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Surprises From Outer Space

Surprises From Outer Space


A girl has an unexpected guest from outer space. Then things go out of control.

485 readers have visited Surprises From Outer Space since AdmireAtStuff created it.


Basic plot:
An alien called Xan is on a mission to investigate the planet Earth. He ends up living in the flat of a girl. It takes time until he successfully adapts in the earthling environment, not to mention that later this probably won't be the biggest problem.

Character tiime!

Xan (AdmireAtStuff)- He's a carefree young man from another planet, who has a mission to investigate the planet Earth. He's far from serious, extremely lazy and mostly does whatever he wants. He is considered to be weird even on his own planet. How come he was sent on such an important mission?

Alice (bandgeek)- She is a 17-year-old girl in Senior year in High school. She's a quiet and serious bookworm, who would tell you the truth, no matter how painful it is. Her parents are on a business trip, her sister is in college, and for now Alice is home alone... Not for long, because Xan is going to pay her a visit.

Other characters- The story of Xan and the girl is not the only thing in this roleplay! Maybe you'll think of the girl's best friend? Another alien? Maybe a bad alien(or earthling), who wants to take over the world? Think of whatever you like, as long as it builds up an interesting and funny story! The characters are unlimited for now.

Feel free to add more!

Now, to the annoying part. The rules!

- The setting is in England, most earthling people in the story are English, but still feel free to add someone from another country.
- Be committed! If you've already joined many other stories, better not join this. Post often, tell if you'll be absent for a while.
- Make the characters interesting! They should have both qualities and flaws, hobbies that make them unique(maybe even weird) and they must say and do things that will bring the humor!
- Alright, so about the character's appearances - you can use anime, draw by yourself, use Sims 2 or 3, but no realistic face claims. I have nothing against them, I use them too, but in this particular role play I would be thankful if the characters are not that realistic. Realism isn't really the main thing in this roleplay.
- Post the word jelly bean somewhere in your character's profile.
- You still can bring drama in the story, but remember, it's mostly funny.
- Don't write essays in the character's profiles and the posts. Still, try to post at least 100 words.
- Plot twists are encouraged, as long as they're not in the very beginning, they don't cause anyone's death, they're not meta-gaming and they're not ruining any interesting story lines.

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"OK, I'm screwed." Xan casually said when he lost control over his spaceship, which . After many fails to open the door, he kicked it in frustration. The window next to it opened.
Xan jumped off the window and raised his arms sideways. He started flying like a flying squirrel, while the massive explosion of the crashed spaceship filled the background.

Xan was heading to a building. "Meh, how painful can it be?" He said just before he slammed into a window of a flat. "Help..." he squealed.

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✍ Alice Hart

Alice was up early that morning, which was actually quite surprising considering the teenager tended to sleep in past noon whenever she could. Oh well, it wasn't a bad thing per say, and it wasn't like there wasn't things to be done. The first thing she did was take her German Shepard, Lukas, out for a walk. There was a park inside of the big community she lived in, or more her parents lived in. As soon as she graduated, she planned on getting out. Just like her sister. Except sister was actually liked by the 'rentals, but they all hated her. Mostly because she wanted to be a writer, and children of the Hart's were supposed to be doctors or lawyers. That's why they liked sister, because she was going to be a lawyer. Anyways, the park was only a few minutes away, and she was fairly positive that there would be no children there. Most of the mothers here didn't let there kids out until ten, because that's when the gate security began patrolling again.

If there was one thing she expected when she got home, was her parents to be there and waiting for an explanation as to why she had accidentally left the front door unlocked. What she had not been expecting was someone sprawled out on her mothers flowers and looking broken. Immediately she assumed he was some drunk party guy that was trying to stumble home, so after letting the dog back inside she went towards him. "Hello?", she would later admit that she did nudge said-drunk-guy with her shoe. "Are you dead?"

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What's that word "nor-mal"...?


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What's that word "nor-mal"...?

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Re: Surprises From Outer Space

Sure, there's room for a pirate alien :) I expect the character application.

Re: Surprises From Outer Space

Can I be a prestiged Alien Pirate, who is oblivious, but hell bent on discovering the whereabouts of Xan?

Can I be any motive-modifyable version of said alien pirate?

Re: Surprises From Outer Space

Girl - reserved for bandgeek! :)

Re: Surprises From Outer Space

Read the rules, didn't see anything about reserving or not so just want to put out there, I'll be sending in an app for the girl unless you already have someone wanting to play her. C:

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