Kristiana Knight.

"I'll help get you out..All of you.."

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a character in “Survival Games”, as played by Neru


]This is me:

I am:
"My names Kristiana Knight. But most people call me Kriss, or Kristie."
I look:
[i]"I'm 18.."

"I am a girl. Duh."
I will save:
[Not sure yet.]
This is my relationship with them:
"My best friend..And I have a small crush on him..But shh."
I'm like this:
"Well...I guess I can tell you a little about myself. I'm kinda hard headed. More then a little stubborn, and I tend to always want to save everyone else around me even if it puts myself in danger. Guess that's what I get for being a cops daughter. But anyways, besides that I'm your average teenage girl. I have crushes, and best friends, hearbreaks and the feeling of being in love. Not much else I can really say."
Here's a bit about me:
"I had a normal childhood. My father's the cheif of police, and my mother's a nurse at the hospital. I've always had a good life, never really had to go without anything, but the fact that we have money hasn't changed who I am. I'd still dive infront of a bus to save my best friend, family member, or even a random stranger on the street."
I want:
"I want to save my friend...And if there's anyway I can, I want to help get everyone out..Even if it costs my life."

So begins...

Kristiana Knight.'s Story