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Supposed Assassins: The Beginning

Supposed Assassins: The Beginning


Six lives, though separate, all come together when fate reveals its calculating hand. The beginning of a long and treacherous cycle of doom... The story of a twisted king, a monster, a thief, a medic, a bookkeeper, and an assassin.

439 readers have visited Supposed Assassins: The Beginning since Akiran created it.



Image The village outside our walls has always been a problem. They’ve always been monsters—literally, there are monster out there—but they went too far when they killed the former King. Thank goodness His Majesty’s son took the throne. Thank heavens he’s punishing those lowlifes out there. The day can’t come fast enough when they’re all eradicated. The world will truly be a safer place. Long live the King!


My village is a small one, located just outside the main city walls. A small town of thieves and murderers and outcasts living in the shadow of the King’s castle and the King’s city and the King’s wall. We are nothing. At least, that’s how it used to be. Two years ago, the evil really started consuming our town. The blood really started flowing through the streets, creating puddles that children splash in as if they were made of rain. It became common, really, the violence. One year later, the King was poisoned. Killed by an unknown hand. That left his only son to assume the crown and the throne and the title of Your Highness. That left us all with a cruel and tyrannical and downright evil ruler. And this is coming from one in the town of murderers, mind you. If I say he’s bad, he’s really bad.

We used to be nobody. Nobody. Everyone left us to bleed as we pleased. But after the King was replaced by his son and his son grew fascinated with revenge, we became a very important somebody. We became a town of prime suspects. And every day we feel the consequences of this title. He toys with us. We amuse him. We stain the streets red with the aid of his hand. The cunning bastard. I personally believe it’s not out of revenge he does it… I think the assassination is just a sick excuse to justify his horrifying pleasures. But what does it matter what in hell I think?

You know, I should clarify. We aren’t all murders and thieves in the town of Sacrim. Honestly, we aren’t all bad. But when you walk the streets, everyone looks guilty. Everyone looks over their shoulder as though they’re running from the law. Why? The King. Everyone’s after the King’s head, but he’s a cunning bastard. I’ve never seen one so innately quick-witted. He fools us all. You open the door for the baker’s apprentice, or loan a dime to the hobo on the street, or stop to rob a man—you do any of that, you take any such mundane risk, and it might not be the apprentice or the hobo or the unsuspecting victim. It might be the King in disguise, waiting to stab you in the back. If you’re lucky, that is. The unlucky get overpowered and dragged into the city, where they’re never seen again. Locked in dungeons. Tortured. Publically executed. Toyed with. Challenged with impossible tasks—where the stake is their life. Enslaved. God knows what the hell happens to them. And it could happen to anybody. You never know where the King is hiding. You never know if you’re his target or if it’s the day he’s here. You never know, and it kills us all with paranoia. Yet, even so, all we can do is keep our heads down and mutter, “Long live the King.” Long live the King, indeed…


Well, I honestly don’t know much about this one. He could be a guy, or she could be a girl. I’ve no idea. All I know is it’s his job to kill people. I’d imagine she’s a pretty cold person, always calm and void of emotion… or perhaps he’s a hothead overflowing with passion. Maybe she enjoys killing. Or maybe he doesn’t. All I know is the assassin is an assassin and a bounty hunter, and I’ve never seen his or her or its face. Or any part of them. I haven’t really even heard stories… They could be a completely maniacal joker for all I know. A total fool who happens to be good at slicing and dicing. Who knows…

Image (I would kind of like to be this one, so...)
The daughter of the only priest in Sacrim, she lives in the church and often converts it into a hospital of sorts. Wounded come to her door and she rarely turns them away, even with the threat of opening one’s door to strangers. She’s incredibly skilled in both traditional medicine and chakra healing—that is, seemingly magical healing, for those idiots who don’t know. She’s kindhearted and hates injustice and suffering. But, at the same time, she grew up in a bad town and knows how to be cruel. She has killed before and will show no mercy to those who earn her hate. She doesn’t believe in second chances, not at all, but she often gives them. Her heart is so pure she unwittingly accepts even those she hates—though it causes one hell of an inner conflict. Her mind is almost a match for the King’s, though she often hides her true personality behind false ones. It’s also notable she’s the only healer outside the wall for miles. She’s even treated the King—that is, the prince—when he was younger, as she’s known medicine since the age of 7. (she’s like a medical prodigy or something)

Violent, moody, set on revenge, enjoys others’ pain and punishment, an asshole, selfish, twisted and dark personality… Does he actually HAVE any good qualities? Well, though many don’t know or simply don’t want to admit it, he does possess some admirable qualities. Yes, he’s hated by most, (okay, all) but the prince is brilliantly cunning. He’s a smooth talker, easily escapes trivial attempts on his life, and always wins. What? The guy is an amazing strategist, and no one has ever trumped his mind or caught him by surprise or managed to lie to him successfully… hence, he always wins. It’s a real pain, actually. Anyway. He’s not too bad a looker, either, and has generous physical strength. So people don’t get the pleasure of calling him ugly and overpowering him is a no-go for most. Damn him.

The librarian’s son. Though, rumor is he’s orphaned now. He lives inside the wall, in the King’s city, running his father’s library. It’s the biggest library around. The King’s record keepers keep their records there. It’s a big deal, I guess… like it’s the official royal library or something. I don’t know much about the bookkeeper, either… Just that he’s a really quiet guy (really, he doesn’t talk much) and he sometimes acts as a messenger or a record keeper for the King. I’d imagine he’s pretty serious but who knows, really. People seem to think he has some dark secret—like he’s a demon child the librarian adopted (Well, the librarian never did have a wife…) and that he killed his adoptive father and whatnot. It’s probably just a load of bull. But, I do think he has some story or secret… I’m not sure why. Maybe his silence puts me on edge.

The thief, huh? I actually know a thing or two about her. She started off small time, as a child, out of pure necessity and family pride. She comes from a long line of thieves, each outdoing the ones who came before them. As she grew older her scores went from small articles such as wallets and loves of bread to jewelry and heirlooms and eventually stuff inside the wall. None of us really liked her, or her family, but we stopped caring once she moved on from stealing in Sacrim and went to the wall. Rumor has it she’s even stolen from the King’s castle itself. Honestly, we all secretly root for and worry about her. Some kind of passive-aggressive sentiment I suppose. She’s an outgoing and gorgeous girl—she knows how to use her curves to her advantage and, though not astoundingly brilliant, is witty enough to fool most men. Women, I suppose she’s have a harder time with, but I imagine that’s what blades are for. I’d best describe her as a fox, sneaky and audacious. Whimsical even.

Honestly, no one really knows much about him. There’s a reason he’s called the silent killer—it’s obviously because he kills people. Silently. I’m guessing everyone who sees him ends up dead. Maybe that’s another reason for the name—everyone who sees him is silenced. Heh. Who knows who or what he is. I always wondered if he was just a legend or if he really is real… and if he is, what does he look like? A monster? A halfman? A regular guy? IS HE EVEN A GUY? Does he have fangs—claws? Seven eyes? Is he human? Is he a demon? Is he the devil himself? (No, actually, I always liked to think the King was the devil…) So many questions… not a single answer. (Whoever gets this charrie gets to play around a bit with total freedom. Be creative, you can make a completely badass backstory engendering tons of inner and outer conflict. Be a badass.)


I'm going to keep this brief--and you'd better read every word of it. Or else...

AFTERTHOUGHT: adding this in right here. I'm a completely--well, mostly--nice person! Direct any questions you have to me and I'll GLADLY answer them. NO JOKE. Just send me a line via thread reply or chat or PM. ^^

1. This is to be a good, quality roleplay. You should have some experience roleplaying. I'm not asking for 5 years--I'm not even asking for one--but you should know the ropes and feel you aren't a novice. I will check any RPs you have participated in on this site, and I will reject people wo don't measure up. If you don't have any post examples on this site, I'll go by how well you make your character. So make a good backstory and everything. If you want to provide a link to an RP on another site or something, that's fine too.

2. This will be written in third person. Post length will be anywhere from 200ish words to 3,000. I advise AGAINST powerplaying, so shorter posts will be necessary at times, but if you need a loner post that's just peachy as well. I tend to average about 1,000-1,200ish. Use spellcheck, proofread, and be literate.

3. I prefer REAL pictures of REAL people for characters--no anime pics. You absolutely have to have a 100x100 avatar pic as well. It's my pet peeve to see the mysterious question mark face. Honestly, I think lower of you if you do that. You CAN have animated art supplements, in addition to your real picture. But they mustn't be blurry or otherwise crappy. DeviantART has some good artists and everything...really, there are some amazing people.

4. Make your character REALLY good. ESPECIALLY the prince (king) and the "I don't know much about this person" types. The Prince is the most important character, really, and I'd like to make sure he's played well. The others are just a wasted opportunity if they're not awesome. I mean, roleplay is all about characters in my opinion.

5. Stir up all the drama you like. You don't have to conference ahead of time. But, it's always good to talk with the other RPers about events and plots. Lets all become friends here. You can make side characters to correspond with your character's story/backstory and move things along or interact with other characters. Oh, and you can injure and kill people off. Even without their permission. But, there's a catch if you kill them. I'll explain it later, should someone decide to kill another.

6. Have common decency. Try not to ditch. If you do ditch, tell us and let us kill of your characters properly. The king is not allowed to ditch at all, ever. I expect at least 3-4 posts a week. Okay? Daily posts are great, but 3-4 a week is good. You're also allowed to go back and forth with a person for 10 pages in one day. The others can suck it up and get a recap or read it themselves.

7. Swearing is encouraged. Drop the F-bomb for all I care. I swear a lot, so please join me. Romance is encouraged. Betrayal is encouraged. I greatly encourage you all to exchange secret details in chat, and then literally betray each other with this secret knowledge. Fuck everyone. Especially if you're the king. Don't be afraid to be an asshole! (You're character--don't be an asshole yourself -_-")

I'd say that's it for now. Oh--make sure you reserve. It isn't exactly first come first serve, but reserving can help everyone out. So do it. Include a random meme or picture in your reservation post, as a password for reading the rules. If you do not have the password, you will be ignored. You will be shunned with no second chances. Of course, if you're reading this, you have nothing to worry about. If you are not reading this, you also have nothing to worry about, because you know nothing of the shunning... you will be caught unsuspecting. If you can't put in a picture for some weird reason, put the word picture. Like so: *picture*

If you don't do that, include a completely unrelated and obvious lie in your post. "Hey, can I reserve role #__? Oh, by the way, I eat kittens in my sleep. They taste like chicken. Hakuna Matata."

If you include both passwords, well, then you're an overachiever and I will be impressed. Probably.


Age: (17-30)
Personality: (In accordance to the role description. You are allowed to have some leeway and make it your own, though. Try at least a paragraph here.)
Appearance: (Non-anime picture(s) and whatever optional art supplement. You may also include a text description if you'd like)
Theme song: (This is totally optional, but it's cool... in my opinion)
Other: (If necessary, add whatever field(s) you'd like to. Impress me with your character-creating prowess. I challenge thee.)

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Most recent OOC posts in Supposed Assassins: The Beginning

Re: Supposed Assassins: The Beginning

After taking the twenty years necessary to read that Q&A (Though im glad you settled some of the more troubling issues, don't get me wrong) my mind is more at ease about the entirety of the plot and what some of your expectations are for those who do have major roles within the story line.

Back to my map outline concern though, I know you aren't trying to hold us down with a layout set in stone, I just thought that it'd be easier for us to build off of a backbone, at least. Perhaps just a deviation between poor, middle, and upper class living/market places. (Don't forget the very important castle at the wee top) Something that the characters and writers can navigate through without being completely blind. I'm just saying, this city plays an important role in the development of the story and it'd be nice to be able to traverse through it.

Eh, what do I know? I've never made a roleplay before, I may just be overworking myself (and you for that matter) over something small. All I'm really saying is: Backbone, something to get us started?

Re: Supposed Assassins: The Beginning

Woah, sorry guys. I've been working overtime a lot the past few days, and by the time I get home I've either forgotten or I've been too exhausted to get on. Oh, the bothers of life. Let's see what we've got here. There's been a reservation for every role--in some cases, multiple reservations. Plus, multiple questions. Let's sort all this out.

Those are... very good questions. I must warn you, I'm notoriously bad at getting my point across--at least, in my own opinion--so hopefully my stream of consciousness will make sense in the end. People usually (somehow) understand me... So I guess it'll be fine, but... as a warning, beware? Yeah, MOVING ON.

1. The Prince.
In life, people are inefficient and generally unethical. I know this, sadly, because I know inefficient people and I cannot strangle them... no matter how much I want to. What a pain. Yes, the prince seems illogical in this sense. He IS illogical in that sense. But, that's somewhat the idea.

His father was assassinated. Outside his wall, there's a town of (according to his perspective) evildoers and cold-hard killers. Naturally, he would want to destroy the person who killed his father, but it's such a pain to find the real culprit. They're just a bunch of murderers anyway, the world would be better without them, so why not kill them all of? And why not have fun doing it too--dammit. He was always a little messed up in the head, enjoying the pain of people, so naturally he'd want to make them suffer by his own hand. What fun is there in sending an army to burn them all at once? Why not break them down psychologically, make them suffer for years by picking them off one by one... make them largely incapable of treason, for they'll never know who's listening. They'll never know if their accomplice is, indeed, the King himself. Plus, and this is totally up to whoever gets his role, there could be some odd longing to experience some sort of non-royal, normal life? Or, perhaps he does send soldiers in disguise, and the people of Sacrim are mistaken in thinking it's the King himself. He could be a hermit, enclosed in his castle torturing the souls of orphaned puppies...

Plus, he could always do something bigger as the story progresses. Maybe some gladiator arena/hunger games type thing? Or he could just set fire to the town and burn them all. Who knows. I tried to keep my description of it kind of small-scale, to allow the RPer who takes him to have a little freedom with his cunningly evil actions. Yet, it was necessary to say what I did in order to characterize him. Hopefully all that makes sense.

2. The Bookkeeper's Plot.
This is another one that has a bit of freedom. He lives inside the wall, were people are split between liking the kind and abhorring him. The bookkeeper (who leaves the city as a messenger and knows the King as a record keeper) has ties to both inside and outside the wall; thus, he could be FOR the king or AGAINST the king. Logically, either way would work.

This is more of a character-driven RP as opposed to a plot-driven RP, if that makes sense. Instead of having a very detailed/strict plot, we have detailed characters that engender a plot (based on a general setting) through their actions. It makes perfect sense in my head, but I can only hope I’m successfully imparting my vision to you all.

How this will work, once we have all the roles filled, I'm going to divide it into 3 groups of 2. People can request to interact/start out by a certain character. Otherwise, my friend RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR will do the honors. Then, after a bit of that, people can move around a bit. Switch into another group of 2, form a group of 3 or 4, make side characters to join in groups. Y'know. And when I say groups, I mean little bubbles of interacting characters. They don't have to be on the same team, there can be conflict and everything, it just means they're grouped in the same area interacting. It's really up to the person, and where they start off, what plot role they get and how important they become.

(Me: answers a 1 sentence question with 3 paragraphs. I Feel no regrets. ^^")

3. Fantasy level.
Yes, yes. That's it exactly. (I'm joking.)

Many (NPCs, and perhaps real characters) believe it is only superstition. However, it can be physical demons. I'm not against fantasy at all. In fact, I enjoy it. As to the actual level, it's up to those who make their characters. The monster could be an actual monster, the bookkeeper could be a demon or a person possessed by a demon (or normal or something else entirely). Really, everyone could include some element of supernatural in their characters should they so choose.

As far as magic, sorcery is completely allowed. You know, it would kind of make sense for the bookkeeper to be a sorcerer of sorts... I mean, surrounded by books all his life. I’m sure there could by spell books mixed in there and whatnot.

Basically, as long as you explain it well and it flows with your character, I’m okay with any level or type of magic. Just be reasonable and don’t be a god-modder.

4. The Medic.
Well, this is my character. So you needn’t worry about her. I’m quite known for my characters on other sites, but I’m notoriously bad at getting my point across, as I have mentioned. Brief summaries aren’t really my forte. Hence, she’ll make perfect sense in post and after I get a skeleton up.

Basically, she isn’t a Purity Sue. However, she TRIES to be one. I believe I mentioned something about multiple personalities and hiding herself and inner conflict and the like. That’s what all that meant. The only thing that’s really true in the summary is she’s intelligent, in a way. That’s only because I’m not capable of playing a non-intellectual character, and I wanted someone else to be the prince. So… yeah. Pulling strings as the GM, I suppose. I’m not sure if she’ll end up being the prince’s mind-game opponent. It all depends on how everyone interacts and how it goes.

5. RDJ is gonna be Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man.
Well, why wouldn't he be Sherlock Holmes? No, no. Yeah, I understand what you're saying. That's quite true. (and thunder, I second your thoughts. lol)

HOWEVER. There's a very logical solution. Don't use a celebrity face. I usually find pictures of random people I don't know and call it good. Google portrait photography or specifically say "brown haired guy" or "blonde girl" or "emo dude" or "alternative girl" or "biker guy" or "rainbow hair" or anything of the sort. ^^

Deviant art was just an example, since I get a lot of my artistic pics from there. What I mean is, I don't want someone to take a screencap of their favorite anime and call it good. If someone absolutely has to have something from an anime show, I'd rather it be a fan art--not a screencap. But, that'd just be a supplement. (To define "supplement" ...for instance, having a pic of what they look like, then adding a moody pic of a shadow in the rain to represent their personality... like, extra pictures that visually characterize the character?)

I want everyone to have a picture of a real person, as I hate to envision everyone as real faces and have one odd animated one in their. It's inconsistent and awkward. Plus, if all were animated, there are different styles of animation. It's like pasting spongebob in the most recent Call of Duty game. Would that seem right? No, not at all. I guess it's a weird personal preference of mine. Anyway, you can stick with a text description. I prefer to have a visual picture, but y'know. That's fine.

Brace Blaze,
As of right now, there's the castle city--were the King and his people live--and there's Sacrim, the city of evil (as it's called). The characters should start interacting in these areas, but there's more to the world than two cities. If anyone would like to venture elsewhere or conjure up a place in their backstory, that's fine. I'll even add places as time goes on, should someone request it.

Huzzah for character driven RPs.

After the main six roles are filled, those people can submit secondary minor characters. I will allow other people to join and add minor characters as well, but they must fir in with whatever story is unfolding, and they have to be high-quality just like the mains.

Perhaps people can converse with mains and work out a related role with them. Like, someone from their backstory or a family member/friend/nemesis... whatever. If a main wants to have someone play a related character, they could make a post or a thread requesting it. Then people could vie for the role and such.

I had no plans to provide a reference of the city (I'm bad at art, and geography... go me.) and I thought it would be the decision of the King what the castle looked like. I'm kinda against the idea of limiting creativity with such things as maps and such in RPs such as this. As I said, it is more character driven than pre-set plot driven. In a plot-driven RP I would provide a detailed description.

If it was an issue, I could type something up, of course. Just let me know, I guess?

Whew--that was quite the Q and A. I don't think I've ever gotten so many questions. Perhaps I really didn't explain myself enough in the intro... I mean, more than usual. Oh well.

I look forward to getting more characters in! I've only received the assassin thus far.

OH--oh, I need to say this. For the roles with competing claimers, I'm terribly sorry to those who don't get it. Sorry, sorry, a million times sorry. Don't take it personally, it's just... I go with the more interesting and/or detailed of the lot, and... yeah... Oh, the joys of not being first come first serve. Y'all can try for a secondary/minor character, if you'd like. Play your cards right and you can become just as critical to the plot as a main. ^^

Hopefully that wasn't too nomadic and incorrigible.

Re: Supposed Assassins: The Beginning

I was reading through the introduction again (just to take notes on the setting and various characters more in depth) and a question came to mind. Besides the 6 lead roles will other minor characters be accepted or will it remain the responsibility of the six to provide these secondary and minor characters? Also, just coming to mind, will there be a detailed report of the city (map or other reference), a description of the palace, etc...etc?

Re: Supposed Assassins: The Beginning

Wanted to reserve, if I could, the Assassin role.

Re: Supposed Assassins: The Beginning

Seirei... RDJ IS Tony Stark. As in, I'm pretty sure Iron Man is just what Earth would be like if RDJ was smart enough to make an arc reactor.

Re: Supposed Assassins: The Beginning

Please reserve me role #6 The Silent Killer. :3



Re: Supposed Assassins: The Beginning

May I reserve the 'notorious thief' role, if that is not already taken?


Re: Supposed Assassins: The Beginning

I have a question also, would all these characters live in the same city or would they be scattered everywhere?

Re: Supposed Assassins: The Beginning

Promising roleplay! Out of interest, some questions.

Why is the prince particularly notorious for murder in a village of murderers? Does he really have the leisure to dress himself like a pleb and ambush random people out on the streets? It seems a bit petty and inefficient for someone with the mind and resources for much greater havoc.

Did you have any plot role in mind when you created the bookkeeper?

You mentioned demons - are they the common superstition, or actual demons? Supernatural healing was spoken of - is this the only magic in the setting? Overall question: what degree of fantasy is appropriate in this roleplay?

The medic's summary reads rather like the archetypical Purity Sue, with her prodigious skills, incorruptible purity, and near-unsurpassed intellect. Is this intentional, e.g. because the prince requires an opponent in his mind games?

Not entirely clear on your image requirements. Not sure why DeviantART is okay and eastern illustrations aren't, but I presume it's permissible to stick to plain text? (It feels awkward to me to use actual existing people as a portrait. Robert Downey Jr. is just gonna act like Tony Stark, my will be damned.)

Re: Supposed Assassins: The Beginning

I'm quite liking the idea of this "Royal" character so far.
Seems like my type of guy.
Here you go.


Because I'm on my phone and it takes way more time than I'd care to use to load one page and get the URL for something.

Re: Supposed Assassins: The Beginning

DIBS ON ASSASSIN! And before I forget, I wear T-shirts like pants and rub motor oil all over myself in my spare time. Hakuna my Tatas, fool.

Supposed Assassins: The Beginning

YO! Post as you see fit with reservations and questions. I know the actual plot probably isn't totally clear at the moment, but... yeah.