... Assistant" she had hesitated before saying assistant. That was probably the best thing to say.
After the woman had pointed out where the man was she strolled towards that area.
As she got there there was no sign of the doctor. Just strange men. Maybe one of them knew him. The doctor did get around a lot.
She walked over. "Hello" she said casually,"do any of you know a weird man called the doctor."
She didn't bother being polite she would have liked to find the doctor as soon as possible."


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Leaning down to hear the strained protestations of the man lying below him, the Doctor nodded seriously to the instructions he was given. Of course he wasn't entirely sure where this 'Hackney' place was nor what exactly one would do in a 'cellar' especially if one were turning into a werewolf, certainly the werewolf-man had to be at least a little reliable on the matter of his own well-being. Just as he was in the process of responding- his mouth even open to begin the statement- a great group of people spontaneously appeared around him, led by none-other than his acquaintance the ineffable Jack Harkness. Jaw snapping shut at the ridiculous banter directed toward him by the Captain, the Doctor turned his gaze to take in the growing group of individuals.

"This man says he needs to get to this 'cellar'," the man supplied in answer to the shorter of the two men that had followed his friend from somewhere, not bothering to acknowledge Jack or even introduce himself as he was in currently preoccupied with overcoming the crisis of the moment. Before he could inquire as to whither or not any of the three new arrivals had any knowledge of where this 'Hackney' was, another human strolled into their midst. This time it was a fiery-haired woman, who demanded-with a short greeting-in a no-nonsense tone, "Hello, do any of you know a weird man called the Doctor?"

Had he been in any other mood he would have immediately jumped on this new development- how did this woman know him? Had he met her before, and if he had- how did he not remember such stunningly, brilliant hair? And didn't she know not to call people weird no matter how amazingly different they were?- but as it was, there was a man lying on the ground clutching at his hand (well, really his handcuffs) and begging for help. So, the Doctor replied with a quick, broad-smile and a waving hand, "Yes, yoo-hooo. That would be me. The Doctor here. But all that can be sorted out later, yea? Now this man needs help. A cellar on Hackney he says. Which one of you can get us there, hmm?" His dark eyes darted between the lot of them as he began to help the man as quickly as possible to his feet. "Tick-tock, tick-tock," he intoned with a sarcastic air.