The Onlooker

The Little Girl in the Mirror. She's just an old Gallifreyan fairytale... or is she?

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a character in “Superwholock: Games of the Moon”, as played by rissaroleplays


Name: The Onlooker

Nicknames: Little Girl in the Mirror, Tia, Hana

Gender: Female

Species: Gallifreyan/Time Lady

Show originated from: Doctor Who OC, with inspiration drawn from Warehouse 13

Physical description: Here, yo

Personality: Just click the link above

History (this includes right before they arrived in London): Uhhhhh... here.

Motives (for being in London during the invasion, if any): N/A

Equipment (tools, vehicles, anything that helps them get ahead): Uh... she's got a mirror shard...?

(For the next two include how they get along/think about the listed people)

Allies: (9 pineapple) the Doctor (she doesn't really know anyone else)

Enemies: The Master, any other Time Lords/Gallifreyans

All info on her~!

So begins...

The Onlooker's Story