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Truett McGinty

0 · 184 views · located in Cherry-May Boarding School

a character in “Swagic”, as played by Just Sayin'


Name: Truett [pronounced like "true it"] Alexander McGinty
Age: Eighteen
Sex: Male
Sexual orientation: Straight | Despite the rumors that are going around...

Appearance: Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. That is all Truett McGinty can think the morning after the meteor strikes and he awakens to look in the mirror. Use to standing at the measly height of 5'8", he now stands at 6'1". Use to his slight, scrawny frame and stature, Truett now has broad shoulders along with a broad, wide expansion of torso. He is not small by any means. His body is now rock hard, arms having lean, corded muscle and strong legs. He would, by any standards, be now categorized as a "jock," appearance-wise solely, that is. Though, all that know Truett know he has not played sports a day in his life. He looks almost completely different to the point where his sister cannot even recognize him. However, there are three things that have stayed the same about Mr. McGinty. One, his dark, chestnut colored hair; usually board straight, slicked to his head, now a thick, curled mass. Second, his eyes. They have stayed their warm, chocolate brown color. Said eyes use to be masked by a pair of thick-rimmed glasses; Truett found he has no use for them anymore. Lastly, his ears have stayed the same. Yes, his ears. They are still quite large, however now with his large frame they do not stand out as bad.
Due to his body becoming bigger all the way around, Truett has found that his clothes are much too small, especially his shirts. He figures a trip for new clothes will be in order soon enough.
What Truett looked like before the meteor hit.

Meteor Power: | SUPER STRENGTH | To harness strength greater than any normal human could bare, giving the ability to lift up to twenty times their actual body weight or more. The power also modifies the persons body in general, causing them to excel in muscle mass, height and so forth. It also heightens eyesight, stamina/endurance, smell, etc. Along with the pros of the power comes the cons. Emotion plays a large key. If angered a persons strength can become uncontrollable and someone could easily get hurt. Without sleep, their strength is, to an extent, rendered useless. When first obtaining this ability it is highly unstable until mastered.

Personality: Truett is the ultimate sweetheart, not your average teen-aged guy with one thing in mind. He is the type of guy you always see in the movies that receives the short end of the stick because he's "too nice" and not "masculine enough." The type that though it may be freezing outside would indeed face a cold, giving his jacket to the girl who's trembling (even if she has, in the past, treated him like crap). He is the guy trying to show that chivalry isn't quite dead, despite his school being filled with pigs and brainless idiots. Though he rarely, well he never, benefits from his kindness it does not stop Truett from the good deeds he performs daily. He is also the dude who is constantly slammed into the friend zone. That place no guy dares want to tread. He's heard "Truett, you are such a good friend!" or "Truett, you're so sweet and like a brother to me." more times than he can count. It's a bit much at times. Girls just don't seem to see him as anything but awkward. So what if he's a little shy around females? The most interaction he's got with a girl was in eighth grade when Ashley Fitzpatrick came over to his house so he could do her book report for U.S. History. Yeah, did I mention he's super smart? Truett is a really intelligent guy. He makes nothing short of an A when it comes to school grades and loves to read. He even writes his own poetry and songs(he plays acoustic guitar). Most of the time girls talk to Truett to simply manipulate him into doing their work.
He is a genuine person at heart. He likes helping people and loves making them laugh and smile. Being what most would call a shoulder to cry on, he's always there when someone needs him, no matter what time of day. More than once it's been said that he gives excellent advice, but besides that he does one thing most guys despise... He listens. Call him a hopeless romantic if you must (which he is classified under by some, grant you), but he is just him. He doesn't pretend to be something he's not and wouldn't dare try starting now.
He's Truett McGinty, that nerdy kid from dorm A12.

How they may change: Though it has not really occurred yet, once Truett gets out and sees girls actual notice him... He gets a bit of confidence. He no longer takes lip from the cocky jocks at school and stands up for himself. Also, he starts actually talking to girls. Yes, you heard correct. Let someone try to call him gay now!

History: Truett Alexander is the second eldest of four children. His mother raised all four of them on her own due to having a father that lost the battle to brain cancer.
That being said, he was never one of those rich kids driving their fancy cars and such to school. Nope, he rode the bus and lived in a small, one story house. Try getting privacy with three other siblings in a house like that! Recently, his mother saved up enough money and sent he and his younger sister(though not the youngest sibling) off to boarding school. It would be a lie to say he doesn't miss his mother and other siblings, but he does enjoy the education the school has to offer.

So begins...

Truett McGinty's Story