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Francesca Joanne McCallister

"If you can't see the bright side of life, polish the dull side."

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a character in “Surviving Senior Year”, as played by XxBlazingGoddessxX


Full name: Francesca Joanne McCallister
Nicknames: Frankie, Lil Red, Jo
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasion
Birth Date: April 13
Age: 17
Sexuality: straight
APPEARANCE: Francesca has a slim, petite frame. She has grey eyes with long, thick eyelashes. She has a small, straight and dainty nose. Francesca has a very heartwarming, charming smile and she has deeply defined dimples in both of her cheeks. Her complexion is very pale and fair and her skin is smooth, opaque and translucent. So, she is easily sunburnt. Francesca has thick, straight and very long hair (reaching above her waist). Her hair is an auburn in coloring and her hair texture is described as silky and smooth. Francesca normally keeps her hair in a bun or pony tail though. She has freckles on her nose and cheeks.
Height: 5'3''
Scars: She has scars all over her knees from tripping and falling. She also has a scar on her hand from burning it on the stove while trying to cook
Tattoos: None, her dad won't let her get any
Piercings: She has her ears pierced, but she rarely ever wears earrings because they fall out and she loses them.
PERSONALITY: Francesca is described to be a sweet, bubbly, cheerful, likeable, charismatic, kind, and charming individual. She is a mature, stable, grounded, and strong-willed person. Francesca is stoically loyal, loving, kind, caring and fiercely protective and she will do absolutely anything for her friends, her family and the people she loves. She's a generous individual and she is always trying to lend a helping hand when it is most needed. Francesca comes off as rather eccentric and "offbeat" and because of it, she is often highly misunderstood, even by her own friends. Francesca is drawn to and attracted to the unusual and the bizarre and she appears to be the most unconventional out of everyone else. She is a highly adventurous, explorative and curious individual. She also possesses a rather off-beat sense of humor and she is known to provide much comic relief, especially in times of tense situations. Francesca is extremely friendly, light-hearted, cheerful and charming, and therefore, all of her friends adore her because of it. She can be rather naive and trusting at times. Francesca is very clumsy. She trips over her own feet and walks into walls. Francesca doesn't like to complain about anything because she knows she has it better than most.
Wanted Occupation: Missionary in Africa and own an Orphanage
HISTORY: Francesca's mom died giving birth to her. It doesn't bother her all that much because she never knew her and knows she will see her someday in heaven. She grew up raised by her dad. Francesca went, and still goes to, church her whole life. She goes to the church her uncle's pastor of. She was saved and baptized there at the age of five. She loves church because a lot of her friends go there and they don't judge you there. She's lived a normal life and she's lived the same place her whole life.
Relationship Status: Nobody yet
Family: Dad- Bill
Known Languages: English and she took French since seventh grade, so she knows French too.
Other: She has two dogs. One chubby Australian Shepard blue healer mix named Porky who she's had since she was two, and a wiener dog named Beans who she got last year. So, it's Pork and Beans. Also, her dad won't let her get her hair dyed, but if he would she would dye it rainbow.

So begins...

Francesca Joanne McCallister's Story


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Aurora smiled and waved goodbye to her friend before going into the school, her skateboard tucked safely under her arm. Making her way down the hallway towards her class she dropped off some of her extra crap into her locker. Caring a butt load of extra stuff didn't seem very nice at the moment since her shoulder was killing her. Walking again she finally made her way into her classroom and noticed some more students were in. Her blue eyes scanned around the room as she noticed some familiar faces in the class.

The Juliet girl who seemed like she'd be quite a blast to hang out with, in truth. Along with that Theodor kid who had pretty nice hair and not to mention eyes. This school did seem to be lacking a bit of color in the hair department though; which was a bit upsetting. Who else... oh yea that Spencer guy seemed pretty chill, his looks weren't bad either. Maneuvering around all the cluster of desks she sat down at a table that was right in front of the back row. Placing her things down and crossing her legs she rested her chin into the palm of her hand.

"Ugh, class hasn't even started and i'm tired..." She muttered to herself, blowing a stray Azul colored hair out of her face. Her multi-colored nails tapped nonchalantly on her desk; pulling out her sketchbook she started scribbling some lyrics into it. She wasn't any kind of song writer but it was fun throwing together little dabbles of songs and playing them on her guitar. The guitar was her best friend and her enemy at the same time. She loved it but it hated her, always breaking or un-tuning itself somehow.