Surviving Fate

Surviving Fate


When Earth finally has enough, how will humanity survive?

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They say that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth; ,A great light to shine in the sky, and time. And there was morning, and there was evening: The first day...If humanity had ever possessed any sort of innocence or clarity, it must have faded as the time wore away. Somewhere along the road, humankind became selfish. We didn't care about anyone or anything else anymore. We sat in our homes, on our phones and computers. We wasted our resources and crippled our own world in the name of development. We didn't care that wars raged around us. We didn't pay attention to the signs. We took everything for granted, and when the world finally had enough...It struck back.

At first the virus appeared in animals. They tested, they created vaccines, but no wall can hold back the hands of fate. By the time the dust had settled, three quarters of a once thriving humanity had gone, but that was only the beginning. The pandemic was only the key to the door, and It was humanity's own destructive nature, that opened it. As we began to repopulate and resettle, the aftermath of the viral Armageddon shaped our history. Our cities still stood tall and proud, but our countries, our banners; All had collapsed. Under their own flags, New nations and armies arose from the failure of their fallen world. Some took after the good of the past, some took after the lineage of the most hideous. Others followed a road completely their own. In the end, it wasn't the virus that killed the world, it was the humanity itself; For when any ruler with evil intention clinches power; Nuclear power...There's bound to be an apocalypse to follow.


The New World has now been divided into different 'Gateway Factions'.
{{Every character must belong to one faction only.))

Union of Stalin: One of the four larger governments. Citizens of the union follow their leader, Yuri Nikolski, who runs his world in the image of the former Soviet union. They are brutal, sneaky people, and seek world domination. Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and other smaller neighboring countries are united under the union flag.

FUGE: The FUGE, or Free United German Empire, unites Germany, France, Italy, and parts of Africa. Also bent on world domination, their leader, Hans Adolpho, follows the footsteps of the Nazi Empire. Obviously their "Freedom" is only illusion, and if you run into them, expect to be on their side, or die.

Order Of Ronin: Uniting nearly all of Asia, the Order Of Ronin strive for justice among the world. This makes them fierce enemies with the Union and FUGE. Their leader, Choden Dawa, is a former Tibetan monk, and devout follower of the noble lineage of the samurai, who chose to start his Order after his former master and father was killed by a FUGE soldier. Members of the order are the most accepting and ultimately friendly people you will find in the new world. Their linkage to the firm religious and philosophical views of the Tibetan Monks, and their beliefs in Honor and Nobility make them very hard working, and open minded. The Order is the largest of the four main governments.

N.U.S: The N.U.S or New United States are what's left of the old American government. Under the order of their president Thomas Richard, they follow suit to the original constitution, established by the founding fathers. Much smaller in number compared to the other Governments, the N.U.S aids and receives aid from the Order of Ronin. The N.U.S and the Union have a bloody rivalry, that spawned from the already shaky relationship they had before the first bombs dropped.

D.A: The Democracy of Australia is one of the smaller government forces in the world, but it's also one of the most stable. The only country to avoid both the pandemic AND nuclear war, Australia remained mainly unchanged from its original state. After Jeannine Hawk was appointed in control of the country, she established the D.A, in hopes to create a more free and United Australia. The result was one of the most structurally sound and stable governments beside the Order of Ronin. Although you will not see the D.A dabbling in any of their neighbors problems, they do send food and medical supplies to the N.U.S and Order when the need arises.

The Drifted: When the nuclear war had ended, it left destruction on a massive scale, but nowhere near as massive as in the Middle East, which was completely leveled by explosions, and chaos. What was left behind after the war was nicknamed "Hell's Gateway"; A stretch of rubble and devastation reaching through most of the Middle Eastern countries, mainly Iraq and Iran. Out of Hell's Gateway, the drifted were born. Immoral and murderous raiders who only know one way of life: The animals way. It is thought that their chaotic rituals stemmed from the high radiation levels in Hell's Gateway. Their bodies adapted, but it left certain parts of their mind completely melted away. Because of this, they have no distinction between right and wrong, good and bad. They do what they want, and they take what they want, and if you try to stop them them they Kill you; Most likely using your body as food for their pets, or sometimes, themselves. Although they're not considered United, and aren't seen as a government, some groups of Drifted have a brotherhood amongst themselves. Due to their hate, greed, and monstrous habits; The chances of a United drifted force are basically impossible, and probably for the better.

Freelance: A Freelance is a person or group of persons who do not reside in or fight for any governments or factions. Most Freelance groups share in the common goal of survival; Just trying to make a life for themselves in the world. They roam freely throughout the world, usually only staying in one place for a few weeks at the most. The trick to the Freelance population is that they're all different. Some will do whatever it takes to survive, some have families they're trying to protect, others are trying to find their place in humanity. Because of this, Freelancers are unpredictable, and usually live as drifters their whole lives; No friends, and no real home. Some find their place among the government's at some point in their life, some have even joined Hell's Gateway. Freelancers are the ghosts of the world, unknown, and mysterious.

Republic of Texas: During the pandemic, amidst chaos; Texas, fearing destruction over their governments Marshall law, succeeded from the United States. By the time the virus disappeared, they had already extended their border wall around the perimeter of their state. Calling themselves the Republic of Texas, they established themselves off of the constitution, like the N.U.S, and even adapted and improved upon it to allow themselves a more free, and equal country. However, unlike their neighbor, Texas is one of the only countries that still has dominant functioning Naval and Airborne branches. They are also the only military that has working Drones in their possession. This makes them a dangerous foe, despite their size compared to the other factions. People from the republic are nice, and don't seem that different from the ways of the original U.S. In fact, Texas is known throughout the post-apocalyptic world because of one city in particular: Retroville. A New York size city that exactly, and completely emulates the roaring nineteen twenties era. Due to sheer intimidation factor, contributed by their working naval fleet and active attack drone army, the chances of any government targeting Texas at this point in time are remarkably slim.


I will only be accepting five characters for the time being. So please, reserve them in the OOC and submit a character sheet, Thank you.

Name|Age|Faction|Face claim|Reserved or Taken by:


Name: Conner McCarthy|Age: 30|Face Claim: Scott Eastwood|Faction: Republic of Texas|TAKEN by DuBois_Scarlett


Name: Cloven Quinn|Age: 20|Face Claim: Circa Suicide|Faction: The Drifted|TAKEN by inabox

Name: Kaspar Heissler|Age: 32|Face Claim: ...|Faction: FUGE|RESERVED by SirLancelot

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I am confused... what exactly does this virus do? Is it like that one radioactive plot thing where the survivors get powers?

Also, I'm thinking of making a character, but I haven't figured out the basics yet.

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@DuBois_Scarlett currently we have no characters. So you're welcome to do either male or female, darling. ^^
@SirLancelot Message me anything you need. I'll be happy to answer!

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I may need to reserve myself a character, likely a FUGE soldier because....Well because Nazi's really. I may need to PM you and ask about the FUGE ideals and etc

Gonna be playing a male

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Hi there! Could I reserve a character? Are the characters so far male or female? I usually play females but I could play a male to even it out :)


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I was going more towards celebrities and actual people, but you can use either, I don't mind.

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Are you allowed to use face claims of celebrities or drawn/ainme/picture people

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