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If your facing death its better to be with others then alone.

0 · 223 views · located in Sword Art Online: Aincrad

a character in “Sword Art Online: Another Story”, as played by keima8D


Age: 24
Gender: male
Weapon Used: Katana
Sword Art Skills:<<Horizontal>> <<Vertical>>
Appearance: a redheaded thug looking male
Personality: He is a kind person always looking out for people
BIO: A Guild leader of another game which transferred over to SAO

So begins...

Cline's Story

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#, as written by keima8D
I've experienced this a few times during beta testing. It was a «Teleport» initiated by an item. I didn't have the prerequisite item nor did I shout the proper command. Did the operators initiate a forced teleport? If so, why didn't they even inform us? As my thoughts raced, the light around me pulsed stronger and darkness overtook me. As the blue light faded, my surroundings became clear again. However, this wasn't the plains lit with the sunset anymore. A large road paved with stone. Medieval streets surrounded by streetlamps and the huge palace radiating a dark light a fair distance away up ahead. This was the starting point, the central plaza of the «Starting City». I looked at Cline who had his mouth wide open next to me.

Then at the bustling layers of people that surrounded the two of us. Looking at the bunch of stunningly beautiful people with a variety of equipment and different hair colors, they were no doubt other players like me. There were about a few thousand—ten thousand people here.

It was likely that everyone who was logged on right now had been forcefully transported to the central plaza. For a few seconds, everyone just looked around with out a word. Then a few mumbles and mutters could be heard here and there; it started to get louder. "What's happening?" "Can we log out now?" "Can't they take care of it quickly?" Comments like these could be heard from time to time.

As the players started to get more annoyed, shouts like "Is this a joke?" and "Get the hell out here, GMs!" could be heard. Then suddenly. Somebody raised his voice above all these comments and shouted. "Ah...look above!" Cline and I almost automatically turned our eyes upward and looked.

There, a strange sight greeted us. The bottom surface of the second floor, one hundred meters up in the air, was checkered in red. When I looked closely, I could make out that they were made up of two phrases crisscrossing each other. The word that was written in red was [Warning] and the other [System Announcement]. I was surprised for a moment but then thought Oh, the operator's going to begin informing us now and loosened my shoulders a little bit.

The chatter died down in the plaza and you could feel everyone waiting to hear what was going to be said. However, what happened next wasn't what I had expected. From the middle of the pattern, a liquid similar to blood started oozing down slowly. It came down at a rate that almost emphasized how viscid it was; but it didn't fall down; instead, it started morphing into another shape. What appeared was a twenty meter tall man with a hooded robe draped around him. No, that wasn't exactly right. From where we were looking, we could easily see into the hood—there was no face.

It was absolutely empty. We could clearly see the inner cloth and the green embroidery inside of the hood. It was the same inside the robe; all we could see inside the rim were shadows. I've seen the actual robe before. It was the clothes that the employees who had been working as GMs during the beta test had always worn.

But then the male GMs had had a face like an old sorcerer with a long beard and the females had had an avatar of a bespectacled girl. They might have used the robe due to lack of time to prepare a proper avatar, but the empty space beneath the hood gave me an unexplainable feeling of anxiety. The countless players around me must have felt the same. "Is that a GM?" "Why doesn't it have a face?"

Numerous whispers like these could be heard. Then the right hand of the huge robe moved as if to silence them. A pure white glove appeared from the folds of the long sleeve. But this sleeve, like the rest of the robe, wasn't connected to any sort of body. Then the left arm slowly lifted upwards, too. Then with its two empty gloves spread out in front of ten thousand players, the faceless person opened his mouth—no, it felt like it did.

Then a low and calm voice of a male resonated from high up in the air. 'Players, I welcome you all to my world.' I couldn't understand it right away. «My world»? If that red robe was a GM, it certainly had godlike powers in this world, enabling him to change the world at will, but why was he pointing that out now? Cline and I looked at each other dumbfounded. The anonymous red robe lowered its two arms and continued talking.

'I think that most of you have discovered the fact that the log out button has disappeared from the main menu. This is not a bug, it is all part of «Sword Art Online»'s system.' "Part of...the system?" Cline muttered, his voice breaking up. The announcement continued in its low voice as if to cover the sound. 'Until you get to the top of this castle, you cannot log out of your own free will.'

This castle? I couldn't understand this phrase at first. There's no castle in the «Starting City». Then the next thing that Kayaba said blew my confusion away. '...also, the discontinuation or dismantling of the NERvGear from the outside is strictly forbidden. If these things are attempted...' A moment of silence. The silence of ten thousand people was overwhelming. The next words came slowly. 'The signal sensors in your NERvGear will emit a strong electromagnetic pulse, destroying your brain and stopping all of your basic functions.'

Cline and I stared at each other for seconds in shock. It was as if my mind was refusing to believe what had just been said. But Kayaba's short statement pierced through my body with a ferocity that was both hard and dense. Destroy our brains. In other words, kill us. Any user that turned the NERvGear off or unlocked the clasp and took it off would be killed. That is what Kayaba had just stated. People in the crowd started muttering, but there was no one shouting or panicking. It was either that everyone, like me, couldn't understand it yet, or refused to.

I ran forward, just as i was about to question, the GM vanished, leaving 10,000 characters in despair.

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#, as written by keima8D
"Dammit!!" Cline yelled as I began thinking 'why would a gm put us in that state of infancy were we know next to nothing about the game... does he truly want us to Live in this world? why would he do that?' Kirito shook his head "whats the use of thinking about it" I then sigh and grab Cline's arm and pull him through the blockade of people, all in different stages of despair. When we reached an ally I asked Cline "Cline come with me if we want to get to the top of the tower we should be moving more quickly in the next town there is a quest which can give us weapons to last through 5 floors" Cline looked taken back at my calm attitude "Kirito I.... can't, my friends are probably in shock in the main square I should go get them, is it possible for all of us to go?" he asked hopefully. I looked down not knowing what to say two people i could lead with confidence but 1-3 more and people can die easily then and that just can't happen now
Cline read my look "I thought so, do you want to come with us Kirito?" he questioned. I could get along with Cline easily but others....."no.." i manage to whisper, Cline looks sad as he says "well i guess I'll see you later Kirito, don't you die!" Cline waves in my direction and backs of toward the main sqaure. 'So begins the journey' I thought as i hit the path toward the next town.

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#, as written by Kaire23
Iris gripped her blades. She would need to get to the next town. This town is too populated and everyone will be out there on the boarders of this town. She quickly walked to the boarder. She'd done this before. She was a beta tester after all. She looked to her right as she saw a guy and his friend split up. Strangely enough, she knew the guy. Must be a fellow beta tester. She quickly walked up to his as she remembered his name.
"Hey, Kirito, it's not safe to go out alone. Want a partner?" She asked, her voice not showing any emotion. Strangely enough, she couldn't ever get any emotion in her voice when she was around strangers and for some reason, they labeled her "Cool" at her school with out even knowing her. Truth was, she was just really shy.