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Sophia Bishop

0 · 337 views · located in Cherry-May Boarding School

a character in “Swagic”, as played by AugustaBlaze



Name: Sophia Paige Bishop, but she goes by Sophie
Age: Seventeen
Sex: Female
Sexual orientation: Straight

Image Image: Before the meteor hit Sophie came in at a whooping five foot two (5'2"). She's quiet a small human, very fragile looking. In her old school she played soccer which left her with a toned body and a sock tan. She's petite, but she still has curves in all the right places. She was a natural brunette and had her hair cut short, it only coming down to her shoulder. She has braces and easily visible dimples. Sophie was also born with a genetic mutation called Heterochromia Iridum, which isn't as bad as it sounds. It's where there is a difference in coloration, usually of the eyes. Her eyes are very noticeable. Her eyes were both a slightly greenish blue color, the right being more green than blue and the left being more bluish than green with a dark ring around the outside, but her left eye had something the doctors called a "windmill" where it looks like there is a windmill in her was just four simple brown streaks.
After the meteor though, her looks have changed quiet drastically in her opinion. Her normal short brown hair has now been replaced with long blond curls that come down to almost the middle of her back with side swept bangs that seem to fall perfectly to the right. Her fragile appearance seemed to increase as her skin became almost porcelain like, except for a few freckles that dot her nose and a little under her eyes. Her temperature has dropped a few degrees under normal human temperature. Her lips turned a bit fuller and more of a pale pink color and her teeth are now pearly white and straight..meaning her braces were no where to be found. Her eyes changed too, her normal greenish color now replaced by a pale blue her pleasure they are both the same pale blue color but the brown windmill is still in tact. Last, her heart doesn't beat normally's very slow paced only beating every three seconds.

Meteor Power: | Intangibility | The ability to pass through solid matter. Sophie likes to refer to it as "Ghosting" since when she does go through objects she becomes a bit transparent, but its not that noticeable. Sophie is able to move through objects and ignore most physical effects in her way. There are a few downfalls, she needs to hold her breath while going through things. Pure materials are unable to be passed through. Sophie can activate the power accidentally, falling through her bed or accidentally walking through people..she doesn't mean to. Without enough sleep..her power goes on the fritz, turning on and off on it's own accord. She has to be really careful or she can get stuck in an object.

Personality: Sophie is easily intimidated, due to her lack in size, which leads to her being quite shy to say the least. Sadly, since she is quiet a shy one she blushes. Easily. She blushes mostly around guys, but when she blushes she gets frustrated. Soph is easily frustrated, which leads to her having a very short fuse and she can get mad easily which leads to her becoming quiet snappy. When she's snappy she becomes quiet the sarcastic smartass. Sophie isn't one to speak, but whenever she snaps she begins to rant and fumble over words causing her to become even more angrier and it usually ends up with her just storming off. Most people haven't really heard her voice, though. It's not that she's anti-social it's more that she just doesn't have anything to say. A lot of people just talk to her and she just listens..her emotions are easily displayed by her facial expressions. You can literally have a conversation with her just through her facial expressions and her body language, sometimes she writes on note cards to people. She carries a pen around in her pocket..She's quiet the scaredy-cat, she easily tricked into believing things since she's so gullible and naive, but by all means it doesn't mean she's not smart..because she is quiet intelligent actually. If you trick her though she will remember it and won't forget it. She doesn't forgive easily and will hold a grudge as long as she possibly can. Her first year a girl told her that her shoes were adorable then told her she was just kidding..well she's being giving that girl the silent treatment for a solid year.
Once she's comfortable and you actually get to know her she's a bit more confident and outgoing, throwing a joke in here or there, laughing at herself mostly, and usually making funny faces. She's very vulnerable, she doesn't have very thick skin so she takes a lot of things to heart and her feelings are easily hurt. She pretty much wears her heart on her sleeve which frustrates her. She's quiet a weak person, but she makes sure no one can tell. She's more self-loathing than anything. It's quiet possible she hates herself more than anything else.

Image How they may change: Sophie literally lost all memory of the meteor, everything from that day and night. She's had to actually ask people and out loud too. Since she's not completely in control of her Ghosting she is unable to carry her pen around. Due to the fact of her not remembering much she's had to be a bit quicker and she's very good with observing her surrounds and she's got quiet a good thinker. She can remember the smallest detail now. With her change in appearance she feels a bit more..confident and she voices her opinion a bit more than she use to. Other than that..Sophie is still Quiet Bishop from dorm B16.

History: Sophie was born to a set of teenage parents who were not ready to raise a kid. Meagan, her mother, and Conner, her father, both agreed that adoption would be the best choice for their little Sophie.
It wasn't long before Sophie was adopted by an older couple, the Reagans, who were well off and by well off I mean rich. Meagan and Conner were able to visit Sophie and watch her pass milestones in her life. Conner was the one who got her involved in soccer, but Meagan had the most influence on her. Sophie wanted to be just like "Meggie" and Meagan was a very shy person so Sophie mimicked her. The older Sophie got the more she became restless living with the Reagans. Finally the day came in which Martha, Mrs. Reagan, told her that she was adopted. Sophie had her suspicions but she was glad to hear her real parents were Meagan and Conner..who had recently gotten married. Mr. and Mrs. Bishop now.
Sophie spoke with her real parents and they agreed she should be able to take their last name and so Sophie was then a Bishop. Little did she know the Reagans were beginning to get jealous of Megan and Conner taking more and more of Sophie's time. Finally they snapped and decided they would send Sophie to boarding school. If they didn't get to spend time with her no one did.
Meagan and Conner send letters to Sophie though and most of them are about Sophie's next birthday..when she's eighteen, an legal adult. When she can make her own decisions and the first being, leaving the boarding school and living with her real parents...but that seems like a dream now.

So begins...

Sophia Bishop's Story