Surviving the Memories


"Surviving the Memories"

Cassandra and Alexander's Story

Cassandra Warner had everything: millions of dollars at her disposal, a family that looked tabloid perfect, and connections that could get her anywhere in life she wanted. So why, after sixteen years of living in luxury, would she just up and run away? Every family has their secrets. Her mother was never home, always prancing around with young me. Her father, who knew of her affairs, was a drunk who would lock himself in his office for days with nothing but a bottle of whiskey. Her brother was sick and twisted, wanting nothing more than to take advantage of his sister whenever he could. Every attempt she made to fight him off resulted in worse abuse. Shame and fear made it impossible for her to tell anyone, to speak out. She was alone, every day her depression grew a little worse. Finally, one day, after a particularly brutal attack, she left. She didn't bother to grab any of her stuff and had no intention of coming back for it. Two days later, she found leaning against an alley wall, a razor blade in her hand. Just as she was about to end her life, thinking that was the only option she had left, a boy about her age saw her there. His name was Alexander and he would change her life forever.

Alex was only fifteen when he was kicked out of his house and left to his own devices. His mom was a drunken prostitute who never wanted him in the first place, and he had the cigarette burn scars on his arms to prove it. His father, who had physically abused him the entire five years he was in Alex's life, skipped out on them when he was five years old to be with a scantily clad eighteen year old. He wasn't upset about being kicked out, he was glad and quite literally celebrated the occasion. He moved from house to house, always staying with friends. It didn't take him long to find out that there was quite a bit of money to be made in dealing the drugs he used quite frequently, and started doing that on the side along with his job at a small construction company. By the time he was eighteen he was making enough money to rent a house. There were four rooms (one was for himself), and he was tired of spending all of his money on rent, so he began to rent them out. He was picky with the roommates he chose. They had to be laid back, okay with partying, and he just had to like them in general. Eventually he was able to rent out two of the rooms, leaving one empty. One night he was out, giving a few of his 'customers' their fix, when he saw Cassandra. She was still in pajamas, her face stained with tears, and a razor in her hands.

He had found his final roommate.

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Tessa and Michael's Story

No girl dreams of being a stripper - no sorry - exotic dancer when they grow up, it's a profession you just sort of fall into. That's what happened with Tessa Jackson. She had had a good life with her mother. Not necessarily comfortable, but it was good. She loved her mom with all she had until the day she died of breast cancer. That's when things got really hard. The funeral in itself was expensive and a minimum wage job wasn't going to cover it, let alone rent and everything else she had to take care of. Eventually she was evicted and up to her forehead in debt, at only eighteen years old. She didn't have another family member to help her out, nor a friend who had the space to take her in. She was completely on her own. And then she saw the 'Dancers Wanted' ad for Vertigo Gentleman's Club. She had always been attractive, or that's what she was told. So she put on the tightest, low cut shirt she had, and applied for the job. She was hired on the spot and shortly after she was able to afford rent in a house where she would only have a few roommates to deal with. Now if only the pressure to be perfect didn't result in an eating disorder.

Michael was head over heels in loved with Melody and she had just broken his heart. Walking in on her with, not one, but three other men had not been good for his self esteem. Adding insult to injury, she had decided it would be best if she took the apartment. Normally he wouldn't allow himself to be treated in such a way, but he didn't have the heart to tell her no. He just wanted to leave and never look back. He hid in a hotel room for a few days before his friends took him to a strip club, in attempt to cheer him up. When a stripper named Tessa came on the stage to dance, it was clear she was a favorite of the men who frequented the place - and several of his friends. She was beautiful, but while everyone else cheered, he didn't feel like she belonged up there. He didn't know what it was, maybe it was the look in her eyes, but he knew she deserved better than that. But he pushed the thought away and left. A few weeks later he found himself applying for a room and got it. It didn't take long to realize the sad stripper was living there too.

And she recognized him as the guy who didn't tip her that night.

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Michael: Taken by Enter Username Here

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8/29/12 - Kieran and Alice's Story

It was just supposed to be a one night stand. A drunken, fun, one night stand that was never supposed to turn into anything more. After all, she was just a stripper and he was just some guy looking for a good time. Then she peed on that little white stick and a plus sign changed everything. He wants her to keep it, claiming he'll clean up his act and be the best father he can. She's terrified and wants nothing to do with the pregnancy, scheduling an abortion behind his back. She's too pretty for stretch marks, no one wants to pay a pregnant stripper, and she's so not ready to be a mother. What girl is at nineteen years old?

Kieran: Taken by Me (Fauxreality)
Alice: Taken by Angelbell

"More Information"

If you didn't figure it out, they all live in Alex's house. Tessa and Michael have been residing there the longest, with Cassie being the newest member. All of them should be in their late teens or early twenties. All of them have problems and will eventually, if not already, they will be a family. They can hate each other all they want, but at the end of the day they'll have each others back. Romance isn't just allowed, it's encouraged. As is angst and drama. However, if you wish to kill someone or have some huge knife fight where someone gets seriously injured or something - please discuss it in the OOC first. Same thing with pregnancies and etc. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I may or may not add more story lines in the future if there is enough interest and people are active enough.



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In the silence of her new room, all she could hear was her heartbeat. One, two. One, two. She stared at the glaring red numbers of the alarm clock, watching every minute go by. It had been hours since she had last spoken to anyone, though 'speaking' was hardly what any normal person would call it. Whispering was more like it, and even then she only said a few words. This was all new to her. The house, the people, the clock, all of it. Even her clothes were foreign to her, though she was grateful to be wearing something other than her pajamas. She briefly wondered if this was what a stray dog felt like, being brought home that first day. Except she had been here for a few weeks now.

Slowly, she stood up off the twin bed she had been laying on, her feet hitting the shaggy carpet. The house, in comparison to everything she had lived in her entire life before now, was small and seemed to permanently smell of Taco Bell. It was nothing like the large, luxurious places she was accustomed to, but that didn't bother her in the slightest. It was just culture shock and she found it fascinating. Despite the fact there were quite of few people living in one house, everything was always relaxed. It was uncomfortable for her to be here, but it wasn't because she didn't feel accepted. More like, she was embarrassed. They all had jobs, they worked to pay their rent, and it was embarrassing that she didn't. It was embarrassing that she didn't even know how to begin looking for a job. She had run away from home with no plan, no money, and no working experience. Then some boy found her in an alley and invited her to live in his house with his roommates.

Any normal person would have questioned his character, but she didn't have a choice at the time.

She walked out of "her" bedroom door and into the living room, only to see that the television was still running. Cassie couldn't even remember if she had ever seen it off. An animal abuse awareness came on the screen, playing that sad Sarah McLachlan song. It was like the people in charge of creating those commercials got off on ruining people's day with pictures of abused dogs or sad-faced puppies. She glared at the television, mentally giving Sarah Mclachlan the finger for giving them the rights to her song.

Her stomach growled like it hadn't eaten in years, when it felt like all she did all day long was eat. It was a miracle that she managed to stay thin at all. She went to the kitchen and rummaged through the cupboards, finally finding a promising bag of Doritos. She hopped up on the counter, making sure to pull down the sweater that fit her like a dress so her thighs wouldn't have to feel the cold tile. It was times like these that she couldn't help but wonder what the others were doing. For the first time in a long while, she felt like making conversation. Staying cooped up in her room had finally made her a little lonely and a lot bored.

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Alex leaned back in his chair in his room, watching the television screen with undivided attention. There was a loud, repeatative clacking sound that filled the room, Alex's hands clutching the controller tightly and fingers sharply jabbed buttons and jerking the analog sticks. His stomach growled, but he couldn't hear it through his headphones, or his own voice as he spoke into the little microphone. Alex played this game often, enjoying it thoroughly - Bioshock. He paused the screen for just a moment, setting his controller on his lap and reaching over to his dragon pipe.

"Alright, baby. Gonna get fired up, 'kay?" he spoke, laughing lightly to himself as she reached over to what appeared to be a broken VCR he had set aside. Turning it around, he fished a key out of his pocket and slipped it into what look would've been mistaken for a plugin. He whistled and smiled to himself a bit, pulling out a false top that was made to look exactly like the inside of a processor, and peeking at what was below as she fished out a little baggie of green balls of some kind of vegetation. They seemed to be tinted blue or purple in some places though. Pulling out one of the bunches, he tore it into a tiny pieces with his fingers and placed them into the bowl of the pipe (The far right indentation of the end of the pipe). Placing the opposite end to his mouth, he fished out a lighter and flicked it on. Holding the flame near the filled bowl, he sucked in, drawing in the flame and lighting the little herbs. He stopped pulling and let the smoke roll lazily out from the end of the pipe and between his lips. He breathed in, holding the smoke in his lungs as he set the pipe aside and quickly replaced the false top in the case before locking it again.

As he unpaused his game and and began to play again, waiting several more seconds before breathing out, slightly distracted from the game as a steady, wisping smoke drifted upwards before being sucked into the ventilation system. Boy, was the thankful for that ventilation system - That and the air fresheners placed in various places around the room - Though, he didn't really smell them over the various empty, taco bell bags lying around the room. Sure, he was a slob, but on the inside, wasn't everyone? They should be, at least. He felt a slightly painful, jerking sensation in his stomach and frowned. Usually, that meant he was hungry. Probably the munchies. He saved before quitting the game.

"Hey, man. I'm out, gotta get me some grub. I'll be on later, cool?" There was a muffled response and Alex turned the xBox 360 off before setting the headphones aside. Goddamn, he was hungry. He picked up the pipe and stashed it behind the television in his room before unlocking his door and walking out into the living room. Closing the door behind him, he made a beeline straight to the kitchen. After looking through the cupboards, he realized that the bag of Doritos he swore he bought the other day was missing. Ah well, there was always Taco Bell. As he got out some things to cook (Which he did rarely and only when there weren't fast snacks like the Doritos, any other kind of chip, or... Well, that was really it), he wondered how much to make. Cleared his throat, he yelled out through the house. "Hey, anyone else hungry? Give me a shout or something, i'm cooking some Spaghetti! Ya know, with cheese and tomato sauce and all that jazz!" he finished, waiting for a response as the musical line of 'And all that jazz!' sang in his mind and he snorted.

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Tessa threw off her high heels, her shift was finally over at the club, she had worked a double shift. She hated that the club was open 24 hours, but working the double shit would allow her the weekend off without her pay being docked. She had earned a total of two-hundred and fifty dollars in tips not a good night, but not bad. She yawned as she tied the laces of her converse getting ready to head home. She grabbed her purse as she headed out of the strip club.

“Great work tonight Tess.” Her boss smirked as she passed him on her way out.

She gave him a smile but continued to walk, he freaked her out and she wasn’t about to stick around and have a meaningless conversation with him. She placed her glasses n pushing them over the bridge over her nose to hide her blood shot eyes partly from no sleep and partly from still having some of the cocaine from earlier in her system. She unlocked her Nissan it was probably the most expensive thing she owned and she was proud that she could afford it, not proud in the way she could though, she sighed at the thought.

She through her purse in the passenger side seat as she headed to the grocery store. She was going to use her tips to buy a few groceries for everyone, she loved where she lived sure it was pretty cramped for all the people who lived there and it always smelled of Taco Bell and Pot, but in the last month she had been there it felt like home for the first time in a long time. She picked up a few small thing, she made sure to get a few bags of Doritos, it seemed as though everyone loved them. She got a few cases of soda and was even able to flirt her way into so beers. But, she figured that was most likely because One: she looked like she was twenty five and Two: guys seem to forget to ask for idea when she was flirting with them.

Finally after a sixteen hour work day and some shopping she could go home. She popped her truck as carried a few groceries in she set the beer down next to where Alex was cooking. “Because I love you so much and because you let me live here.” She smiled to him, she thought of Alex as the brother she never had. Finally after everything was brought in she pulled four hundred out of her purse and set it on top the beer. “This month’s rent and buy yourself something nice with whatever is left over.” She loved treating people out and she had plenty of money to do so. “Wake me for dinner, I need a nap.” She said heading to her room.

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Positive. Positive. Was she positive it had been positive? It couldn't be. There was no away. Even weeks after the fact, she couldn't believe it. Pregnant? Her? No. She was the tiny girl from the strip club, not a mother. Never. Never could she ever be a mother. Leaning her head back against the brick wall, Alice winced, single stream of sunlight blinding her just perfectly from between the leaves of the tree. How long had she been out here, leaning against the side of the building? A long time, she hadn't even gone inside to tell anyone she was back, but she still had no idea, time was a blur to her, had been since she'd seen the little plus sign on the pregnancy test. Positive. Positive.

With an angry sigh, she stood, all sinew and muscle rolling beneath gently tanned skin, and for the first time, she was aware of it. If she didn't get into that abortion clinic soon, all of it would be lost to her. She'd swell around the middle, her face would chub up, ankles and legs would be sore, her breasts would sag, and stretchmarks were a sure thing. Sometimes, when she stared at her gawky reflection in the mirror at the strip club, she could almost see the beginnings of the her belly. But no, no, it was far too early for that, and if she had her way, she would never have to see it at all.

Reaching into the pocket of her large men's hoodie sweatshirt, she pulled out a flask, filled to the brim with scotch pilfered from the club, unscrewed the cap, and placed it to her lips, tipping her head back to take a long swallow. It felt good running down her throat, giving her a little extra heat into her frozen fingers, but something nagged at her: pregnant women shouldn't be drinking. Screw it, she thought darkly, if I have my way, I won't be pregnant for long. Slipping the metal box back into her pocket, one finger lovingly stroking the side, she began to stroll her way towards the safest place she could be at the moment: the shower at home.

She slipped in the house and took a deep breath, biting her lower lip gently. Nobody knew. Nobody except her, and the one who had helped create the thing inside her. She hadn't told anyone. And she didn't want to. It was no one else's business. Pretty soon, it would all be a bad dream, and she'd be back to doing whatever she wanted, whenever she pleased. Others were up, walking through the small rooms and making things happen. With quick and quiet dancer's feet, Alice padded across the floor, holding her black tennis shoes in her hands and squirreling into the bathroom, locking the door quickly behind her. Solace. Silence. Cold porcelain and cold water was there for her, and that's all she really needed.

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Michael laid on his bed, headphones plugging his ears, listening to songs that his band hand recorded; trying to pick out a few songs, for tonight's show. He did this, while also surfing through texts that his band-mates sent him, saying things like: "Be ready for tonight". They were babying Michael, but it wasn't like he needed to be. He was fully aware of tonight's show and how well the band had to do, just like every show. For now, the band was only local, -with some people knowing of them, around the country, through youtube- but their managers says that if they play their cards right, they'll be at the top in now time; he says that he can feel it. Michael isn't really sure how you can "feel" something like that. Is it like a sixth sense? Nonetheless, he didn't really care, as long as shows were getting booked and the band was getting somewhere. So far, their manager has been doing an awesome job of this. Although it's not like the huge rock stars, sometimes Michael gets stopped and asked for an autograph. He knows that the only thing these people are probably thinking about is the money they'll make off the autograph, once the band is huge, but Michael doesn't care; he signs anyway.

Michael leaned off the bed, some, reaching for a shoe box, where he kept all of his drugs. Probably not the safest place to keep them, but he didn't think he'd ever have to worry about somebody stealing his drugs, not here. When he retrieved the box, he opened it and checked his supply, which mostly consisted of different strands of weed. What will it be today? he thought to himself. He decided to go with the pre-rolled spliff. Rolled inside the spliff was some blueberry kush. To enjoy the taste even more, it was rolled with Juicy Jay rolling papers; blueberry kind. Michael dug his hand into his pocket, pulling out a fancy bic lighter, one with the designs. This one in particular had a city-scape. "Preparing for lift off.... 5...4...3...2...1...Here we go" Michael said, chuckling a bit at himself, as he sparked the spliff. The first few drags were relatively small, since they were only meant to get the spliff started. Soon after it was started, he wasted no time, Michael proceeded to power toking; taking five, large, hits in a row. He let the smoke rest at the back of his throat. He could feel the burn. Eventually, he could not resist any longer and began to cough his longs out. He was letting out smoke like a steam train.

Michael figured that he would be pretty high, soon enough, and with being high comes the munchies. So, removed the headphones -leaving the iPod on the bed- and made his way for the kitchen; spliff still burning. He figured nobody around this house really cared if he smoked, as long as he shared. Since he couldn't hear Alex, seeing him cook was a surprise for Michael. "Sweeeeet... You're cooking. You're the man" he said to Alex, patting him on the back. "Anybody care to join me?" he said, waving the spliff in the air, looking for any takers.

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Alex began to fill a pit with water and then set it on the stove, setting it to a higher setting - He hated waiting for water to boil. There wasn't anything more boring in his mind, to be honest, than waiting for water to boil, just above watching paint dry and grass grow. He leaned back against the counter, slipping his phone from his pocket. He selected to check his email form his phone and scrolled through them. Of course, it was all 'business'. People requesting this particular kind of drug, in this quantity and waiting for a reply on how much it would cost. For safety reasons, he did his business through the email only. He had even made his email when he was visiting his parents in Canada, and according to his email, his name was 'Joseph Lockwood' from Vancouver who, in the security question, had a first pet named 'Jewels'. Okay, so maybe he was a little paranoid, but he wasn't gonna get busted - Hell no!

As he heard the water finally starting to boil, he turned to it and dumped in some spaghetti into the water, turning down the setting a bit. Pulling out another pot, he began to heat it up with only the tiniest bit of water as well. Taking out a pasta serving spoon from one of the drawers, he placed it aside. Once more, he turned and leaned against the counter and began to reply to emails, signing each one off with Joe. Of course, he never delivered these himself. He had friends about who he gave a small share of the money to deliver it - The best thing is he knew he could trust them and their other jobs paid then enough for them to not even need more than the share they got. Just as he finished sending emails, he heard someone enter the kitchen and looked up to see Tessa carrying his groceries.

"Hey, thanks for pickin' up some stuff. We were runnin' out." he chuckled, slipping his phone back into his pocket. When Tessa set down the beer though, Alex's lips curved into a side smile. "Did you-?" he cut himself off, and Tessa began to speak just after, his grin growing even more. He picked up the beer as Tessa brought in the rest of the groceries, noting he had brought one of his favorite kinds. His jaw almost dropped to the ground when she threw down four hundred dollars and told him to buy himself something with what as left before dismissing herself to take a nap. "Aw no, you're not leaving after that without a hug - You know that!" he laughed, reaching over and wrapping his arm around her shoulders and pulling her against him while rubbing her arm a bit. "You're the beeest!" he chirped before letting her go and lightly patting her on the shoulder. "And don't worry, i'll let ya know when din-dins ready." He set his beer aside and took the four hundred dollars, slipping it to the bottom of his left pocket.

Like a vending machine, just as Tessa left, Michael entered with- Oh god. Was that? Yes. Yes it was. Alex rolled his eyes, but smiled when Michael called him 'the man' and patted him on the back. "Gotta eat right? 'sides, you know those munchies are gonna hit you after that beauty." he laughed, pointing to Michael's wonderful, gorgeous, scrumptious looking spliff. That moment, his prayers were answered and Michael raised that glorious creation into the skies and offered it out. "Man, you know me!" he exclaimed, reaching up and plucking it from Michael's fingers. Breathing out completely, he took an amazingly massive hit before handing it back quite a bit more spent - Alex was a professional with that kinda thing after all. After holding it in for a while, he blew it out in one long train, the last couple wisps escaping through is nose before he turned away from the food he was preparing and raised his arm, coughing into the crook of his elbow. The tears that came to his eyes as he hacked didn't even bother him, that hit was fan-fucking-tastic! "Dude, that's some wild stuff!" he said, stirring the pasta a bit before pouring some tomato paste into the water and throwing in a bit of butter with it.

Finding the cutting board in the drawers and a knife. Looking through the cupboard, he found some sweet basil and then rummaged through the fridge for some parsley. Despite how he didn't cook very often, Alex was actually quite the fantastic chef, and whenever he cooked, he went all out and cooked as wonderful a dinner as he could think of, which depended on how absolute baked he was. Finding another pot, he filled that with water as well and began to boil it before rummaging through the fridge some more. "Hey, you want anything in particular for grub?" he asked, looking through the new groceries.

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It was nearing the end of his shift and he was dreading going home. His work was his life if you didn't include all the partying. He loved everything about his job. The smell of the ink, the clients, and even the several other people he worked with. The only downside was the occasional cramp he got in his hand after a long day. Normally, he wouldn't mind going home to relax and discuss the day with his roommates, but he knew that she would be there. Alice. The girl whose life he had single-handedly destroyed because he had been too drunk and stupid to slip on a condom. Not that he would mind having a baby, he loved kids and he had a steady paying job as a tattoo artist. It was just that he didn't live in the environment for it, and before now he had never considered moving. He liked the free time he had to party and get high.

He looked up at the clock, knowing it was time to leave because the owner of the store would be locking up soon. He cleaned up his station, sure to take his time. He knew he would have to talk to her eventually, plan with her. It hadn't crossed his mind that she might be thinking to get rid of it, he was just assuming that they would raise it. Maybe not together, but the baby could have a family.

He walked out the door of Ink'd Tattoo and into his old, black, 1974 Mustang. It didn't have air conditioning or a functioning radio, but he loved that car. It was masculine and beautiful all at the same time. He had saved for it from the time he was sixteen and had only just been able to buy it two years ago, when he was twenty. He turned the key, listening to the purr of the engine, and made his way back to the house.

When he walked inside he was immediately hit with the familiar Taco Bell scent, though it wasn't quite as strong as the pot. Someone was definitely smoking and he could definitely use a hit. He followed his nose into the kitchen and immediately spotted the source. "Hey, Michael. Mind letting me take a hit?" Kieran asked, motioning towards the spliff he had in his hands. "Where's Tessa and Alice? Aren't they usually home by now?"

Cassandra had only been back in her room for a few minutes when she heard the others coming home. It didn't take her long to figure out that she wanted to be out there with them, and soon she was walking down the hallways and into the kitchen. The smell of marijuana immediately hit her, making her crave it. She smiled, giving everyone a small wave. "Hey hey," She greeted, looking over at the boiling pot of water. "Someone's cooking?" That was wonderful, because she was still starving, even after she had snaked the bag of Doritos. The girl could eat like a growing teenage boy and never gain a pound, the one thing about her genetics she could be grateful for.

She hopped up on the free counter space again, looking from Alex to Michael to Kieran. She was surrounded by men and it was slightly uncomfortable, but she knew that she would have to get use to it. They all lived here and so did she now. This was all new to her and she was still adjusting. It only made it easier that she found the others rather likable, even if it was just because they were the opposite of what she had grown up around. Actually, she really loved that about everyone here. They were so different from everyone she had known. No one cared about appearances or what magazine they would have an interview with next. They were normal, they were laid back, and they were fun. A very small smile made its way across her features.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" She had cooked before and she wasn't bad at it. She couldn't do anything gourmet or call herself a chef, but should could make a mean blueberry muffin and knew the basics of working in a kitchen. It wasn't her favorite thing in the world, Cassie just wanted to help out in anyway she could and was determined to be useful.

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Tessa took a deep breath once she was in her darkened room, she had put a blanket over the window, she hated the sun when she was tired, but who was she kidding she wasn’t going to be able to sleep, for one she was so sleep deprived she wasn’t even tired and she was still slightly on a high from the drugs she had taken at the beginning of her shift. She made sure to lock her door behind her, before turning on her radio slightly load so that she couldn’t hear the others she could drown everything out, but it was obnoxiously load. She stripped down to her lacy purple bra and matching thong. She examined her body in the oval shaped full body mirror. Any normal girl would love to have her body but all she saw was fat, she saw a 200 pound girl, not an unhealthy 105 pound girl. She slipped some pajama shorts on before heading to the bathroom.

She opened her bathroom door it was a Jack and Jill bathroom that connected her room to Michaels, that was probably the only time she ever communicated with him, they didn’t exactly have the same schedule and she had only ever officially met him once and the club and he never even tipped her. She scoffed at the thought, she was use to always being tipped. She went into the small bathroom with a shower and toilet it having a separate door from the sinks. She locked it behind her hoping he wouldn’t come in.

She leaned over the toilet this had almost become a ritual for her. She threw up before and after every meal. She had weighed 130 pounds before she started doing this. Her body had become so use to throwing up she could almost do it out of impulse now. But, it was going to be a bit more difficult seeing as she hadn’t eating in the last 16 hours she really had nothing in her stomach but bile. She pulled her hair back into a pony tail as she started to couch, her body was fighting back hard, but eventually it caved. After she was satisfied with how much she had thrown up she flushed the toilet and made her way out of the bathroom. Brushing her teeth and feeling a little more confident as she looked at herself in the mirror.

She made her way back into her room and digging threw one of her drawers as she looked for her medication, when she was sixteen she use to have panic attacks, due to a car accident she was in. But, those attacks were long gone, but she pretended to keep having them so the doctor would continue to fill the prescription. She popped three, which was enough to kill someone had they not been training their body for the past three years.

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Alice cringed once she heard Kieran's voice enter the front room, mentally cursing herself. She knew the times he got off work, why had she decided to come home now? She had been trying her damn hardest not to see him recently, not to remember who he was, what he did, and how much he still affected her. Even just hearing his voice made her weak in the knees, and seeing him face to face...well, it wouldn't have been a good idea, really.

She was curled up naked on the bathroom counter, a usual occurance for the strange ginger, hugging her knees as she stared at her body in the mirror. The notes that spanned her spine were hardly reflected in the mirror at the angle she sat, and she heaved a grateful sigh for that. Looking into her own eyes, she shuddered to think of what she would do if she saw that one, tiny "imperfection." Imperfect was all she was now, soiled and imperfect. Pregnant. A pregnant stripper. That's all she was. If she started to show, she would lose her job, would have no cash, no way to pay rent...and then she'd be out on the street, fending for herself, and maybe a tiny human.

If I don't say hello, they'll think it suspicious, she thought hollowly. It was somewhat true: the red-headed sprite craved attention and company like air, and being holed up in the bathroom...well, she felt alone. And alone was never a good place to be, not for her. Sliding off the counter, she slipped on her bra and panties again, then shimmied into her jeans and sweatshirt, covering as much skin as possible. If she hid her skin, maybe then Kieran wouldn't want her anymore. Maybe he'd leave her alone. And maybe he wouldn't care when she decided to get rid of his...his baby.

That's what it really was, wasn't it? It was his baby, her baby, THEIR baby. But she had hadn't even ever taken care of a goldfish, let alone another human being. She hardly took care of herself. No, it was going away, out of here, poof! Just needed to wait 4 more days, and it would all be over. Those four days were the only reason she seemed to stay in that house, in those rooms, near him. Four days. Then she would be free. She edged herself out of the bathroom, and paced towards the kitchen, her feet silent on the floor. Alice stationed herself near the wall, so she could see what everyone was doing, but they wouldn't notice her unless they really looked. Here, hidden in her own little world within the world, was where Alice lived; a personal Wonderland.

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Alex continued pondering his cooking, his head still in the fridge as wondered if maybe he should make some vegetables and decided 'yes'. Rummaging through the fridge again, he pulled out some broccoli and some canned mushrooms (which he had carelessly thrown into the fridge a while ago, not registering it was canned), tossing it on the cutting board with the parsley. He reached up into the highest shelf (one that seemed only reachable for people over six feet tall since it was ridiculously high) and pulled a knife from the block, setting it on the board. Looking over at the beer Tessa had gotten him, he briefly wondered if what would work if he was out of cooking wine. Pulling out several small stalks of parsley, he began to carefully pull the leaves off of them before starting to dice them to keep them from being in too large leaf-pieces in the sauce. Immediately after, he took the parsley and threw half in the tomato sauce, following by sprinkling in the tiniest bit of sweet basil. He contemplated on adding rosemary, but slowly shook his head. He was making dinner for his housemates not competing on freaking Iron Chef. He liked to go all out, definitely, but then someone would have to go shopping again tomorrow, even if Tessa had just picked up stuff today.

Alex turned down the temperature on the pasta quite a bit as he lowered a small metal, elevated strainer into the pot of boiling water. He chopped some pieces of broccoli off the... whatever the hell the rest of it was called, Alex didn't even know. Stalk? Screw it. Placing them into the strainer in the water, he glanced over at the canned mushrooms. He pointed to the can and laughed a bit at himself but eventually just faded and smiled, which is when Kieran entered. He didn't pay attention until he asked about Tessa and Alice though. "Tess is catching some Zs, haven't seen Alice all day." he said as he opened up the canned mushrooms (raw mushrooms were a bitch to cook, he was too lazy for that shit right now) and dumped half of them into the tomato sauce. Okay, so he was getting lazy. It was still gonna be fan-fucking-tastic.

Looking up to Cassie, he hummed a bit, thinking of what he could have her do to help him. "Actually," he started. "I don't think anything right now. Well, actually, i gotta keep an eye on this stuff since it's all pretty close to ready. If you could just find a bottle of cooking wine... uh, somewhere... you could pour in something like... a fourth of a cup. Then stir it around and let me know when you got that done." Alex, fascinatingly enough, could cook amazing food - But couldn't tell you quantities, amounts, kinds, or anything else worth shit, an improvising gourmet chef. Turning back to the sauce, he stirred it for a moment before looking at the pasta. Just about ready on the pasta. Then after, he checked the broccoli - Of course they didn't take long, almost ready as well. All he needed was that sauce and he could plate up and it would be golden.

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"You didn't see me because you didn't turn around," Alice piped up, her voice trembling, pitch rising slightly at the end. Tucking her strands of red-blonde behind her ear with a flawless hand, she tossed Alex a sloppy smile, then tugged her hoodie higher, hiding her collarbone beneath the cozy fabric. Her breath was hitching, eyes glued to Alex, though they threatened to gaze at Kieran. And if that started, it wouldn't stop, and she'd lose her mind all over again. Breathe, you idiot, breathe!

She inhaled shakily, and leaned against the wall beside her, dark eyes still intensely focused on Alex. He had been nice enough to let her stay there, even though she was just an obnoxious girl holding a backpack stuffed with dance gear and mascara streaking down her face when they had met. Dreams dashed of being a professional dancer, she had been looking for a place to stay, anywhere that wasn't running back to her home with her tail tucked between her legs. After seeing an ad of a person searching for a roommate, she'd dashed there, and arrived sobbing and trembling. It had been a heaven sent miracle, and she'd never contacted her parents since. For all they knew, she was a big time dancer now. Not that they cared.

Surfacing from her daydreams, she glanced at Kieran, and if she'd had a moment, she would've cursed herself. But it was too late. As soon as she looked at him, she was lost again, Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, into the memories again. Drunk and giggling, she'd given into an insane whim: sleep with Kieran, be close to him, there couldn't POSSIBLY be any negative repercussions. Except, oh, I don't know, PREGNANCY. And their argument was still exceptionally fresh in her mind, where-after she had gone and...well. That was a completely different story. Wait. She was still staring, wasn't she? A bright pink flushed through Alice's cheeks and up into the tips of her ears, her face likening the shade of her hair.

Tearing her gaze from Kieran, she glanced at Cassie and smiled, her voice cracking as she spoke once more, "Long night at work. Think I need a shower and a good walk. How was your day, Cass?"

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"Life's a game, right? Play by the rules, cross the finish, you win - right?"

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