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Sirius Moraine

*yawn* What's up?

0 · 381 views · located in Hell on Earth

a character in “Survivor Slayers”, as played by Eskay


Name: Sirius Moraine (though no one's called him Sirius in quite a while.)

Alias: Hobo (preffered)

Age: 28

Gender: Male

-Height: 5'4
-Weight: 165 lbs
-Eye Color: Brown
-Hair Color: Brown
Clothing: Tattered gray hoodie, worn jeans, and a matching gray beanie. He wears a pair of white sneakers.

Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword: Instead of granting Hobo a myriad of powers as other demons have, the demon Temjin instead opted to try an experiment with the talented (albeit unmotivated) Hobo. By indicting the pact of Zodiac XII upon Hobo, he now has the 12 Blades of the Zodiac at his disposal. These are otherworldly swords that each present unique skills and abilities as they're being wielded. While this great power has brought Hobo great power and resistance to conventional killing methods, sword attacks are especially devastating to Hobo. He quickly recovers from all other wounds, however, even the tiniest of sword scratches can render Hobo mortally wounded. A description of each blade follows:

Hobo's favorite sword, it grants him an all around strength and vitality boost. Perfect for charging in on the front lines! Neutralized by Libra.

This sword is useful for deflecting attacks and absorbing an energy-based offense. Neutralized by Scorpio.

Two blades in one, these blades give Hobo a darkness and light-based elemental attack, and are subsequently the only way he can wield two weapons without summoning the Zodiac Arena. Neutralized by Saggitarius.

Hobo's least favorite sword. Though it's capable of the most raw destructive power, it cuts Hobo's own life force in proportion to the more chaos it makes. Neutralized by Capricorn.

Though the blade isn't as sharp, Leo is capable of firing energy beams from a distance, granting Hobo an effective ranged attack. Neutralized by Aquarius.

Though the lest damaging, this sword passively (and slowly) heals the wounds of Hobo as long as it is summoned. Neutralized by Pisces.

Libra has a peculiar effect- though it exudes no magical properties of its own, it can neutralize magical effects of other weapons on contact, allowing each fighter to fight on an even ground. Neutralized by Aries.

A seemingly simple blade, Scorpio can alter its properties based on the last elemental attack it was struck with. Neutralized by Taurus.

An odd sword, Saggitarius's energy-based blade becomes bigger and more potent based on there being more enemies present and less allies present. Neutralized by Gemini.

A blade with wings- naturally, it is able fly Hobo wherever he needs to go. The wings are also able to conjur strong winds, making an excellent getaway tool. Neutralized by Cancer.

A sword used for reconnaissance- it grants Hobo a brief bout of invisibility before it must recharge. It also allows him to run a scan of his opponents abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Neutralized by Leo.

A netherwordly sword capable of summoning lesser demons to fight alongside Hobo. Prolonged use of the ability will slowly consume Hobo's better judgement, and he can lose himself to the chaos he's making if he's not careful. Neutralized by Virgo.

Arena of the Zodiac:
In order to bring out the true power of Zodiac XII, Hobo must summon all 12 blades at once, which form an inescapable arena which can only be neutralized if Hobo recalls the blades, or Hobo is slain. While in the Arena, Hobo can cycle through each blade as he pleases, even wielding two of them if the situation calls for it (though two antagonistic blades will neutralize each others power.) This also presents two clear disadvantages- his opponent has the opportunity to use Hobo's own swords against him (though only Hobo can take advantage of each blades inner power,) and by picking a sword of the opposite "sign," his opponent can neutralize both of the swords latent powers.

Summon Ophiochus:
Under the most dire of circumstances, Hobo can combine the powers of the entire Zodiac XII set to make Ophiochus, the 13th Zodiac Blade. Though immensely powerful, Hobo's body becomes controlled by the demon Temjin, and control is regained only when the battle is won or lost. Should Temjin arise victorious from the battle, Hobo is left in a state of enormous fatigue, rendering him incapable of even the simplest task for upwards to a week.

Personality: Hobo has always been overly lax to the point of unmotivated- no doubt what landed him in his "Hobo" state to begin with. In spite of this, however, Hobo is always very aware of his surroundings, and has a sense of duty and chivalry that usually manifest themselves later than they should. He hates seeing people get hurt, so he usually tries to take as many situations as possible into his own hands. Is very prone to daydreaming, and will often ask for the last thing spoken to be repeated. He loves beer, and considers himself indebted to anyone who treats him to an ice cold one. Though he rarely speaks about himself sober, he becomes much more open once he's downed a pitcher or two.

Bio: Before the invasion, Hobo led a fairly successful life as a private investigator. Blessed with an inquisitive mind, common sense, and stubborness that could level buildings, he ofentimes found himself overwhelmed with people's requests. It was a combination of this and the fatigue of solving petty issues that caused him to close his practice. In the midst of trying to find a new way of life, Hobo discovered that it was so much easier to live life as a nomad- something about being homeless appealed to him as a sort of challenge. Still, even with his practice closed, he found himself consulting with detectives and up-and-coming PI's to earn some booze money.

It was during the invasion that Hobo found himself at the mercy of the equally inquisitive Temjin. Hobo had no desire to be apart of any demon's bidding, but when given the choice between that and his life, his choice was essentially made for him. The world has little need for a washed-out PI, so he instead hones his skills with the Zodiac XII, hoping that this new skillset might serve to assist someone down the road the same way his skills as a PI did.

So begins...

Sirius Moraine's Story