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a character in “Swan Song”, as played by CassilineVow



Name: Code Named Anel

Age: Unknown

Appearance: 6'5, white chalky skin that seems almost painted on. Elongated ears. Flat angular features, almost no nose to speak of as if he was the victim of fire. Graying hair that resembles fur. Peach fuzz velvet like fur covers the rest of him.

Personality: Wise, measured, though with a strong underlining righteousness. Anel has very strong opinions and feelings on the apparent shadow war going on within the Swans and a strong sympathy for the negative effects their in fighting is having on the general populous.

Side: Anti-Sanctuary

Power: Shadow-Man. Anel can extend his consciousness outside of himself in a corporeal like manifestation that can pass through solid objects, travel at great speeds, and manipulate solid matter. When being fueled by a charged atmosphere around him or his corporeal form Anel can use this energy to heighten and magnify his own abilities causing a whole mess of things to happen at random. This could be as small as bursting pipes or as large as shattering all the glass in a ten story building. These telekinetic manifestations while extreme are broad and non-specific meaning that Anel does not have the ability to directly target his powers in this regard. For example he could control the effected geographical radius of shattered glass but not specifically shatter one targeted pane unless it was the only pane of glass in the intended radius. Furthermore he could for example throw something like a car in the general direction of an enemy but not acutely at them.

Because he can extend his consciousness outside of himself, Anel can temporarily channel either his consciousness or abilities through others. Depending on their individual skills and talents this could heighten their natural abilities for a short period of time, re-energize and strengthen them during weak moments in a fight, or temporarily extend Anel's specific abilities like passing through solid matter to them. This ability can also be used as a weapon against certain individuals prone to mental attack by overwhelming their subconscious with his own willpower or effectively breaking someones focus. Strong telepathics or people with powerful metal based abilities might be resistant to Anel's influences and even be able to turn the ability back onto him.

When Anel turns his abilities on regular human he can sometimes possess them. Although his moral and ethical code generally doesn't allow him to take advantage of people in that way outside of extreme emergencies.

Swan color: Red

History: Originally a member of a top secret squad implemented by the Vatican as a response to military and government based cells in other parts of the world. The purpose of this cell was to investigate suspected Swan activity and neutralize any obvious threats to the non-Swan populous. individuals of this group adopted angelic code names reflective of their natural skills and interests and the operation was aptly dubbed A.R.C.H.A.N.G.E.L. (Acquisitional Reconnaissance Chapter Handling Antagonistic Non-responsive Genesis Experimentation and Legions)

Once a respected keeper of the peace and enforcer under the leadership of the revered A.R.C.H.A.N.G.E.L. Founder code named Uriel, Anel worked among the righteous against those who sought to undermined, disregard, and abuse the common liberties of human existence. This caused the group to investigate programs and individuals from across the spectrum during the early years when the Genesis program was first being developed and later implemented. It rumored that some of the members of A.R.C.H.A.N.G.E.L. were transferred to Genisis. Anel being one of them. As a result Anel experienced both the vengeful wrath of certain Swan individuals against their captors as well as the more seemingly uncharacteristic charity of the some of those who worked for Genesis but didn't necessarily agree with how individuals were being treated. This paradox eventually caused Anel to reconsider some of the founding objectives of question the motivations of and other organizations like it.

It was Anel’s personal belief that there were distinct gray areas among the the various pro and anti-Swan factions and that certain individuals on both sides were guilty of orchestrating and engaging in personal agendas that were potentially detrimental to the general ambitions of those in objective power and the common masses. While he always maintained that his allegiance fell absolutely to those who supported the civil liberties of all people, Anel was known to openly and privately engage in objective relations with individuals on both sides of the social-political spectrum in order to gather sensitive information about the covert activities of both pro and anti-Swan groups alike. Much of this information was held in confidence or used to debunk conflicts started by individuals on both sides before the said conflicts escalated out of control.

While this earned Anel friends on both sides of the overall conflict it also earned him some highly dangerous enemies; and there were many who felt threatened by his meddling. It’s unclear who was actually responsible for the events leading up to the demise of Genesis.

Nevertheless, Anel having been exposed as a top member of the later defunct A.R.C.H.A.N.G.E.L. Group was considered a individual of extreme interest and accusations were swirled forcing Anel into hiding. The experiences involving Genesis and its demise as well has his implication in those events, real or imagined, has understandably left him angry and resentful; although even in his exile Anel refuses to completely condemn Genesis or his A.R.C.H.A.G.E.L. origins.

So begins...

Anel's Story