Alex Redwood

Human, Freelancer

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a character in “Surviving Fate”, as played by Slayerwolf


Name: Alex Redwood
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Weapon(s): Katana, daggers, bow and arrows, knucklers, metal "claws".
Skills/Abilities: stealthy, agile, strong.
Looks: black fingerless leather gloves. look at picture. the bottom half is black shoes, dark blue ripped jeans.
Personality: well, It's complex...You'll see.
Pet(s):A black panther named Nightclaw
Other: hiface!
Backstory: Alex joined the freelancers, after quiting another disbanded faction. A huge deathmatch broke out among her old faction, and she won. Alex put this behind her. Her best friend tried to kill her, to win. She mostly spends time training, and defending, or running around saving people and animal's. She has no group.

So begins...

Alex Redwood's Story