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"I could be halfway done with this nonsense by now if you'd all just stay out of my way!"

0 · 430 views · located in Aincrad

a character in “Sword Art Online: A Game of Death”, as played by TheMandalorian


Username: Albel

Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 5'8"
Build: Slim
Sexuality: Straight
Weapon Skill: Two Handed Sword


Equipped Armor:
Starter Cloth Gear

Equipped Weapon:
Basic Katana

Non-Combat Skills:


Rusty Katana
Swordsman's Robes
Teleport Crystal

Everyone has met that one person in their lives, so arrogant and self absorbed that it almost made you physically sick hearing them speak. Albel has been that one person for many who know him in his personal life, Sword Art Online is no exception, and he's been alienating other players since the start of the game like it was real skill. While the virtual swordsman is strong and determined, he often confuses his hubris for real willpower and persistence. Honor is another concept Albel has almost no grasp of, he believes because he fights to end the game it is honorable, but in the end he only fights for himself. Albel was open about his origins as a beta tester for the game, and was unsurprisingly shunned by the rest of the scared player base, he told himself they'd only get in his way. Players may group with him out of need for a strong hand or information, but dealings with Albel never come as charity, and are never cheap.

Arrogance and stubbornness, his most prominent and perhaps most unpleasant traits make Albel appear to have the emotional depth of a mud puddle, but this isn't the case. It's hardly apparent to anyone, perhaps even Albel himself, that his surly nature is in fact caused by a deep loneliness, and lack of companionship. Ironically these feelings are directly caused by his negative attitude, so the boy is doomed to repeat his vicious cycle until he finds friendship his own way, or just maybe have some sense knocked into his thick head.

RP Sample:

"Back again!" Albel yelled to no one in particular as his body materialized into the game. Upon inspection, he had realized he had spawned in the central courtyard of the Town of Beginnings, and it was just a gorgeous as he had remembered. The stone alleyways and large water fountains gave a big nod to the medieval references that obviously influenced the architecture. Around him wide-eyed players cooed over the realism, stared amazed at the life-like NPC merchants, and congregated to check out each others avatars. None of these things interested Albel however, he folded his arms over his chest and slipped across the stone courtyard into a nearby blacksmith shoppe.

"Hail traveler, are you lookin' for anything in particular or just browsing?" A large unsightly NPC belted as he hefted a large smithy hammer over his shoulder.

"Just show me your two handed sword selections." Albel scoffed, he thought the idea of talking to inanimate object, regardless of how lifelike it is, as ridiculous. His small UI screen popped up into his view seconds later, showing all types of low level bastard swords and great swords, but he already knew what he wanted. Placing his hand on his chin, he examined the Katana for a moment. It served him well in the beta test and he was already familiar with it, and so it would remain as his main weapon. Lightly pressing a finger to the UI screen, an old Katana materialized into the young mans hands.

The next few hours he spent slaughtering the weak enemies around the outskirts of town. A couple dozen dire boars and over-grown snakes had increased his level enough for his satisfaction and it was time for bed anyhow. As great as this game was, he couldn't let it interfere with work tomorrow and decided to leave off right here. Pulling up the UI again, he went for the log out button, but it wasn't there. The button had been there throughout the beta, so he couldn't quite understand the issue. Half angry, and half panicking he pressed over and over but to no avail, and before he could so much as swear at the thing for it's insubordination he was whisked away in a shroud of blue light.....

So begins...

Albel's Story