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Wolfgang Schaffer

If my brain was as quick as my mouth, I'd be a genius

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a character in “Survival Academy: While Dragons Rule”, as played by shmband


Name: Wolfgang "Wolf" Schaffer

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Image: Image

Nationality: Austrian

Policy: Hunter, the idea of Taming a dragon sounds wuh-hey too complicated...

Strongest subjects: Design Technology, Mechanics and Electrics

Description: The picture pretty much tells it all. He's burly but not in a particularly "ripped" way, he's really just honed for physical activity, tomfoolery and getting away from authority figures in a hurry. He tends to always wear two layers of clothes; one close fitting (for when he needs to work with machinery) and one baggy for just lounging around. His clothes are usually dirtied with grease, flux, oil, solder, name it.

Personality: The most blunt assessment Wolf ever heard given of himself was that if his brain worked as quickly as his hands, he'd be a genius, and if his hands worked as quickly as his mouth, he'd be a god. He talks at a hundred miles an hour and has the fidgetiest hands in existence. He's always gotta be doing something with them. Someone once gave him a Rubiks cube once, but that was a bad shout. He just pryed it open and glued it back together solved. He's very goofy, but harmless.

Back story: Wolf's family came to Canada early on, and he spent a lot of time in his father's electric repair store. It was the kind of place where you took things to get fixed that most bigger stores would simply tell you to throw out and buy a new one. Not only did this mean Wolf developed 'the knack' for fixing almost anything, it also meant he had a "mend and make do" mentality drummed into him early on in life. That certainly served his whole family well after the asteroid hit. Since then, both he and his father have gotten their hands dirty wherever possible, fixing things up, building things out of salvaged parts. Wolf's not a master of the art yet by a long shot, but there again, that's what the Academy is for.

So begins...

Wolfgang Schaffer's Story


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#, as written by shmband
Simon looked at Lily through narrowed eye the first time she answered the door, and said nothing. Clearly the girl's brain had not yet engaged, and there wasn't too much point making a great effort until it had. He stepped into the common area of the apartment, and noted Richard sitting on one of the couches reading a book. Simon nodded in acknowledgement towards him. He should probably have offered him some semblance of congratulation for being proactive enough to not only be awake, but also studying. As it stood, it suggested that Richard had been up longer than Simon, and had therefore put him to shame, and therefore no action or remark was desireable.

And then Lily was back out of her room again, giving some more like a 'correct' answer this time. He nodded towards her, and again said nothing as she ran off to the bathroom. The initial flurry of activity was encouraging, but for all the noise not many faces emerges. Simon closed his eyes and shook his head. There were so many battles to fight, and the good guys were losing on every front. Dragons vs the human race. Ragtag students vs me. The desire for coffee vs the probability of there being time to get any before class. Etc vs etc.

He opened his eyes as Elit addressed him. "Yeah peachy isn't it." Simon said gruffly, "Not a wake-up call I'm afraid...or at least if it is it's a wake-up call to all of us to pull out socks up and try taking this a bit more seriously. Well...almost all of us..."

He threw a smile over at Richard at that point. Not an entirely pleasant smile, but half 'good on you for setting an example' and half 'damn you incorrigible know-it-all for making us all look bad'.

And then Lily appeared once again, this time with a bit of life in her it seemed and that endearing - no wait, make that tiresome - gleam in her eye.

"You thought that huh?" he said, "Well I thought it was man's right to get up in the morning, walk down the street for coffee, and then get on the subway, go to work and talk to his colleagues about the weekend's Maple Leafs game. But you know what's true? Sometimes, things happen than challenge what we think. So..." at this point he raised his voice so those still in their beds could hear " anyone else coming or shall I just arrange for the pork chops to be sent up when they're ready?"

Wolf raised his head of the pillow at the sound of something being called out from the living area. Ugh...damn...have I missed breakfast? What the hell time is it? He looked across at his alarm clock, but realised that his view was obscured due to there being a CD case stuck to the side of his face. Raising a hand he flicked it off and looked at the time...and started to laugh. Missed Maths class? RESULT!

As quickly as he could manage - which wasn't very - he rolled out of bed and pulled on a pair of cargo pants and a sweatshirt over the top of his bed t-shirt. Who was there worth getting scrubbed up for after all? Were there any nice looking girls in the academy? Hell...maybe...but they were the only girls he'd ever seen. For all he knew they could be butt-ugly by world-standards, and only seemed attractive because his sampling so was narrow. It was different when it came to guys of course, he thought as he looked in the mirror and tried to do something with his hair. Guys are just meant to look rugged, so in Wolf's mind he was pretty sure he was pretty drop dead stunning. The fact that he thought this whilst picking a bit of cilantro out of his teeth didn't strike him as in any way ironic...

Once he'd gathered enough balance, he hobbled out into the living area and raised a hand.

"Pah-yo-yo y'all." he said, "What's cookin'? Take me to class or lose me forever baby."


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Richard closed up his book and set it down on the closest flat surface he could find, seeing that class was finally about to begin. He stood as the common room filled with lazy sleepy heads pretending to be students. He felt his patience already beginning to be tested with these people, and the day had yet to begin. He saw both Elit and Lily both awkwardly try to pretend to be model students, and he internally groaned as they both addressed the man entering as 'sir', as if this man deserved the same title as a courageous knight, or even as a world famous British song writer.

Richard acknowledged Simon's half hearted words calling for the students to take things 'a bit more seriously', along with his artificial smile in his direction, and he knew it was artificial, for no one was ever sincerely filled with pleasant thoughts when looking at him. He was not amused with his speech, and made no effort to return the smile, and in fact, effortlessly maintained his frown back at him.

"Nice words." Richard told the instructor. "But it would be nice if the actions matched. I'm just saying."

Richard knew he had a problem, namely, in showing respect towards people who don't deserve it. On an intellectual level, he knew that it was very important towards his survival to be liked, so that he wouldn't end up being the first one eaten when things got desperate, or to be the one left behind when they'll all being chased by dragons. But on another intellectual level, he knew that if his life was ever dependent on any person currently standing in this room, he would be doomed from the start, so why make any effort to be liked?

He moaned internally once again as another student arrived, another person that he would not trust his life to. He seriously doubted the survival skills of anybody who would make up their own words to use as a greeting when there were already several other greeting words he could've chosen. What does Pah-yo-yo even mean? It was like a secret code with no solution, exactly the kind of thing that would bother Richard all day.


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#, as written by shmband
Simons' straight face didn't budge at Richard's surprising comments. The boy's contempt would have been more troubling if he actually had other options of where to be. But in truth, the cynicism wasn't entirely unjustified...especially considering they were about to walk into a class where the teacher - namely, himself - knew hardly more about the subject matter than any of the students. All he had was the teaching material compiled by the real professor of dragology (Simon still had trouble accepting that as a real 'subject'...or even a word for that matter...), this mysterious 'Areev' guy who very rarely showed his face.

The confrontation between Richard and Lily left Simon feeling bemused. He couldn't entirely understand what would lead his students to stick up for him, or why he didn't feel more patronised that he should even need them to come to his defence. But it was endearing in a way. Or was it more a statement about the fact that they had such a small pool of adults in their lives that they attached themselves to the ones they had in spite of the glaring inadequacies? A bit like Stockholm Syndrome...

"How about we hold those thoughts guys," he said nonchalantly, "and get to class where attitude and backbiting might at least earn you a decent grade."

He acknowledge Elit as he passed, marking that out as the cue for them all to get going. Didn't look good if a student you'd come to get out of bed still managed to get to class before you. He also acknowledge Wolf with a nod. It wasn't an amazing turnout, but perhaps other students were elsewhere. Not that there was a huge complex of amenities which they might be off enjoying...which was ironic considering the entire campus was supposed to have been the site of the Olympic Games.

"Come on guys," Simon said, stretching his shoulder back and clicking his back slightly, "let's go change the world one paper at a time.

Wolf grinned dopily while the brief argument took place. Richard was someone he had no particular beef with, apart from the fact that he didn't know what the guy was talking about half the time. Richard was cerebral whereas Wolf was more hands on...but at the same time Richard had ideas...and ideas needed to be implemented...and Wolf was an implementing kind of guy.

Lily's performance, on the other hand, he thoroughly enjoyed. There was definitely something attractive about the redhead giving the smug guy what-for. But even if he hadn't been too tired and hungry to think of something to contribute to the discussion, he felt at this stage it would probably have been in his interests not too anyway.

"Alright let's go!" he said enthusiastically.

The classroom was in a seperate building to the residences, across a bleak, gray courtyard of concrete and asphalt, with several stone benches and unfinished stalls. Doors led off to other areas of the academy, including teaching blocks, the cafeteria, the faculty block and the administrative offices. Simon Stawski's classroom was on the second floor of the teaching block, and the walk there took them across the courtyard underneath the equally gray, amorphose sky. The ash layer in the atmosphere left by the asteroid strike had still not entirely cleared, and the sun's light was dispersed so widely that it was almost impossible to tell it's position. It was the same most of the world over, though in other parts of the world that same haze was often the murk within which resided danger and terror. In the skies over the academy, it was simply a reminder of the plight of the world, for no Dragon had been seen so far north in the Americas in years. As the ash layer thinned over time, it was expected the climage would warm and the dragons' territory would increased. The Academy would not be a haven forever...


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#, as written by shmband
In a semi-wakeful stupor Wolf followed behind Simon, Elit and Lily, down onto the ground floor and out onto the barren courtyard. The light, despite being natural, was so flat and dim and it was easy to forget they'd even stepped outside. Or at least it would be were it not for the cold bite of the air. He hopped from foot to foot as he walked, grumbling to himself slightly about wishing he'd worn a second pair of socks. His spacial awareness was not yet working at full capacity, so when Lily jumped down next to him he flinched a bit and then smiled at her. A chipper voice was always a welcome thing.

"Hey," he said, chuckling at her banter, "yeah I think I knew who you were...your name anyway. I don't think we have so many classes together. But sure, I'm Wolf, I like addressing my hunger, finding ways to connect things and discover what kind of music people hate without having to ask."

He took her hand and gave it a lighthearted shake. He had to acknowledge it was odd that he'd not really spoken to her before, but perhaps it had been so long since they'd all been thrown into a student apartment together that the temptation to remain aloof was quashed by the sheer need to human contact. Some of the students were obviously...'intense' enough to overcome that. But Wolf, for one, was glad that somebody was coming out of their shell.

Simon heard Richard's softly spoken apology, and hid a subtle smile by not looking back to acknowledge it. No apology was strictly necessary, not to Simon at least. And as long as the bad blood between Richard and Lily seemed to be diluting itself, there was no action required After all, these were the kids who were going to rebuild society...or so the remnant of the government seemed to hope. And in society people had to figure out how to get along even when they didn't...'get along'.

He breezed across the courtyard, not wishing to spend any more time out in the cold than he had to, and hit the button on the elevator which was quite close to the classroom block entrance. He looked back to see who was following, and noticed that at least one more girl had joined the group...she was a new arrival but his memory seemed to be throwing the name 'Charlotte' around in his mind. He'd spare her the ordeal of standing up and introducing herself in class. Nobody really appreciated that.

The elevator chimed and he turned around to enter, but stopped and jumped back a little. He hadn't expected to see someone already in the elevator. It was a dark, rather eccentric looking figure, diminuitive in height but with fairly wild, unkempt light brown hair. He wore a dark blue suit which looked like it had seen...well...more than it's fair share of wear and tear. The face Simon barely recognised but the overall impression was that it could only be one person; Areev.

"Professor Stawski I presume?" Areev said.

"Even he." Simon replied brusquely, composing himself. "Were you looking for me or...?"

"Yes yes," Areev said impatiently, "I just wanted to let you know that I'll be giving todays lecture personally."

Simon's eyes widened, and he hesitated before answering. "I...well...sure thing. Fine with me. In that case accompany us to the classroom."

"Very kind." Areev sneered, "Do lead the way."


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As they crossed the courtyard, Elit pulled his coat tighter around himself, unable to keep chills from running up and down his spine. That was the drawback for him here at the Academy- it was always cold. Bone chillingly cold. Snow flakes bite into his unprotected face, his cheeks and the end of his nose turning a bright red color. Though Elit still looked cheery and uneffected by the swirling mass of whiteness, inside he was grumbling and cursing every step of the way across the courtyard.

Approaching the elevator, Elit bounced on the balls of his heels to keep from freezing in place, willing the elevator to move faster. You'd think they'd make machinery at a location where the Olympics might have been held go somewhat faster. As it opened, Elit paused when the doors slide to reveal a man in a suit that had seen better days.

"Professor Stawski I presume?"

"Even he." Simon replyed, gathering himself. "Were you looking for me or...?"

"Yes yes," the man answered impatiently, "I just wanted to let you know that I'll be giving todays lecture personally."

Well, this is an odd turn of events! Elit was surprised that this man, whoever he was, would simply come across Simon and put it to him that he'd be taking over his class. Unsure why, whoever this was seemed familiar to Elit, related to Simon's teachings somehow. Now why could that be?

After the two men exchanged a few more words, Elit leaned towards Simon and whispered his question, "Um...sir? Who is this man? He seems familiar, but I'm afraid I've forgotten..."


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#, as written by shmband
Wolf turned to see where Lily darted back too, and almost slipped on a patch of ice himself in doing so. He quickly righted himself and tugged at his collar, as if releasing a fresh dose of dignity back into his system. Sheepishly he pressed on and noticed Simon, Elit and a third guy stepping into the elevator. The third man...well, he seemed a bit the 'the man', only crooked and dishevelled and quite possibly evil.


He looked back and saw the girl with a really neat accent he'd seen around the chalet a few days ago...Natalie was her name. She was Australian, Wolf was his mind that practically made them family. He held back a little and walked up to her, holding his hand out much as Lily had. And since the introduction he'd given to Lily was fresh in his mind, and he'd been quite happy with it (even though it had apparently resulted in her running off to talk to Richard) he decided to give it another go.

"Hello Natalie!" he said, "I'm Wolf, I like addressing my hunger, finding ways to connect things and discover what kind of music people hate without having to ask."

He grimaced at how it sounded out had worked a bit better in response to Lily's approach rather than a spontaneous introduction. But oh well, it wasn't like he could suck the words back in...though for Wolf that would sure be a useful ability at times.

Simon stepped into the elevator alongside Areev, who didn't move in the slightest to accomodate anyone else, but stayed obstinately standing in the middle of the elevator. Says a lot about the kind of person he is, Simon thought, expecting everyone to arrange themselves around him.

He looked across at Elit and considered how best to explain. A formal introduction would probably best wait until the class was all assembled, so he kept it simple for now. "He's a researcher here at the academy." Simon replied. It was technically the truth. Areev wasn't a teacher...was it correct to say he was a scientist? Probably. He was known to have a doctorate in something or other under his belt, but the reality was Simon didn't know precisely what it was that Areev did. Simon didn't know, because Simon wasn't of a high enough grade to know. The Academy's board was run from far away, and told the teachers what hoops they had to jump through. But he knew that there was a lot more that went on that he or any of the other regular teachers knew about. Which, he supposed, should be a positive thing. The world was, after all, counting on the academy to figure out how the human race was to survive. Perhaps shrouding parts of it in mystery allowed people to foster hope thay they were developing a secret weapon in the basement or something that would swat hundred of dragons out of the sky at a time.

Fat chance of that.

He waited until everybody was packed into the elevator, and hit the button for the second floor.


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Terrence made his way outside, bunching his shoulders against the cold as he made his way to the elevator. First he noticed A girl with red hair talking to a guy he had seen around the academy a few times, and knew from just seeing how he interacted that he was a intellectual type, and not all that nice of a guy, and currently, the girl in front of him looked like she was about to cry.
Terrence sighed and kept an eye on them, but sighed again, this time relieved when the girl attacked the young man with a hug before walking towards the elevator, slipping on a patch of ice and leaving the guy confused before he too made his way to the elevator. Just before Terrence reached the doors, they began to close, so he one of his arms through the door to stop the automatic shutters. Once they reopened, he stepped through and realized how crowded it was, but turned his head to the others behind him.
"Hey", he said, offering them all a friendly smile. He had seen most of there faces before and also noticed the girl he had sat beside on the couch in the main room.
Excuse me." He heard the guy from earlier say to a man in a rather unkempt suit. "I heard you're taking over the class today. Why is that, and why do you feel yourself so qualified to teach us about dragons?"

Terrence sighed and looked back to the front, hoping to block out any ensuing arguement.