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" Where the hell is my crossbow??? "

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a character in “Survival At Its Worst”, as played by Elemenopee


Trevor is a male survivor who relies on his crossbow. He likes woman and prefers spending nights in trees. His weakness is zombies that climb high objects and suchn He is strong when in the woods by a water source. He dislikes EVERYTHING about the Apocolypse. He usually remains shirtless due to the fact that it is hot where he survives. His chain tag around his neck has his now-zombie girlfriends name on it, Jessica.


Trevor is very bold but may flee. He fights only when needed due to his dead girlfriend
He will always stick up for anyone of his allies.


He has a long thin wooden crossbow. He also has a tiny water cantine and a mini sac holding fruits and vegetablesm

So begins...

Trevor's Story


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Trevor saw the man raise his gun. Trevor dropped to the ground. He rolled by the side of a building. Trevor loaded his crossbow. " I'm not going to hurt you, well unless you hit me." He stuttered. Trevor was ready to pull the trigger at any second he shot, Trevor faced his crossbow at the wheels. The man cant drive without wheels. Who can aim in pitchblack without a way to escape? The night sky beamed upon them. " Don't you dare shoot me." He thought. Trevor sweated.


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