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Natalie Ellis

"Why are we hesitating? The dragons have caused enough damage - it's time that we struck back."

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a character in “Survival Academy: While Dragons Rule”, as played by Nivosity


Name: Natalie Ellis
Age: 17
Sex: Female

Nationality: Australia.

Policy: Hunter. What point is there in allowing the dragons to continue living so that they may terrorize us even more? They’ve already done enough damage, so it’s time to put them out of their misery.

Strongest subjects: History. Despite being 7 years when the meteor hit, Natalie has done everything she can to continue to study her favorite subject. She quite enjoys the way that everything happens in causes and effects, but it makes her quite jaded about how the present is unfolding in front of her. She’s never been quite strong in extremely time-consuming subjects like languages, cookery, or art. However, due to her love of long-distance running, she has quite a bit of stamina and speed, but isn’t the most agile of people.

Description: Natalie has brown hair that usually is put up in a messy bun, although much of it falls around her face and gets into her eyes. She’s tall for her age and possesses a slight build that’s muscular, especially her legs. Her brown eyes are hard, from the difficulty of survival in this new world. She would much rather wear clothes that are more suited to her life in Australia, but unfortunately, due to the weather in Canada, she has to bundle up more than usual. Still, however, she prefers to wear lighter colors, and has a special preference towards green. She draws herself firmly straight, and seems to never be relaxed. Natalie firmly dislikes it when there’s something around her neck, such as a necklace, as it makes her feel as though someone’s strangling her. Her skin is lightly tanned, and she loves spending time in the outdoors whenever possible. Natalie doesn’t care that much for her physical appearance, and oftentimes can be seen in messy or rumbled clothing, especially when she sleeps in.

Personality: While she would personally love to simply laze around and do nothing, the inching responsibility of becoming in charge of the future of humankind itself forces her to have a deep understanding of the idea of duty. She will very rarely allow herself any luxuries such as engaging in mindless conversation, and is firmly focused on learning how to give the human people a higher survival rate. Natalie believes that there is no longer any more time to waste, especially with the nonsensical Tamer ideology, and is easily irritated when slowed down due to this. Natalie believes in the use of force to solve her problems and when having to deal with anything that seems bothersome, she is likely to use brute force in dealing with it. She can be quite impatient much of the time, and highly dislikes it when forced to wait for any reason. She can be impulsive and run into potentially dangerous situations, as she quite overestimates her own ability to survive.

Back story: She was living a normal, if more active, life in Queensland, Australia, when the meteor hit. As she was highly lucky, it didn’t have a direct impact on her. However - the worst was going to come. When the dragons started attacking and generally making life miserable, their family tried to run to Canada. However, due to the high amount of people who were thinking the same thing, there was only enough space for two people when they booked their tickets. Her father forced her mother and Natalie to go first, whispering promises that he would follow them on the next available flight. From a high amount of luck, they managed to land and started to get ready for her father’s arrival - except his plane had been mauled in mid-air. Now, she’s attending the Survivor’s Academy, with the hope that she can use everything that she’s learned to take out the dragons. And if need be, she’ll do it singlehandedly.

So begins...

Natalie Ellis's Story


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Natalie Ellis

Bang! Natalie shot up out of her bed with a start. 'What?' With a sigh, she got out of her warm bed and went over and drew one of the curtains. Instead of the bright light that seared her eyes when she was a kid, it was dull outside - not at all like morning. She shrugged, before deciding that the interruption was probably some sort of prank, or an overly excited student who wanted for the notoriously lazy people that attended the Survival Academy to actually go to class.

With a heavy sigh, Natalie returned to her bed with the idea that she was going to bed again until the sun actually came up. She closed her eyes, but from her almost heart-attack from earlier, she felt twitchy, and try as she might, she couldn't quite go back to sleep. Such a shame too - she had some sort of dream... It was about... well, at this point, she couldn't quite remember any more, but Natalie knew that it was something amazingly awesome.

The loud commotion outside certainly didn't help matters either. Her fellow classmates were out there creating a ruckus, without any thought to anyone who might also go to bed. With a heavy sigh, she realized that going to sleep was never going to happen by this rate, and slowly pushed the covers off. She lay there for a few moments - it didn't take that long for her to get ready compared to everyone else, and she really wasn't looking forward to dealing with her 'friends and classmates' this early in the day.

She ran her fingers through her brown hair to get out the largest tangles, before flipping over on to her stomach. Sticking her hand to her side to rummage for a hair tie on her bedside table, she hurriedly put her hair up into a messy bun. That done, she rested her head on the bed again, before slipping out of her soft and ever-so-comfortable bed with another groan.

So seriously, what time was it? Looking at her alarm clock, her eyes widened slightly when she realized that she was running far later than usual. Grabbing her toothbrush and toothpaste, she opened the door to her room before entering the bathroom. She brushed her teeth quickly, before throwing everything on her bed, and returned to the center lounge.

The majority of her fellow classmates were there engaging in some sort of conversation, but Natalie didn’t have the time to deal with this at the moment. In a way, she dreaded the future of the world if these were the people who were in charge of destroying the dragons and rebuilding Earth from the rubble upwards. With the way that they couldn’t get much of anything done, she didn’t doubt that if they were given their own way, something dreadful was going to happen. Catching a glimpse of the reason for her getting woken up, one of the teachers at the Survival Academy - Simon... something.

So why was he here in the first place? She had to muse over this question for a few minutes, as her mind didn't feel like moving at any speed in the morning. Then, finally, after a few seconds, her mind put one and one together… and realized why the teacher would have bothered to enter him. It was so dreadfully simple that Natalie didn't know what was preventing her from realizing this earlier.

He was here to rouse them up to go to his lesson. It was time for Dragonology - one of the few subjects that actually kept her attention. Actually, she practically only bothered to go to about two classes, Dragonology and History. Everything else wouldn’t help you survive out in that dreadful world out there. And it was all the fault of those idiotic dragons. If they didn’t have the sudden urge to stop by Earth on their stupid meteor, Natalie would be able to be living in Australia - happily. She had heard that her previous home was completely rubble at this point, and in most of the continent, humans were few in between.

But there was no use thinking about it. She needed to find out how to fix the problem after all - there was really no time to waste. Her stomach growled from the long fast, but she ignored it, with the idea that she would be going to class first...


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#, as written by shmband
Wolf turned to see where Lily darted back too, and almost slipped on a patch of ice himself in doing so. He quickly righted himself and tugged at his collar, as if releasing a fresh dose of dignity back into his system. Sheepishly he pressed on and noticed Simon, Elit and a third guy stepping into the elevator. The third man...well, he seemed a bit the 'the man', only crooked and dishevelled and quite possibly evil.


He looked back and saw the girl with a really neat accent he'd seen around the chalet a few days ago...Natalie was her name. She was Australian, Wolf was his mind that practically made them family. He held back a little and walked up to her, holding his hand out much as Lily had. And since the introduction he'd given to Lily was fresh in his mind, and he'd been quite happy with it (even though it had apparently resulted in her running off to talk to Richard) he decided to give it another go.

"Hello Natalie!" he said, "I'm Wolf, I like addressing my hunger, finding ways to connect things and discover what kind of music people hate without having to ask."

He grimaced at how it sounded out had worked a bit better in response to Lily's approach rather than a spontaneous introduction. But oh well, it wasn't like he could suck the words back in...though for Wolf that would sure be a useful ability at times.

Simon stepped into the elevator alongside Areev, who didn't move in the slightest to accomodate anyone else, but stayed obstinately standing in the middle of the elevator. Says a lot about the kind of person he is, Simon thought, expecting everyone to arrange themselves around him.

He looked across at Elit and considered how best to explain. A formal introduction would probably best wait until the class was all assembled, so he kept it simple for now. "He's a researcher here at the academy." Simon replied. It was technically the truth. Areev wasn't a teacher...was it correct to say he was a scientist? Probably. He was known to have a doctorate in something or other under his belt, but the reality was Simon didn't know precisely what it was that Areev did. Simon didn't know, because Simon wasn't of a high enough grade to know. The Academy's board was run from far away, and told the teachers what hoops they had to jump through. But he knew that there was a lot more that went on that he or any of the other regular teachers knew about. Which, he supposed, should be a positive thing. The world was, after all, counting on the academy to figure out how the human race was to survive. Perhaps shrouding parts of it in mystery allowed people to foster hope thay they were developing a secret weapon in the basement or something that would swat hundred of dragons out of the sky at a time.

Fat chance of that.

He waited until everybody was packed into the elevator, and hit the button for the second floor.