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You are a player of the MMORPG, Sword Art Online. However, you soon discover that once you log in, you can't log out without completing the game. Not to mention, if you die here, you die in real life...

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Character Portrait: Medley Takamine "Let's play a game. Whoever gets to the 100th floor first, wins!"
Character Portrait: Devan Howard - Blade Slizer "No.... No, you have to be kidding...."
Character Portrait: Amber Coals "Stand still, I'm just going to burn you!"
Character Portrait: Setsuko Arthoren I am the Gray Knight... Beta Tester... Leave these people alone or prepare to lose.
Character Portrait: Arin Orsev "Whatever you're about to ask me... Meh. I'll pass." Wip
Character Portrait: Jin "Only the strong survive."
Character Portrait: Sky Torinque "Escape? Why would I need that?" Wip