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Devan Howard - Blade Slizer

"No.... No, you have to be kidding...."

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a character in “Sword Art Online: No Escape”, as played by Asher MstrImmortalis


Devan HowardBlade Slizer

Personal Information

Devan Howard






Devan is an average-height teenager with brown hair and ocean blue eyes. He doesn't really have much build.
He's normally seen in a hoodie with a T-shirt and blue jeans, complete with black shoes.

Devan doesn't really mind much if someone wants to sit with him. He isn't one to go and run away. He likes to be a bit social, and can be if he wants to. Devan tends to hide his true feelings at times, which is how he begins to drift away from real life and into fantasy without even knowing it.
Devan is obedient to people he knows to be higher status and trusts them, unless shown that they do not. To those who patronize him, Devan just leans away and tends to ignore them.
Devan usually doesn't think highly of himself, though. He tends to think he's going to fail and disappoint everyone. This is also his fear, alongside being alone. He just wants to please everybody.

Devan has been through a lot of things. The main thing is a very normal life, in our standards. Going to school, going to whatever religious faith he has, being in a family, balancing work and his wants. However, he wasn't able to take the stress of life as it repeatedly weight him down, causing Devan to go more and more into a world of fantasy and fiction. With the virtual reality consoles coming out, Devan slowly get sucked in more and more. Devan immediately got SAO the moment it came out, thinking that he can finally escape life and truly live a life different from his first. Now he can, with stakes as high as life can ever make it.

Data File

Blade Slizer

Skyfall City

Avatar Model Description:
Blade wears white and blue clothes with various pieces of metal that fits in. The trench coat is an extremely light tint of gray and pure white, with armor covering the left arm. Blade's trench coat also has a symbol as a zipper, a diamond with angel wings on it (one of the more common Paladin symbols). His shoes are also made of metal, specifically lightweight silver.
Blade's avatar model itself is a tall, slightly muscular tall human male. The skin is a slightly tanned white and has neck-long brown hair with matching brown eyes.

AI Behaviour
Blade helps other players in need, being a nice guy. He isn't afraid to step up and save other players from Player Killers or assisting them in missions that could mean great injury (though he might get carried away). Blade himself is a bit on the quiet side, but has a smile that tells anyone that they are welcome to talk to him. Blade much prefers to be in the front lines, being able to help deal the main damage to the enemy.
In battle, Blade can be very calculating and, with his varied skillset, can adapt to enemies that he faces, specifically those that can change their weaknesses. Blade himself wants all allies to survival, even at the cost of himself. Calculating, confident, clever, he's an ally you would always want to have around, and an enemy you want to stay away from.

Blade is an average player, though one hell of a player. Blade turned out to be a great player and has progressed a lot. He was one of the lesser known players, but known for his generosity towards newer players and allying with them. At the event of the death game, Blade's mind was shattered. No more happy times. No more relaxation, or worries about messing up because he can simply respawn. This is now life. He will die when he is killed, and so will others. And thus, Blade worked even harder to help other players, more often than not acting ridiculous and almost dying quite a few times himself, surviving thanks to cool-headed players. Now Blade aims to stop fighting alone, as he traveled the game world as a single player vagrant player...


Grand Cross:
A sword that strengthens defense stat and raises speed slightly.

Royal Knight's Armor (left arm only):
Armor belonging to a knight, only the left arm is worn. Strengthens to sword arm and increases damage and endurance. Also reduces stamina cost by 20%.

Paladin's Light Clothing:
Series of clothing that's light yet durable. It still does its job to protect the wearer while not being bulky at all.

Paladin's Steeled Shoes:
A pair of shoes that's durable yet light.



Cresent Strike:
The user slashes in a a small arc with great speed, sacrificing strength.

Delayed Strike:
The user slashes, but the hit doesn't register. These slashes can stack up row 10 times. At the user's command, the hit registers and damage is dealt. However the "slashes" must slash into the target in order to register; slashing through the opponent's weapon counts as a block and deals no damage.

Flash Step:
Takes a bit of stamina to use. The user dashes directly in one direction.

Fall Edge:
Mid-air skill. The user immediately stops the momentum of the jump and charges at diagonal angle, slashing everything in his way.

So begins...

Devan Howard - Blade Slizer's Story


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Kaede Araki

Kaede looks around the inn for a while. She touches the wooden floors beneath her feet. Some people give her strange looks, but her harsh glare disperses their attention. After taking in everything she can inside the building she exits and walks down the streets of a marketplace. She grabs an apple, giving coin to the man and taking a bite. Surprised, she lets out a "huh" as she did not know one could taste in-game. As she continues walking, she spots a young man ahead of her. He is quite good-looking, not that it matters to her, with brown, spiky hair and blue eyes. Kaede stops next to the young man, seeing his user name is "Blade Slizer", and begins looking through the items at the stand.
Misai Kotoba and Junpei Fujimoto

The two were separated by a large man. When he muttered about "noobs" Misai quickly jumped to Junpei's defense.
"Hey! Junpei's been playing this since it was in Beta...if anyone's a newbie, it's me!" Misai never liked when people were rude, and if he was trying to help, he was going to need to ditch the attitude.
The man spoke, "Alright, so I'm blasting through to the next to with new players. I'll help people get to the second town since it's much nicer then the first. I'm inviting you both to join. No smoochy-smoochy though. Not in the mood for a couple of doves screwing around in the back rear."
"We're not a couple, man..." Junpei said.
"Yeah! I've known Junpei for years! I was upset because this is my first time playing and...under the circumstances...well, he was just being a good friend and helping me out. Cheering me up and consoling me, you know?" Misai blushes slightly. She had never had a boyfriend before, nor did she think of Junpei as anyone but her best friend, so it was awkward.
"Anyway, we could use the help. Thanks a lot."
The man spoke again, "Meet me here in ten minutes if you want to go. And with that, he turned to leave.

After he leaves, another person approaches them.
"Hey! Are you guys partying with each other? We should all party together! I'm Guardian. My real name is Medley, but you can call me either. Please, trust me, I'll get you to the other town in no time! Besides, the grinding is great, the place that I'm going! You can't go alone at my level though. So, what do you guys say?" The girl seemed very eager to team up and get going. Misai and Junpei looked at each other, then back to Medley. Misai nodded with a smile.
"Sounds good!" She said warmly. Junpei nodded to Medley.
"Actually, we were waiting for this guy. He said he's coming back and he'll help us get to the next town. If you want to join us, I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem. Junpei's attention went behind her, "Oh, here he comes now!"

The man returned, with a fairly large group of people. It was clear that none of them knew what they were doing. It was also clear how uncomfortable the man seemed to be herding all of them like a sheepdog does his flock. When they made it to Misai, Junpei, and the newly joined Medley, he stopped and spoke.
"Alright, chat and make sure you have a partner with you. They will be your spotter. A spotter's job is to make sure their partner isn't missing." He looked to Misai, "I'ma spot you. Make sure you're not in the back. After we reach the second town I don't care what you do."
"I guess I'll spot Medley then. She just arrived. I didn't think you would mind one more player." Junpei said to the silver-haired man. Misai looked at the man as well after he said he would spot her.
"My name is Kotoba Misai. You can call me Misai if you want to, or Misa, I really don't mind." She smiles with her words.


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Devan Howard ~ Blade Slizer

Devan sighed, walking through the digital village. He had just finished the last of his beginner quests as well as the MMORPG's "Storyline" Main Quests. So, the player decided to go into town and buy himself something with his newly-earned in-game money. Hm... How should I spend all of this...? Devan thought. "... Maybe a good sword? Equipment...? Nah... Sword..." Devan mumbled. His mind kept trying to think about it, when in reality he was trying to distract himself from the game. Desperately he tried to just make this like a normal MMORPG, but the fact that he was trapped here was still there, tugging at the back of his mind.

Suddenly, Devan felt someone watch him from behind. Turning around, a blonde girl in blue armor stared at him. However the girl was already diverting her gaze elsewhere, to an item stand. Devan noticed that she was a bit close to him. "Uh..." Blade gulped a bit. He wasn't comfortable talking casually to girls. "H-hi...." Blade muttered to the girl. Goddamnit Devan, get a hold of yourself. This may be the only chance you have of getting a girl! Geez! She appeared out of nowhere....! Devan thought. At least I didn't jump in surprise and make a fool of myself... Hah, hah...


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Kaede Araki

Kaede shifted through the items on the <a class="ktg6us78hf8vdu7" href="javascript:void(0)">cart</a>. She could hear how nervous the boy next to her was. Internally, it made her laugh. She would never show that outwardly, but she felt it, nonetheless. Kaede knew how intimidating she was to most people. Not so much in the real-world because of her "disability" but here she looked like quite the badass. Or at least, that's the general consensus. She could hear him clearing his throat and preparing to speak.
"Uh..." he gulped a bit. It was clear he was not used to talking to women. Kaede rolled her eyes. Well, he would have been cute...
"H-Hi..." he muttered. Kaede looked at him, raising an eyebrow. She frowned, though her blue eyes had a slight sparkle to them in the sun.
"You got a stutter?" she snapped slightly.
Junpei Fujimoto

"I love your enthusiasm to spot me," Medley giggled to herself, and then added "but shouldn't you be spotting your girlfriend?" Junpei was confused. Medley continued,
"Uhm, you know... Misa? She is your girlfriend, right?"
"No! No! Not at all. I've known Misai since middle <a class="ktg6us78hf8vdu7" href="javascript:void(0)">school</a>. We're really close friends, but she's not my girlfriend!"
"I'm sorry! I didn't know that you guys weren't-" Medley stopped herself, then continued, "Oh right, I forgot!" She quickly went into her menu, and requested Misai and Junpei to be her friend, and for Junpei to be on her party. "This friend system is really great! We can track each other, message each other and even see each others levels! But it only gets much better from there, I don't know much about it because I don't have any friends online at the moment- well, they're dead, but it's OK because who can blame their parents for not knowing about the Nerve Gear?"

Junpei could see that Medley was upset. He puts a hand on her shoulder consolingly.
"Everything will be fine. We will get through this." he nods.
"W-we should get going soon, afterall, we do need to go before the sun sets! Mobs get stronger at night, so it's best not to night-grind unless you are at a higher level. But first, have you eaten yet? We should all go to the Inn to eat first. Nobody has a high enough cooking skill, so I guess we can't cook our own food yet. But I have enough <a class="ktg6us78hf8vdu7" href="javascript:void(0)">money</a> to pay for all three of us. The food is very cheap here, but their rabbit is a mighty meal! Oh, and their lamb chops are too good to be true! You barely notice that it's virtual food! And to <a class="ktg6us78hf8vdu7" href="javascript:void(0)">think</a> the food gets better and better every floor." Medley trailed off, then continued, "It's a long journey anyway, what do you guys think?"
"Once we get to the next town, that sounds like a good <a class="ktg6us78hf8vdu7" href="javascript:void(0)">idea</a>." Junpei said with a smile.
"I like that idea too!" Misai agreed.


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Devan Howard ~ Blade Slizer

"You got a stutter?" The girl suddenly snapped in response. Devan recoiled a bit, gulping.

"N-no! It's just that I..." Devan sighed. "I-I'm not used to talking to other people...." It was true. Devan Howard was basically a shut-in, not even opening the windows in his room. He felt as though life is caving in on him and that Devan would be crushed and meet a horrible end. "Not even online...."