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TErrence "Bjorn" Tronjheim

"We must learn to keep ourselves alive before we can worry about keeping our future alive".

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a character in “Survival Academy: While Dragons Rule”, as played by Zombicide93


Name: Terrence "Bjorn" Tronjheim

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Image: Image

Nationality: Scandinavian/ American

Policy: Terrence isn't ready to choose a side yet, waiting to see which belief seems to be more effective. Many see this as strange, especially the people who know that Terrence's parent's were killed by dragons.

Strongest subjects: Cookery and Medicine are Terrence's strong points. His cooking is more geared towards identifying edible and non-edible plants and animals than actually preparing a meal, and his Medicine is on a Paramedic level, which includes advanced first aid and airway/breathing management.

Description: Terrence had the body of a survivalist, tall ( 6 feet 3 inches) lean and muscular build of an athlete (195 lbs) and rough hands, a body and mindset more geared towards self-sufficiency than carrying on the ways of the human race for future generations.

Personality: Terrence is kind-hearted and soft-spoken, and is willing and capable of taking care of others. Those that know him know he is probably one of the kindest people at the Survival School, but they also know that he lets his inner animal come out during survival challenges, if your part of his team, you have earned a significant amount of luck.
Over all, Terrence doesn't talk much, but always offers a friendly smile whether he knows you or not, and as long as you instigate a conversation first, odds are he will gladly speak to you though he may come off as shy at first. He does enjoy all kinds of humor, though rarely will he crack the joke, and it's very easy to like him and become friends with the tall Scandinavian-American.

Back story: Born in Dallas, Texas 9 years before the dragon-bearing asteroids struck, Terrence was raised in an average household with his Scandinavian father and American mother. He was raised to be kind to others and only act violently when himself or people he cared about were in danger, and to speak out against wrongdoings to anyone, his parents wanted him to be morally-righteous in every way they could, creating a rather open-minded and light-spirited child. He was on a family vacation in New York when the asteroid struck, and though he and his parents survived, his parents were killed a few days later by Dragons as they made their way to the safe zone in Canada. A half starved and dehydrated Terrence was found by U.S military personnel who were evacuating civilians to the northern parts of North America, away from the encroaching dragons in the south, and took him to the safe zone in the colder region of Canada where he was dropped off with several other orphans as mankind struggled to rebuild society. Terrence lived in an orphanage until he was 17, and the moved out on his own closer to the urban parts, but still continued to attend the Survivors school, specializing in Medicine and Cookery.

So begins...

TErrence "Bjorn" Tronjheim's Story


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Terrence rolled over and eyed the Class calender he had tacked on the wall beside his bed and saw under today's date he had scrawled Dragology. With a grunt, he pulled the covers back and rolled out of bed, clad in a pair of knee length shorts and a white T-shirt that clung to his athletic form well enough that anyone could see the large, dark tattoo on his shoulder and upper arm. Terrence walked over to the trunk at the end of his bed and grabbed a pair of faded jeans and a long sleeve black T-shirt as he headed to the boys restroom. By the time he changed and exited, most of the students had made there way into what served as the cafeteria, waiting for lunch.
Terence went back to his trunk and grabbed his notebook labeled Dragology and a pen before following the masses as they moved towards the lunch room. Upon entering, Terrence didn't see anyone he noticed, so instead of fighting through the crowds, he decided to plant himself on a couch fairly close to the door, sitting a few feet away from an attractive girl reading a Douglas Adams book on the same couch. Terrence opened up his Dragology notebook and began reviewing what Professor Stawski had covered last time and waited for lunch to be ready.


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Charlotte watched as a towering boy arrived and sat on the same couch she was, he opened a notebook and started reading it as Charlotte though 'Did he have to sit THAT close?', she was a little uncomfortable around strangers. To avoid getting nervous for no reason, she shifted her attention to the other side of the room, where three people apparently had an argument, it was way too far for Charlotte to see it clearly without her glasses, and she didn't feel like putting them on just to watch a potential fight. She watched it all stop while pretending to read her book, trying not to look at the boy sitting not far from her. After that, one of those people started walking towards the door not very far.

"Alright let's go!" Called out the first one, now in focus, he was obviously older than the rest of the people Charlotte had seen around, so she assumed he was a teacher and was calling them into class. Once the rest of the people following the man walked past, she decided to get up and follow them, going to class sounded like a good idea, well, better than sit uncomfortably close to a guy she didn't know.


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Terrence made his way outside, bunching his shoulders against the cold as he made his way to the elevator. First he noticed A girl with red hair talking to a guy he had seen around the academy a few times, and knew from just seeing how he interacted that he was a intellectual type, and not all that nice of a guy, and currently, the girl in front of him looked like she was about to cry.
Terrence sighed and kept an eye on them, but sighed again, this time relieved when the girl attacked the young man with a hug before walking towards the elevator, slipping on a patch of ice and leaving the guy confused before he too made his way to the elevator. Just before Terrence reached the doors, they began to close, so he one of his arms through the door to stop the automatic shutters. Once they reopened, he stepped through and realized how crowded it was, but turned his head to the others behind him.
"Hey", he said, offering them all a friendly smile. He had seen most of there faces before and also noticed the girl he had sat beside on the couch in the main room.
Excuse me." He heard the guy from earlier say to a man in a rather unkempt suit. "I heard you're taking over the class today. Why is that, and why do you feel yourself so qualified to teach us about dragons?"

Terrence sighed and looked back to the front, hoping to block out any ensuing arguement.