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Shianu Mika

"Why is it that you keep avoiding me. I wont kill your girlfriend. I promise! It was only 1......2 times I'm telling you! It was an accident..."

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a character in “Survive: Anything Can Happen”, as played by kailani98


Shianu Mika [She-ahn-oo Me-ka]

Mika, Shi, and Nu.
"I have never understood Nicknames, just use your original name right? I guess I don't mind Shi."

"Yes young and single!"

"Yes I just have giant Man Boobs. Wanna feel?"

Sane #2
"Sadly I'm normal."

"Rulers are pretty stupid."

Love Interest:
She Seems to Develop feelings for Andrei.
"Who wants to know?"

Insane #2 (Andrei Winter)
"I hope this partner of mine is cute."

Shianu is known to flirt a lot. She is really touchy and is very romantic. She says many pick up lines. She actually finds it amusing to flirt with shy people. The way their face turns red and they get quiet. It cracks her up. She never gets much reaction. She usually flirts for attention. She also really just wants to find love. She has been very lonely ever since losing her loved ones. She has no one really to give her love. She likes when someone tries to flirt back. It makes her happy and feel more like she isn't invisible. So don't freak out if she randomly hugs you and tells you that your cute.

Shianu has never been able to shake off the feeling of being lonely. She has never kept a stable family or friend. She always does something to make them hate her. She doesn't have any friends or family for that matter at the moment. She has only herself and her demon kitten. The feeling adds on to her depression. She really wants someone to be there for her. To love her and cherish her friendship. She feels as if she has no one and that everyone hates her. Sometimes the loneliness makes her quite and sad. She feels as if she was given her power so she could have a friend. But its not the same as a real person being with her. Just as if the shadows are just her lonely imagination.

Although Shianu is lonely and flirty and sometimes a jerk she has feelings and is very sweet sometimes. She understands reasons why people were sad since she has witnessed and felt almost every feeling, even including hunger and almost death. She has quite a bunch of experience. Anyways the ways she usually is sweet and nice is by comforting people and trying not to say mean things. She will always try to cheer people up and make them feel better. She also is just nice to be around...sometimes. Anyways she will try to make other people happy before herself. Sometimes she seems fake. Due to her loneliness and depression, she acts happy.

Anger Management
No one is perfect. Come on. She has her bad side. Its anger issues. She just cant help it sometimes. If you piss her off in some way or hurt her or her friends, she will go ape *BEEP*. She will get angry and start to give you a loud lecture or hurt you back. You don't want to upset her, never. If your on her good side you will find her happy and sweet. She will be nice and humorous. But if you do get on her bad side, you will want to avoid her and never see her again. Or like I said she will go ape *BEEP*. Its not exactly that she is mean in general or she is trying too, its a disorder and a habit. Almost like a survival instinct. But also her words aren't always mean, she will give you a pissed lecture and try to make you learn.
"Don't get the wrong idea about me. This writer sucks."

Shianu has an interesting power. Her power is dark and mysterious. It involves shadows. More along the lines of demons actually. She can summon demon animals. For example she can summon a demon tiger to eat your face off. Its more of an offensive power. Although it can be used as a defensive power. Her power isn't invincible. It has defects and down sides. Like she can only summon one of the demons at a time. She also has to say words for the animals to summon. They don't just pop up. She has to say "Open the gates of Hell and Release the-" and then whatever demon animal. She also always keeps one little kitten demon as a friend. But she never uses her kitten demon to fight. He is to precious to her. (I will change power if unacceptable)
"They are my personal friends."

Shianu was adopted into a rich family with two other siblings. Her older Brother and her younger sister. She never knew her real parents. They gave her up when she was born. They didn't want her to suffer. That's what her adopted parents told her. Shianu did have to suffer a while of orphanage until she was about 9. In those years she was treated terribly by all the other kids of the orphanage. They would always prank her and call her ugly. She was emotionally scarred. Then a rich couple and their son came into the orphanage and demanded the orphanage to give her to them. The little boy didn't seem to happy, but the parents were amazed with her pink hair and dazzling eyes. How she could magically play the piano. They adored her from the start. It seemed the wife was having trouble to have more kids, so they demanded a knew kid.

Eventually Shianu and her new brother got really close and along. Then the new addition to the family happened. Shianu's mom had another child. A baby girl. Then all of a sudden Kerian(Her brother) Changed. He was attached to the new little girl. Shianu and Kerian's relationship dropped off the face of the other. Mysteriously disappeared. Kerian focused only on the new little sister. Shianu started to despise the little girl. Shianu became depressed. Her grades started to drop and her parents started to notice. They started to make her go to a private rich school. She was away from her siblings which made her focus. But she was still upset. Then one day when Shianu was 14 she figured out about her power. She told her brother to go to hell. Then all of a sudden a demon popped up out of no where. The demon was like a sort of shadow. The demon cut Kerian across the chest and disappeared. Her parents were furious and kicked her out of the house forever. She hasn't seen her brother or sister since.

Shianu lived on the streets for quite a while until a teen about her age took her to her apartment. They became great friends, Shianu and Nora. But Shianu fell in love with him. He had a girlfriend. Nora figured out. One day Shianu and Kai(Nora's Girlfriend) were left alone together in the apartment. They got in a fight and the demon was summoned again. He killed Kai and Nora thought Shianu did it. Shianu lost a lover and a friend. AS well as a home. The bad thing was that Shianu didn't mean to kill Kai. She felt terrible. Shianu then finally figured out how to control her powers. But she was caught using her power and she was sent to a scientific lab. They worked on her until she was about 16 years old. That's where she got the tattoo of 03 on her arm. That was her lab number.

Then she escaped and was invited to the show. She was happy to be from the lab, but wasn't quite sure about the TV show.
"Long Long Long Long Long Life."

I love my Music
Sleep Over!
"Hehe All my sexy Photos."

Theme Song:
Strawberry Swing
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So begins...

Shianu Mika's Story