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Seraphina "Abby" Ulthi

A strong willed woman, nothing can stop her when she sets her mind on it.

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a character in “Suspended in Time”, as played by RahRadio14


Name: Seraphina "Abby" Ackart Abijah Ulthi (Here full name is a mouth full!!)

Seraphina= firey Abijah= the will of my father/ the lord is my father Ackart= firm hearted/ unyielding



Title: Princess and Priestess of Nvallya

Age: 21

Sign: fire, Leo, 3

Personality: Like her name and country Abby to her close friends is a free spirited ,fiery woman, she loves to ride horses, she has been a rebel. She has been known to toe the line between. Like her people and her name Abby has a fiery temper. Her temper is the most legendary in all of the kingdoms it is as recognizable as her long red hair. Watch out if you get this lady mad! She has been known to throw the nearest object. Some say she picked up the family horse and threw it at her target. While Abby in private is fee, reckless, and wild, with a curly long mane. Serephina her public image is the perfect noble. Serephina is just the right mixture of distant and polite. Serephina is the leader her people need her to be, strong, protective, and caring. Her good traits are her confidence in her ablities, to many it seems like arrogance but Serephina Abby has always been confident in her self. It might be that she is the only heir to the throne. Since she is so confident Serephina Abby seems to be able to get out of many situations that would usually be dangerous, wither its honest means or not. She seems to unlimited luck but at the same time she has unlimited bad luck, which leads her to bad situations. But with the training from her body guards she can use her basic knowledge to deal with lesser foes. The whole kingdom finds her strange. It doesn't faze Abby because she has many friends. Abby's big heart and nature to protect wins over the loyalty of nobles and commoners alike. Through all her traits the one thing Serephina Abby is self conscious about is her hair, unlike the other families in the country the Ulthi family has wild red curls. Through school school she was constantly teased by the other nobles till she died it a blond color and straightened it. As she grew up she came to understand that she was pretty in her own skin and grew to love her hair. There are still moments when she loses her confidence in her appearance, this leads to a lot of problems with relationships with men and women. yea she's done the dirty.

Quote: "When life gives you lemons make lemonade they say, well I say when life gives you lemons throw them at the dumb person who gave them to you in the first place!"

House Colors: Red, Black, Gold

History: Both of Serephina Abby's parents are alive, the family sees each other at meal times, but that ends the connection. Though Serephina Abby is showered in gifts and praises she was raised by wet nurses and the royal staff, the close she has come to her parents is the huge distant at meals. The Queen and King are always busy running the kingdom and besides asking Serephina for spiritual advice there is no other communication. Serephina grew up working in the stalls with the milk maids, in the kitchens with the cooks, on the sparing arena with the soldiers. She learned all she knows about history, being a "Proper" royal from the butlers, and maids. All her life she just wanted her parents love, a hug, a kiss. It wasn't till she got kidnapped at age 14 by a smaller kingdom that she truly say her parents love. It was her father and mother that where the front of her rescue party. He was to late to save her virginity but he was just on time to get revenge. Both her parents had slathered every single person responsible for her capture. As soon as she was free of her bonds she tackled both her parents in hugs. Her parents told her how much they loved her and feared for her safety. It was the only time she had received such attention from her parents. When she doubted their love, she thought about that moment in her life. At 16 she became the Priestess of her country. A ruby was implanted into her left facial cheek and a mix of tattoos and scars created a complex ruin around the pretty gem. It symbolized her status as high priestess of Umna. Outsiders think that their religion is stupid. Serephina Abby believes in the power of Umna, the mother goddess, as the priestess of Umna it is Serephina Abby's job to give spiritual guidance to the king and queen. She use a mixture of cards, political knowledge, and visions from Umna. To give her advice. Priestess hood is also preparing her for leadership. At 17 is when Serephina Abby began the period that only the people in the kingdom of Nvallya would know as the RED Month. Serephina Abby only had one standard the man had to be intelligent enough to know where to stick it. This started a series of scandalous affairs in public (Abby called them rituals to Umna), and private with numerous different men. After a firm talking to from her parents. After this Serephina Abby raised her standards to the disappointment to several men in the kingdom. She found that she like the book worn type, with cute glasses. She prayed on them like a panther. From 18-20 she was in a long relationship with a whimpy earl named Jonah. The earl was the book keeper in the palace library. The two had started of as friends but then Serephina pulled down his pants the rest is history. Though Serephina Abby enjoyed her time with Jonah, found herself bored of him easily. So the two decided to be friends with benefits.

Lineage: Mother is Queen Phoenix Prudence Umi nee Ulthi a member of the Umi royal family, Her father is King Nathan BraveHeart Ulthi

Appearance: A busty and curvaceous lady, with fiery ,red curls, and caramel skin to match. Her eyes are a a deep, rich ,chocolate brown.

So begins...

Seraphina "Abby" Ulthi's Story


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The two days she spent with Rueben had been….Amazing. Seraphina had finally got to hold him, love him, and be taken to his bed. She could not imagine a life without him by her side. The thought of him not being there would crush her.

That is why something must be done. She had confessed the plans to him the morning after their first time. Seraphina had clutched Rueben to her, the pink paint nails digging into the flesh of his back. It had first come out in a rush, she had shook badly, afraid to even look at him. She couldn’t lose him!

She should have never doubted him. Rueben, her Rueben had taken the information with a calm expression. He had then given advice add to the plans.

Suddenly it had become a real thing for her. The plans had been something that had been in the works for years. It never seemed that it would bear fruit. But now….

As Seraphina stood in the throne room behind her parents throne’s in traditional robes of the persistence. The only two allowed to sit where the King and Queen, other nobles were standing in various levels around the raised dallas. The higher the level the higher the class and status. The council took up the top level, then nobles of the royal court with monks and maidens of the temples, then the lower classed nobles with high ranking soldiers. The last rank where the people’s delegates, clan heads of middle class families, and merchants, on the very bottom floor was royal guard stationed around the ground live.

In the throne room everyone was dressed in traditional robes, men in wraps around the waist, decorated in bone beads from enemies, clan tattoo’s displayed all over bodies, faces painted proudly to show rank. Women wore the wrap dress and hood, the colors and design differed between clan and rank, feathers and bone bead necklaces from enemies decorated them, they were also tatted and painted.

Seraphina was the only one wearing red. A color only the high priestess can wear in the throne room. She wore a full body wrap, only her eyes shown. The material was thin and wrapped tightly, small peaks of skin peeking out in between wraps, a several big ruby pin that matched the ruby in her check kept the wrap together. She held a long staff made out of red wood. She stood tall in between her parents listening to the conversation around her.

The topic had turned to the all present plans when Rueben burst in.

He didn’t wear his ordinary outfit. No he wore red. Seraphina’s ruby, blood, red. That only meant one thing….

On the outside Seraphina remain calm and composed, but when she locked her eyes with Rueben the emotions bubbled to the surface. She showed her love, confusion, and fear. She didn’t want Rueben to get hurt.

Then Rueben made his intention clear. The whole throne room went into an uproar.

“The Vassel!? With our future queen?!”

“So the bloody shadow thinks he can be in the same light as the princess!”

On and on the insults came. Rueben stood tall through the storm; he stood tall looking into Seraphina’s eyes.

“SILENCE!” yelled the king getting up from his throne. His skin was dark as night, he stood tall and wide. His hair was a flaming red that stuck up in spikes, and when he moves strongly resembled moving fire. His rust colored eyes where as hard as diamonds. The queen was his complete opposite. Her skin was a gentle caramel, with dark red curls; she sat daintily on her throne. Her chin held high and a nasty sneer on her lips. Her light brown eyes shooting icy daggers at Rueben. Both dressed in golden color of Nyvallya royalty, both held matching golden broadswords.

At once the court fell silent.

“So you are aware of our plans are you? What of it? You’re just a simple vassal. A mere speck of the great nation of Nyvallya.” The king asked stroking his beard. The queen’s sneer grew.

“Seraphina. Set forward.” The king said calmly. The court collectively held their breath.

Not showing any emotion Seraphina stepped by her father’s side dropping down on one knee. “My king.”

“You told this...” He paused looking at Rueben. “Vassal. Of the plans, and you let him wear your color? Why?”

“Yes my king.” Seraphina didn’t move a muscle, afraid that her next words would provoke her fathers ire. “I wish to wed this man.”

Her words brought the court into a frenzy. Noblemen and women were voicing their concerns at once, some wanting to marry Seraphina themselves, others wanting Seraphina married into their clans.

“SILIENCE!” Screeched the queen from her throne. The words a mere whisper but had such power. “If there is someone who wants to challenge the vassal for the priestess hand let them step forward!”

A few fools step forward. None of which had heard of Rueben’s strength. The battle that came after was quick, painful, and ended with a lot of broken bones. Ten enemies later Rueben stood unscratched. Impressed with his strength and skill no one else tried to fight him.

“Very well the vassal may have my daughter’s hand. Step forward Rueben Artai son of Warlord Artai.”

Rueben step forward as Seraphina rose from her kneeling position; the two grabbed each other’s hands. The king sliced the wrist on the two’s joined hands mixing the blood together with his fingers, he smeared it across their foreheads and lips, then back over the open wounds.

“You are now pronounced joined in the eyes of the court. We shall hold the ceremony later in the week.”

The members of the court clapped politely for the strong union in front of them.

“Now what are these plans you have?” The king asked sitting back on his throne.


The nation of Nyvallya was all decked out in their colors of blood red, gold, and black, clan and house colors, mixed in, but the biggest flags where the nations flags. They were proudly shown all over the nation, on ships, from homes, adorned on clothing, painted on bodies. The national flower, the blood blossom was also making its appearance, decorating the hair and necks of women and girls, in food and drink, the smell pressed into bottles and powdered cosmetics.

It was a grand affair for the kingdoms only and beloved princess Seraphina was to be married. The story of Rueben battling for the hand of Seraphina spread throughout the kingdom and even to other nations. It gained Rueben the faith of the people and the backing of many nobles. Not everyone would get to see the bonding ceremony but the kingdom would still celebrate.

In the temple of Umna the mother goddess Seraphina stood naked except for the blood blossoms in their hair. The official ceremony for the nation had been a splendid affair. Seraphina and Rueben had dressed in white to signify their bonding, and the rebirth of a new life together. They had exchanged weapons in front of the capital. From Seraphina she gave Rueben a pair of white and blue war fans. The fans had a picture of a pouncing tiger once full extended. The fans were made out of a metal and human bone. A beautiful white ribbon hung from the fans, characters in the Nyvallya language spelled out “BELOVED”. It was customary for the woman to give the first gift and the man to give the woman his most beloved weapon. A week after the bond the man would give the woman a gift and the woman her most beloved weapon. This unique exchange symbolized the good intentions in a bonding. No one would give their enemy a weapon to use against them. Rueben had gifted Seraphina his well trusted knife. It was made out of bone, with knuckle holes. The small knife had Knicks, and dents, but Seraphina had known that this small knife had been the last chance between life and death for Rueben several times. In the handle had been craved recently the words “beloved”. Seraphina clutched the knife close to her chest like it was as precious as gold, and to her it was.

After saying the traditional bonding phrase the couple began the first dance. Soon the rest of the capital followed the couple onto the dance floor. After much merry making, the couple was taken to the temple and stripped of clothes and weapons. They were taken to the chamber of the mother were they would be one with the goddess. The chamber was made out of smooth stone, a slow steady stream of water poured into the huge pool. Thousands of blood blossoms filled the water and added their fragrance to the air.
In the eyes of the mother, with no one besides herself and Rueben, Seraphina gently touched the man in front of her. She knew deep in her heart that he was the one for her, and that she would never let him go. As she thought this her hold became tighter and her eyes shined in the low light of the chamber.

No. She would NEVER let him go.


Seraphina was not dressed in her usually affair. No, she was not dressed in princess finery, or priestess robes. She wore the simple clothes of a warrior. They were well worn and in good condition. The clothes over all were to big for the princess smaller frame. The sleeveless shirt was long enough to be considered a dress, it fell to her knees. The tall boots took several pairs of socks to fit her smaller feet. Her hair had been left in the messy ponytail, bone beads, and feathers tangled the hair. On leather cord around her neck a small bone knife hung between her breasts.

The clothes didn’t belong to the princess, they were a dark blue, and had a long hood attached. Seraphina had spent the following week at Rueben’s home in the barracks to finish the bonding ceremony. The men of the barracks had no idea of Seraphina’s stay since she still did her princess duties. Today would be the day that Rueben would gift her with her weapon, and she would give him her most precious. Tied around her waist next to her war fans was a long spear red spear, decorated with a simple red ribbon handle. The spear was collapsible and able to hold various poisons. The first time she had put down a rebellion she had used this spear in battle. Instead of the customer words beloved, the handle had the phrase, “Praebe mihi cor tuum amorem, et dabo vobis cor meum. Ego autem, et volo me exspectat.” Instead engraved into the wood of the spear.

Seraphina walked with purpose towards the barracks where do doubt Rueben and his men were eating the first meal. Some of the men who were late getting up stared wide eyed at the princess. They had heard of and went to the bonding ceremony but it was still hard to believe that their commander was now their future king. Seraphina paid these people no mind instead she walked up to the big double doors and with one great push through the doors open. Spotting Rueben at the head table she put a sway in her hips as she walked toward him.

“Good morning soldiers I hope you’re ready for battle.”

She had plans for a certain pair of nobles locked in the dungeons. As she stood in front of Rueben’s men they were being fitted for chains, and branded with the seal of high priestess. They were also in for a round in the torture chambers.

She couldn’t have hostages that wouldn’t act the part could she now?