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Anastasia Ordella Hakon

"You ask me why I do not do as is expected of one of my stature. The answer is simple. I do not like my stature, not in the slights."

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a character in “Suspended in Time”, as played by Makenna Young


•°• Anastasia Ordella Hakon •°•
Twenty | Female | Gemini | Princess of Cahya | Purple & Silver


•°• Personality •°•
Anastasia is not exactly what you'd expect from a princess, not in the slightest. She has a yearning that, she is sure, no royal, well-to-do being has ever felt before. She wants to prove her worth. Even so, she knows such ability is nearly impossible, as she had pretty much been born with value, something she resents with all her heart. She wants a break from rules and indoors, to see the world. To find her place. Where she belongs. Yet at the same time, Anastasia doesn't truly want to leave her loving, caring family behind. She doesn't want to put herself - or them - through such a magnificent heartbreak. Yet... Does she really belong there with them at all?

•°• History •°•
Born to Kendra and Marshall Hakon, Anastasia has four elder brothers - Basil, William, Lionel, and Fahd, in order. She did not be well know her brothers as a child, however; her parents had seperated her from her siblings of another gender entirely, wanting to raise a pure, innocent little girl away from their roughousing and politics. Their little baby doll, a reward for raising such magnificent sons. As a result, Anastasia grew quite close to her dear mother, who would tell her stories and listen when the young girl had needed to talk. In other words, a fine companion and an excellent mother. However, when Anastasia was fourteen, her mother began deteriorating, being taken by an undedinabley harsh disease. She would be stable for a while, then get sick again. And now... She's gone. Died a few weeks before our story starts. Mind you, she had far outlived expectations, and of that Anastasia was and is glad, but the pain is still there. Believe me when I say, the pain is still there.

•°• Lineage •°•
Her eldest brother Basil and his wife Catrina are set to take the throne a year after the queen's death, even though all the Hakon children are technically eligible, according to local custom.

((If you want to know about the kingdom I s her in, just ask. :-) ))

So begins...

Anastasia Ordella Hakon's Story


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Even as she managed the raspy word, Anastasia had no hope within her that the other being would both hear and understand her. That's why when she hears the myriad of questions, she can hardly believe her ears.

"Who are you? Do you have any idea where we are, or who captured us?"

Even in her drugged daze, or rather, because of it, Anastasia knows that there is a possibility that she imagined the voice, the response that she hadn't dared to even begin to hope for. It could easily be her imagination, playing tricks on her, channeling in to both her worst of fears and her deepest hopes. Perhaps she is just more delusional than she had at first supposed.But no. She can't bear think like that.

Though she has permitted herself to label the voice as real, Anastasia still isn't sure that she should answer him. (The voice she heard was male, she knows. No girl could have a voice like that, that much she's absolutely certain of. And if there is a girl with a voice like that... Oh, bless the child!) For all she knows, he could've been planted by whoever brought her here, to ensure she has absolutely no idea what's going on, that she didn't somehow learn their scheme, whatever that scheme may be. He could be on their side, merely posing as a fellow prisoner. (The word sends shivers up Anastasia's spine. It's a nasty term. Why would someone want to imprison her of all people? She's no one. No one overly significant, anyway.)

Even if he is a spy, she realizes, she has no information to give him, no knowledge of the current situation past the crimes that had just been commited against her. And if he isn't... Well, why not answer him? Perhaps he knows something about something he's not inqiring about. (She realizes the futility of such a foolish thought, but she deep down wants to convince herself that it's safe to speak with this man, beneficial, even. So she procedes with her foolish internals, knowing very well that she may judge herself harshly at a later point and time. But then again, perhaps she will, instead, praise herself for it. There's no way to know at this time.)

Anastasia lays in silence for nearly an hour before she feels enough strength to respond, as she feels she must do, no matter the risks. She looks over at her companion from her perspective on the ground, having failed to register his brief touch prior. "Anastasia," she says quietly, hoping he understands her meaning and speech. (She may feel better now, but she's still far from one hundred percent. She really, really doesn't want to expand, feeling as though too many words will deem her useless, dead to the world, even.) "And no." Her voice is even quieter as she realizes just how in the dark she is. She hadn't even glimpsed her captors.

The smell reaches her as though dreamily. The smell is good, but the affects of the smell... Well, not so much. Stomach still clenching from the drugs, the smells only suceed in making it a million times worse. The pain consumes her, the monster within her desperately trying to eat her alive.

Anastasia - to her own horror and dismay - upheaves the contents of her stomach onto the floor beside her.