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Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

Sword Art Online: A Game of Death


10,000 lucky players including yourself, managed to get their hands on the latest and greatest Virtual Reality MMO. Shortly after arrival into the fantastic new world it's population discovers they're playing for their lives.

1,278 readers have visited Sword Art Online: A Game of Death since TheMandalorian created it.

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Welcome to Sword Art Online!

The game, Sword Art Online is a VRMMO (Virtual Reality Massive Multi-player Online) game developed in 2022 by a large conglomerate of companies under the name Argus, but is ultimately the brain child of Kayaba Akihiko. As the first of it's kind, a great amount of excitement surrounded the game since it's initial announcement almost a decade ago and many gamers waited in line for days just to get a physical copy of SAO. The game is played using the equally impressive NerveGear Rig which, when activated, uses all five of the human senses to immerse the players into the world, and allows for full unhindered control of their avatar within the game. The game and it's technology, being the first of it's kind, would give players a real chance to explore a completely new world with their friends and be anyone the wanted to be. The game's creator had a different scenario in mind however, and 10,000 young gamers became a part of one of the most elaborate crimes in history.

You. The player. You were there. This is your story.

You waited for days for your game, spent what you had to so you could get your hands on your own NerveGear Rig. You like everyone else linked your consciousness to the server and unwittingly began your journey to SAO's vast and wondrous world. The Town of Beginnings was unlike anything you had seen, like something straight out of your wildest dream, the setting and architecture was somewhere between fantasy and gothic medieval and the streets were nothing short of alive. Outside were wide plains and forests, and they had a whole ecosystem of their own, nothing was familiar instead new and waiting to be discovered. Along with the other players you explored every detail of your surroundings, made new friends, met up with old ones, spoke to the NPCs, and maybe took a quest or two... but then you see you can't log out.

The sky darkened to an abyss, and from the abyss he came...

Kayaba, the man responsible for the world around us all poured out of the sky, he was huge and covered in a cloak of velvet red. He solemnly explained to us what was really going on, that the missing log out button for instance, was not a glitch. In this nightmare of a game there would be no respawns, if your HP dropped to zero then the NerveGear helmet attached to your body in the real world would emit enough Micro-waves to fry your brain and end your life in reality as well. To make matters worse, if the gear was to be tampered with by outside forces it would initiate the same kill sequence and end your life. The only way to escape the game is to complete it, all 100 bloodthirsty monster filled floors of it to be exact. Once the final boss of the final dungeon was defeated, every player would then be freed of the virtual prison and return to the real world again.

And so it begins, dark days are ahead but, this is your chance to prove yourself a real hero. Will you take up a cause and lead your peers on the front lines, or maybe you'll pick up a trade and directly support the efforts of those fighting to free us? Maybe you'll go solo? Whatever your choice, good luck and godspeed.

Need-To-Know Game Info

Sword Art Online operates with a leveling system, as you use skills, defeat monsters, and craft items you gain experience points. Once a player's experience pool reaches a set threshold the player will advance to the next level and becomes far stronger. Leveling up is necessary for completion of the game as fighting boss monsters higher into the game becomes more difficult requiring better skills and better equipment.

The setting of the game, Aincrad, is a massive steel castle unlike any other. It's outward appearance, a round floating castle in the sky, is very deceiving of it's interior. 100 Independent floors about 9 miles in diameter each, every one boasting their own unique landscapes, climates, and a central hub in the form of a large city in the center of each floor. Night and day pass in a similar way to the real world and seasons are also present within the game albeit far more mild than reality for the sake of player comfort. Though some levels may have multiple dungeons, every floor has a boss specific instance filled with difficult monsters and an elite monster known as a Boss who needs to be defeated to access the next floor of the game.

Servers for the game haven't been up and running for very long, but most player allegiances have been clearly defined already. Many large groups of players have been swayed by the promise of security in numbers by more charismatic players running small guilds and alliances. Beta testers, despite their strength and knowledge, have been ostracized from a large amount of the player base out of fear and jealousy. These beta testers, along with a small group of the more anti-social make up the solo-player demographic, who enjoy greater EXP rewards than the rest of SAO players with the main drawback being the constant risk they place on their own lives in their solitude.

SAO Skills

Weapon Skills
-One Handed Sword
-Two Handed Sword
-Spear [Two Handed Only]
-Mace [One Handed Only]
-Hammer [Two Handed Only]
-Shield [Defensive Offhand]

Non-Combat Skills

Character Creation!
Code: Select all
Avatar Name:
Avatar Image:
Weapon Skill:

Equipped Armor:
Equipped Weapon:
Non-Combat Skills:

Inventory: [This will be edited constantly throughout the RP but for now it will be blank]


RP Sample: [What were you doing the first few hours before all of the bad news?]

Toggle Rules

-Please, for the love of all things good in this world... use some brain power when writing your posts, I don't need any one liners.
-Be kind to your fellow players, we're all on the same team here.
-If you don't think you have it in you to remain active, please don't waste the time of the players involved.
-I will only be accepting original characters for the RP so no Kirito/Asuna clones.
-For the sake of uniformity please use anime pics for your submitted characters.
-Keep the romance tasteful, and keep your filth out of my RP.
-Most important, for those who stick the story out and show adequate writing ability, your characters are likely to become the upper echelon of elite players within the game... That being said, if I have to bust your chops constantly for godmodding, powerplaying, or any other douchebaggey behavior.... Your character will die like a chump and you're out of the game.

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Game Master Controls

Welcome home, Promethean. Here, you can manage your universe.


Arcs are bundles of posts from any location, allowing you to easily capture sub-plots which might be spread out across multiple locations.

Add Quest » Quests

You can create Quests with various rewards, encouraging your players to engage with specific plot lines.

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The Forge

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Notable Items

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Market Data

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Character Portrait: Wisteria (Wisty) Alka
Character Portrait: Albel
Character Portrait: Magnus


Character Portrait: Magnus

"You only live once."

Character Portrait: Albel

"I could be halfway done with this nonsense by now if you'd all just stay out of my way!"

Character Portrait: Wisteria (Wisty) Alka
Wisteria (Wisty) Alka

solo-player, female, slight sociopath, pyromaniac, part mercenary, 16 y/o


Character Portrait: Albel

"I could be halfway done with this nonsense by now if you'd all just stay out of my way!"

Character Portrait: Magnus

"You only live once."

Character Portrait: Wisteria (Wisty) Alka
Wisteria (Wisty) Alka

solo-player, female, slight sociopath, pyromaniac, part mercenary, 16 y/o

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Magnus

"You only live once."

Character Portrait: Wisteria (Wisty) Alka
Wisteria (Wisty) Alka

solo-player, female, slight sociopath, pyromaniac, part mercenary, 16 y/o

Character Portrait: Albel

"I could be halfway done with this nonsense by now if you'd all just stay out of my way!"

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Most recent OOC posts in Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

Re: Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

I will be gone until next Thursday, just to let you know.. I guess vacation has its cons as well :/

Re: Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

@TheMandalorian - I totally understand being swamped in work and such. Nonetheless I'm still here, tapping on my keys in anticipation.

Re: Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

Hi everybody! I'm interested in joining, and this (seems, I guess) like an active roleplay! So, I'll write up my character and be on my way, I guess.

EDIT: I've done my character, and I'm really glad to be roleplaying with you all!

Re: Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

Like the character Zalgo! I like especially liked that your character was also possessed of an over-sized ego, I could see our characters clashing quite a few times throughout the story. Don't worry about the added stuff either, looked good to me.

Glowfly! The fancy stuff was awesome and so is Rosemary, perhaps you could show me how to decorate a profile like that... its pretty epic!

Anyways, sorry for my absence, work has kept me fairly busy the past few days and life dropped a huge load on me all at one time.... y'all know how it goes. Hopefully you guys are still interested because I plan to have an introduction post up either tonight or tomorrow afternoon sometime! Thanks again for participating!

Re: Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

I submitted my character. There are still a few details to hammer down but for the most part he's complete.

I added a few additional details that weren't present in the provided character sheet. Hopefully you don't mind the additions.

Re: Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

I submitted my character and I hope its good enough. Not too fancy right?

Re: Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

Sounds good Zalgo, can't wait to see how he adds to the story!!

Re: Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

Well the leveling will be loose, as any characters participating with the assault team will be roughly the same level. Easy. The items and equipment received from drops will be determined by participation in battle and depth of the post... If its fun to read, and moves the story forward then why not reward it?
The dungeons will be more of a collaboration, I'll give you the architecture and surroundings along with the inhabitants, throwing in traps and twists as we go but the fighting and interactions will be completely up to the players.

I also plan to keep track of currency, to track item purchases along with buying houses and building guild bases on any cleared level of their choosing.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to PM me and I'll answer them as best I can.

Re: Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

I am interested in joining. I already have a character who's background would fit perfectly into the setting with a couple minor tweaks ( A name change here and there). The roleplay he was in never went anywhere so his character never got well explored in any meaningful way.

His abilities and design would be appropriate to the setting and rules of this game universe of course. I'll work on him and submit the character some time in the future if it is alright with you.

Re: Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

Ugh, I'm debating on whether I should join this or not >.<. I love sword art but.. urgh! Okay what I would like to know is how is the leveling system going to work? Do we the players create the dungeons and what not. Same ting for the loot we get from certain dungeons or creatures, is there a system for that or is it just like "If you get a very strong item then you better have made a very engaging post"

Re: Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

Thanks for stopping by Kamibito, I actually just finished editing things to a somewhat adequate level and am about to read through some submitted characters now (and maybe get around to my own lol.) I hope to see you along for the ride!

Re: Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

I am dropping into the SAO LZ. Showing interest. Might make a character when a few have already been made :3

Re: Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

Nope, sure doesn't... The anime was awesome, but I was pretty dissatisfied with how little they explored the world and it's potential. I hope to explain more of the important details of the world as I edit intro but most of it is all pretty straight-forward.

I may edit the character sheet too as it's kinda skimpy right now, but feel free to post a character whenever you like!

Re: Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

The RP sounds really interesting! Does it matter if I didn't watch the anime? Though I know the general gist of it.

Re: Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

Fine by me, Glad to have you Cyber!

Re: Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

Interested. Possibly join. I'm a little busy though, so maybe tomorrow I'll add a character.

Sword Art Online: A Game of Death

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