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Suna Kwon

"How long are we going to let them ruin our lives without fighting back?!"

0 · 260 views · located in The Academy

a character in “Survival Academy: While Dragons Rule”, as played by Cienpher


Name: Suna Kwon
Age: 17
Sex: Female

Nationality: Korean

Policy: Suna believes strongly in the hunter policy, and like most people, thinks that the only way to survive is to eradicate the dragons. She thinks them monsters and thinks they should not be allowed to destroy humans and her world any longer. However, she is also terrified of them – she is one of many who has seen how dangerous they can be. She can’t understand what the tamers see in them… but maybe someday, someone can help her understand.

Strongest subjects: Due to the circumstances of her childhood years, Suna understandably fell behind in her studies – she was too busy trying to survive. However, this by no means determines her intelligence, as she is a fast learner when it comes down to it. This is particularly true when it comes to languages. Her quick mastery of the technical aspects and her natural ability to mimic pronunciations has made this her best subject. Having been in charge of the domestic aspect of home life for quite some time now, she is quite good with cookery and knows basic first aid. She is poorest in science and math, as those are things that she can’t learn on her own as she tries to survive. Despite how she may sound or seem, she is not all that physically strong. She is agile, however, and can be stealthy should the need arise.

Description: Suna has typical Korean characteristics – dark brown eyes, black hair – but she is slightly taller than most girls her age. Her long hair is usually kept loose, but sometimes she gets the urge to tie it back. She has a good figure, but her choice of attire doesn’t really show it, but the clothes have a history as well. It’s not that she’s a tomboy, that she doesn’t like ruffles and skirts and tighter clothing, but what she wears reflects herself. Her father often notes that it is very similar to what her older brother wore when he was alive, and it’s true. She had unconsciously been mimicking his style. Something she always keeps on her is a silver bracelet that had been a present from him when she was little. Every year on her birthday, her mother would buy her a charm for it. She usually keeps it tucked beneath the wristband on her right wrist so that she won’t lose it and it won’t make any noise.

Personality: Suna can seem a little tactless at first with the way she says what she means so bluntly, but she’s actually quite a sensitive character. Trauma from the death of both her mother and her brother has hardened her into the slightly callous person she is now. However, once someone bothers to get past her outward persona, they’ll see that she isn’t really all that antisocial. Those who gain her trust will have it until they break it, and even then, Suna’s the type to try everything to make amends. She enjoys talking with others on a more personal level, but she rarely finds people to do so with. She is a very sentimental character, and her room is actually littered with things that others may view as rubbish, but are important to her. An old iPod that no longer works, a tattered book with half the pages burned off, a stuffed animal missing an eye and a limb… they’re all important to her, and so she treasures them.

Back story: Suna was born and raised in Korea, although she attended an international school that accepted since her mother held an American passport. She spent her elementary school days here, learning to speak fluent English as well as Korean from home while her brother did the same in middle school. Even though tuition for the private school was expensive, it proved itself the right choice when the meteor hit. Even though she was quite literally on the other side of the world, the impact had tremendous effects on her little peninsular home as well, wracking her city with tremors and various natural disasters. However, due to passport complications with her mother, the family was unable to make the move to safer ground… and then the dragons came. By this time, Suna was thirteen, trying to salvage what remnants of her life she could in her little ruined country… but even that was crushed further. Her mother, her pillar of support, and her older brother, her constant, her guardian, her role model in life – they were both killed before her eyes. With this done, she and her father managed to book a flight to Canada, and their luck held out – their plane managed to land without being mauled by the dragons… but Suna wasn’t happy. No… that event scarred her, broke something in her… and now, about four years later, she is at The Survivor’s Academy for Teens. Unlike some others, she wanted to, and she’s no longer the soft little girl she was before.

So begins...

Suna Kwon's Story