Maki Tsukuyomi

"Watching a whole city change in front of you...If anyone can bear to see that and keep their sanity, then I'd love to meet them."

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Name || Maki Tsukuyomi
"Strange...That's the last thing I remember..."

Age || 17 (Before death)
"Ah right. I was coming home from school haven't I?"

Gender || Female
"Okay...that's one more thing I can be sure of."

Side || New
"Entities? Virtues? What's that?"

Corresponding Sin or Virtue || Chastity
"Like I said... I don't know what you mean."

Personality || Maki is generally cheerful, which is odd considering that being a new Entity, she was in the middle of an ongoing power struggle. She also has a very short fuse though, prone to getting irritated at the most trivial of things. Logical and practical, she's calm when it comes to her approach and detached when analyzing things.

She's quite social but not always entertaining. If she likes someone and the conversation, she finds herself opening up more. If she doesn't, she politely excuses herself and leaves. In a sense, while it isn't really close to the given Virtue, she was eligible enough to be resurrected as an Entity.

Insignia || Chained angel engraved on a locket.


Appearance || She has long and wavy black hair, kept into twin-tails styled with black ribbons. She stands at around 5'2" and weighs around 47 kg. She still keeps her old school uniform though she tops it with a red coat as compliment. Her aqua colored eyes in particular, stand out making identifying her more easier.

History || Unknown to her, she was related to one of the old Entities of Synchronicity that participated in the war a few years ago. Back then, she had no knowledge of everything that was transpiring within the city. She transferred there upon invitation by one of the city's most prestigious universities to study. Realizing that she can stay in with a relative, she accepted.

She made it just in time for the chasm to happen and for hell to break loose. She recalls dying when the house burned down, blacking out as the flames and debris consume her. In the middle of her unconsciousness, she recalls a sort of bright place though it was rather cold. Something extended to her and she accepted, eventually waking up in the middle of a forest clearing, gazing down at a newly reconstructed Friergate.

Still trying to make sense of things, Maki decides to head down and look for her own answers amidst the current state of things between the Entities and the humans who knew about them.


Weapons/Abilities || Maki is an Esper, someone who uses the power of the mind, given that she's only awakened recently. In life, she was just as athletic as any regular healthy human so her physical capabilities are mediocre at best by Entity standards. She is quite an intelligent person however so she was bestowed with a rather unorthodox method of fighting which is through her mind. Nonetheless, being a new Entity, she hasn't really quite grasped her powers yet which leads to them losing strength at times.

Shock Cannon - Maki's main method of attack is by condensing air into a compressed form and unleashing it towards the target. It isn't that fatal as at best, it only knocks humans out cold. Entities can simply brush it off so she finds ways to use it properly without appearing like a total idiot.

Telekinetic Negation - Maki can use her telekinesis to stop approaching physical objects. She effectively stops one form of attack with emphasis on form as there is a clear difference. For instance, two different calibers of bullets, .50 and .338. Even if one where to fire several .50s on her, she will stop it without fail. However, if one where to fire both a .50 and a .338, she would have to extend her powers to fully guard against them, exceeding her limit resulting into either only one attack is stopped or reducing the impact of both attacks.

Condensed Pyrokinesis - A combination of psychokinesis and magic, it's generally a means of destroying obstacles. What she does is transfer her own fire circuits onto an object and explode it from within. This ability doesn't work on people and Entities as it will only work if her own energy can flow without interference by say, a person's life energy or an Entity's own magic circuit.

Forewarning Eye - An ability that lets her analyze possible results in an encounter. In a sense, it works somewhat as a false future sight. What it does is show her the possible outcomes, not entirely giving her the one true outcome that could follow. It's too unreliable and risky of an ability so Maki rarely uses it but when she does, she makes sure she has already made her own judgement about what to do.

Decisive Skill || Psychokinesis - Maki's decisive skill is an abstract one since her skill works as a passive. It is through her own decisive skill that utilization of her other skills are permitted. As a form of power, it is a powerful, rarely documented psychic ability that allows him to influence any physical system without the need for physical interaction. Being a power of the mind, it has an array of utilization. Telekinesis, healing, pyrokinesis, hypnosis and telepathy are all subsets of this particular ability. Upon activation, patterns form around her limbs which can be seen even through clothing.

Theme Song || Blazing - GARNiDELiA (Gundam: G no Reconguista)

So begins...

Maki Tsukuyomi's Story


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"Fire... Destruction as far as the eye could see...

I can hear a myriad of other voices calling out. To whom, I wonder? To their families? Friends? Lovers? I don't know. I stumble as my vision fades for a moment.

It's no use. I feel like I'm suffocating in the smoke. I'm slowly losing my grip on this reality."

New Friergate City. A city in the midst of a great rehabilitation and expansion, aiming to recover after the great fire that ravaged all but little of the people who chose to remain, staying into homes that have been rebuilt for them, trying to piece back their broken lives on their own, or with the sympathy of others. A family passed by the park that was being rebuilt. Their little boy looked on, gazing down on his favorite attraction: a giraffe shaped house where he used to play in. Back then it was colorful, mostly thanks to his and his friends fooling around with the paint. Now, one can't even tell what animal it was with half of it now black. Such was the pain that the survivors had to deal with on a daily basis.

Right. In this city--everyone was a survivor.

"Ugh...where am I?" From within the forest on the outskirts of the city, a lone girl stood up, her vision slowly returning. The first to greet her eyes were the stars above, providing some lighting on an otherwise dark surrounding. "Huh? How did I get here?" She wondered, glancing to her left and right, trying to spot something she can't fully describe. She tries recalling the last incident she remembers.

"Fire...Fire as far as the eyes could see. And then--"


Her thoughts were interrupted by a sound coming from the shrubs. "Who's there?!" She yelled out, not knowing why she had responded with such anger in her voice. It seemed to scare off whatever caused the sound as she soon heard rustling sounds moving away from her, growing more fainter in each succession. "A-Ah! Wait!" She ran after it, hoping to catch up. Oddly enough, she felt her feet was lighter and she was skimming the forest naturally, like she was part of it all along. Her vision isn't really helping properly though.

"Damn...If only I can see well enough--!" She cursed angrily in her mind as she made her way through the darkness, following something with only sounds serving as her guide. Suddenly, flashes of light caught her eye, forcing her to pause a bit. It only lasted for a few seconds but as soon as that thought enter her mind, they started appearing again, immediately fading afterwards. It was small and when she looked closely, they appear to be emerging from where the sounds were coming from. Faint lights and sounds. Not much to lead on but it was better than nothing.

"I'm catching up to it... I can do this!" Resolute, she ran on, not once feeling a little exhausted though she didn't really notice it. Finally, the flickering streams of light were nearing a gap in the forest where light was pouring. This raised her spirits as she ran faster, looking forward to what she'll find out.

Finally, she reached that spot and saw the answer as to why they were only small streaks of light. All this time, what she had been following was a mere rabbit. She stopped exactly at the illuminated area, feeling the need to breathe in after running for so long. "Oh I see... I guess I was stupid to think that there would be someone out here in the middle of the---wha--?"

She turned around as she spoke and was astonished at what she saw in that gap. A towering skyscraper..no, several buildings, some under construction, standing in place of what she remembered to be a city that burst in flames. It may not have looked the same but she remembers the landscape at the very least.

"T-This is Friergate?!!!"


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Somewhere--a place lost in the passing of time, a young woman struggled to rise up from a quiet yet barren battlefield. They were outgunned. They already outnumbered him yet they were all just fish in a barrel to him.

She kept her head still as she felt the warmth of her own blood behind her back. She was losing consciousness. The darkness was starting to take over her mind. She didn't know how long she's descended into the abyss of death but she soon felt the cold light enveloping her form. She recalled answering:

"Yes... I want to--"

It was there that she realizes she's been dreaming again, leaving both the question and her full answer forgotten until this very moment.

"Back at the red light district, a small commotion ensued as people panicked after hearing threats of a rumored bomb planted inside the building. The police immediately arrived at the scene to assess and resolve the situation. Some are attributing these to a possible re-emergence of the old group known as Sinner's--"

Rin turned off the television upon hearing a knock at her unit's door. She bid whoever it was to come in and through the doors, a young woman passed, carrying a file folder with a worried look in her face. "I hope it's not another kidnapping incident again." Almost as if on instinct, Rin immediately took a guess that she'll be sent in somewhere soon.

"No. There is another matter that was brought to our attention. Take a look at this." She immediately handed the file to Rin, who flipped through the images contained inside. "It's been three years since reconstruction began but somehow, the areas in question seem to--well, I'll just say it isn't exactly cooperating. There's always natural foliage and phenomenon occurring in this place, preventing us from converting the broken land."

"All it looks like to me is that whoever last owned the place didn't exactly like tending to their lawn." Rin replied as she looked at the images of certain sections of closed-off roads with sudden vegetation sprouting. "Plants are rather resilient so I'm not surprised if the forest has extended its grasp here in the last three years."

"You're talking about years. It might interest you to know that these plants grew here almost overnight. There are also reports from our operatives about an individual who was seen spotted along the deserted areas. It's a long shot but--"

"It's possible to assume that this could be the doings of an Entity?" Rin glanced up at the woman.

"Yes. Activity seems to be increasing again. I honestly hope that none of them makes their move yet. We haven't exactly been able to complete the rehabilitation plan to even 50% of the targeted rate." She took a deep breath and stared at the young operative in the eye. "Rin...we need you to hunt them down again. Please. You're the only one we can ask this of." She pleaded solemnly before heading out the door.

"But why? Even back then-- Why am I capable of harming them while all other soldiers find it hard to do so. Could it be linked to that attack from back then? Or is it what that damn Entity of Patience was telling me about? Either way--" Rin walked over to her cabinet, opening it to reveal a black rifle stashed inside. "Something needs to be done."

"Hey! Wake up!" Voices. Her eyes were suddenly snapped into wakefulness by a bright light shining down on her face. The surrounding area had gotten brighter and she swears she could hear the faint crowing of a rooster somewhere in the distance.

"Oh right... I fell asleep here..." She tried to speak amidst her own yawning and stretching. Upon fully opening her eyes though, she realized that the voices she heard were a couple of security guards. And they were armed.

"This place is off-limits miss. How did you get here?" The began their inquiry as one of them phoned what she thought was their outpost or station. She immediately began thinking of an excuse.

"Hey officer? Would you believe me if I say that I suddenly woke up in the middle of a forest and chased a bunny around until I decided to follow the lights of the city and camped out here to sleep while I try to make sense of things? No way! They're not buying that!" She immediately shrugged off telling the truth as she prepares her own fabricated tale. "Well you see...Me and a bunch of classmates had a really wild party last night here and...I must have passed out during the drinking game so---they ditched me-- I guess? At least, I don't see their car around. Have you officers?"

"We saw no one else miss. Except you."

"I see! So they really did leave me here. Haha...well, I'll just walk home then..." She nervously excused herself as she tried to get away, hoping they'll buy it.

"Hold on there!" One of the officers called out making her turn back. "You said you were here with your classmates...That uniform of yours--that's Seiren's isn't it?" He pointed out to the uniform she was wearing.

"Yeah...We were just celebrating the end of our exams--" She tried adding detail but she can now tell from their gazes that something wasn't adding up.

"Seiren Technical Institute...was destroyed in the fire three years ago. It remains closed until this day. So--We'll have to bring you in for trespassing." The two officers started walking towards her. She stepped back, not sure if she wants to explain herself in a prison somewhere. As they pulled her handcuffs, instinct immediately took over and she ran, forcing the cops to follow her. Like in the forest, she seems to run fast that the cops even found it difficult to keep up with her. Still, she needed to stall them somehow. Turning to the right, she saw a large trashcan and thought of pushing it but as she reached out to grab it, it immediately went to the position her hand dictated it to go.

"Now I seem to have telekinesis. What's next?" She continued running, eventually reaching a small, abandoned town. She can't recall much but, three years? "So maybe that's why some parts of Friergate was already rebuilt. If that's the case...then I was knocked out for three years? That's really crazy!"

Realizing that she managed to lose them, she thought of stopping at a nearby building that looked like a restaurant. "I guess I might find some canned food or something." Along the way, she noticed that there were plants all over the street but she was too confused to pay it any heed now. Entering inside, she browsed through the counters and tables, checking to see if she can find a kitchen somewhere. She succeeded in finding the restroom though and thought of trying the tap. No good.

"What kind of restaurant places their kitchen in a hard to reach spot--oh!" She found a door ajar and she headed to it as it resembled the kind of door restaurants in movies had. She didn't notice a pipe on the ground and she accidentally stepped on it, rolling it as she fell down. Managing to catch a glimpse of what's inside. From her line of sight, there seemed to be a man, not sure if dead or alive, and a dog. A big dog. Like the one in cop movies. She thought that she must have woken it as she swears she saw it stir so she immediately fumbled for something to fend it off with, managing to grab a shard of glass on the floor. It's normally not much but if she really was capable of moving things with her mind, then she easily hurl it to end this unfortunate creature's life should it attack.


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From within the Sky Castle...

Alistair slowly stirred from sleep, groggily opening his silver eyes and glancing around. It seemed that sleep had overtaken him while he was keeping watch on the monitors, trying to find new Entities to no avail. As he moved to sit up from his position, he let out a low groan as he was hit with a splitting headache. He instinctively reached up with his left arm to rub at his head and felt cold metal pressing against his forehead.
"...Has it really been two years?"

Shaking his head, he looked to the monitors again. One of the owls had perched near an area- and if memory served him right, Alistair was sure that there wasn't much vegetation growing around the area when he had checked on it last night. He narrowed his eyes, his weariness dissipating as he furrowed his eyebrows. No tree could grow that fast. Everyone knew that trees could take years to grow to full size. "Unless...someone can command vegetation to grow rapidly..." Intrigued, the Entity of Pride leaned back and started thinking to himself.

No human could do that- obviously, there wasn't even anything invented to make vegetation to grow at a rapid rate-, that was for sure. Alistair hadn't heard of an Entity that had that kind of power. At least, he didn't know any Entities from the previous war that had a power like that. He could only come to one conclusion- that this was probably the doing of a new Entity, although he knew not if Sin or Virtue. As much as he was unacquainted with young and new Entities coming into the world, if he wanted to accomplish the Circus's desire, he had to get some people on his side first.

With that thought in mind, he stood up, replacing his metal claw with the beam rifle. He took up the handle of the Drawn Sword and tucked it into his jacket, and he cloaked himself with Unholy Exertion as he opened a portal to depart from the Sky Castle.

"Nothing will stop the desire of the Circus," he murmured to himself as he descended upon Friergate once more.


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A verdant green field spread out before him, as far as the eye could see. Gently the wind bent the tall grass, back and forth, back and forth, like a mother lulling a child to sleep. Bahl took off his mask and inhaled deeply, soaking in the sweet scent of the grass on the wind. "I like this place... Where am I?" he asked aloud, staring at the field.
"Why, you're here!" "That's not what he meant you dunce!" "Where is here?" "Here is here of course." "H-hey... that's not really an answer." came the soft whispers of the many blades of grass.

Bahl chuckled and put his hands up. "It's fine, it's fine... forget I asked." But suddenly a wave passed over the scenery, the sky darkened and the grass began to slowly vanish.
Space itself seemed to quiver and close in on itself as darkness encroached.

Bahl's eyes snapped open, and was immediately bombarded with information. The growling of a dog while it shouts "WAKE UP. WAKE UP!", the waves of pain shooting up the left side of his body, and the smell of a girl, a very young, very scared girl. Immediately Bahl grabbed his mask and slipped it over his face, not wanting to be seen. "Shhh... Its alright." he said to the dog, though to the girl it would sound like more than a low, deep mumble. The dog slowly let its growl die down, but kept its attention fixed on the intruder. Bahl dug through his pockets for a seed and pulled out a tomato seed. Good enough. With a small groan Bahl pushed himself up onto his feet and pushed open the ajar door, staring down at the girl wielding a shard of glass in her trembling hands from behind his mask.
"Who... are you?" He frowned and tilted his head. She appeared to be a student, he'd seen some of them wearing clothes like hers. At the very least, she definitely wasn't with Sacred Drive, that was apparent from the lack of guns or unloading said guns into his person.


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"Amidst the fire and smoke, I heard voices crying out. Though none of them seem to be crying out my name--my name--what was it again? I seemed to have forgotten. Everything was slowly starting to lose sense.

For some time, she remained almost in some sort of trance before she felt the cold light envelop her. It caressed my dying form although why it was doing so was unknown to me. It was like it was tempting me into something.

The voices have long disappeared. And with it, so did the scenery around her and all was left was a cold brightness..."

As the animal growled in front of her, she immediately stood up. It doesn't seem like it was willing to back down soon. There's just no way to reason with a creature that just operates on a whole different instinct from you. Especially now that she was--well, she honestly doesn't know what she was.

"I'd like to say it was a coincidence but--" She murmured as a sort of explanation to the dog though she was completely positive that it didn't understand a single thing she said. All that was in her mind right now was to get out alive. For all she knows, the man lying down may have been this creature's last dinner.

She thought of running but she wasn't sure if she'll out speed it. Maybe walk away calmly? No, it was already too agitated to let go. No choice. Her only instinct was to fight. She slowly let go of the shard of glass she held, halting the trembling of her fingers. The shard levitated, like she assumed earlier.

"I was right huh?" Still, even as she thought that, she knew one little shard won't kill it especially since she has no idea what vital parts to aim for. But there was another way. She glanced at all the glass shards around her and willed for them to move so she can wield them as well. Now, she towered like an evil flower with its thorns all ready to strike out.

"You should've just stayed asleep..." Suddenly, the man who was lying down seemed to have woken from his sleep. He growled somehow...which kind of confused her since that...wasn't something you'd normally know a man is able to say. The dog stepped down though it still seemed fixated on mauling her down. He turned to face her...and popped the question.

"Who... are you?"

That's when it hit her. So far, she barely recalled what her own name was. Up until she woke up in that forest, she wasn't able to recall everything. That single question raised a whole chain reaction of trying to recover lost memories. Were they gone? No, she remembered the fire...and the state of the city back then. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been surprised now that the city stood anew before her. But her name...her past, where were they? Were they hidden somewhere? Were they lost in that sea of dying voices?

"I can't--" She suddenly fell down again, the glass shards falling down like petals with her. Everything just felt so unreal and confusing.


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Bahl, head still tilted at this strange girl, caught a piece of glass as it fell from its perch in the air towards the ground and slowly turned it over in his hand. "That was an unexpected reaction." He tossed the glass aside and looked down at the girl, a frown splitting the exposed portion of his face. Obviously, this was no ordinary human. He'd yet to see any mere human capable of feats such as telekinesis. Well, he hadn't been here all that long anyway so who could really tell? Shaking his head he wondered what he was to do in this kind of situation... A few easy options came to mind, he could simply run away again while the girl was in shock, or even kill her. He chewed on his lower lip, disliking the idea of killing a helpless girl. There was also the chance that Sacred drive was still out there, and in his state he doubted he could avoid another confrontation. With a heavy sigh, he resigned himself to taking the hard option. With a flick of his wrist and a glance he ordered the dog into the corner of the kitchen, where it walked to and laid down.

Stepping around the girl in the doorway, he walked into the dinning area of the former restaurant and grabbed the nearest chair that still had some kind of cushion. He took it into the kitchen, put it down not far from the prep area and turned his attention back to the girl. He grumbled slightly to himself and without so much as a warning, grabbed her under the arms, carried her over to the chair and sat her down in it. "Sit." he said with a firm yet gentle voice, the kind of voice that made someone not want to argue. He then knelt down in front of her and softly took her hand, pushing into her palm a small seed. "Hold this for me, alright? I'm going to find you something to eat." he said in the same voice as before, then turning away from her and walking towards the prep area.

There... wasn't really much food left here to be had, but Bahl felt up to the task. He dug through the remaining food of the pantry, finding inside vegetable broth, canned corn, packaged spinach which was a little odd, canned tomatoes and a few spices. Soup it is. Dragging his meager ingredients out to the stove, he found a pot and wiped it out with his sleeve, filled it with their meager provisions and tried his luck with the stove. Not even a spark.

With a growl, Bahl took a step back and delivered a hard kick to the front of the stove, leaving a massive dent. Suddenly flames spewed forth from the stove top. He managed to get the small fire out with tomato juice while still keeping one fire lit. He put the pot over the flame and looked at it for a small while... then gave it a satisfied nod.

"You never answered my question."


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"Do you remember why you came here? Why you chose to be at the wrong place at the wrong time? No? Well, there's really not much to be done. Whether by fate or by coincidence, you ended up here...having lost your life in the process as well.

Sometimes, that's just the way things work. We are all just little puppets in this twisted game of life and death. The question for you is do you want a second chance?"

"That was an unexpected reaction."

She wasn't really surprised by what the man said. But for her, it was as honest a reaction that he could possibly get from her. Everything was still unclear and so far, none of her doubts were answered since she came here, on the run away from the guards. This man seemed to have a calm demeanor on him though, at least, compared to the fauna that accompanied him. She feels like the dog was still on to her though.

He took out a seat, albeit an old but functional one, and offered it to her. "Thanks..." She managed to mutter as it was appreciated. The glass shards on the floor wasn't really making sitting on it any comfier. As soon as she was settled, he softly took her hand and gave her some seed of sorts. Being no botanist herself, she didn't really know what it was--or what it meant for that matter.

"Hold this for me, alright? I'm going to find you something to eat."

He informed her as he took off again, looking for something. "Well...if he gave it to me so he could look for food, it probably means that...I'm not supposed to eat this seed. It's so small anyway that I won't be even able to satisfy myself with this." Her belly grumbled as she though so. She felt as if she hadn't eaten in days. A little late but since no one was looking, she pulled up her collar and sniffed it. Still fresh. "How long was I out, exactly?"

Finally, she heard some shuffling in the kitchen. Seems he had found them some food after all. Granted that they may have long passed their expiry date but at this point, anything is fine for her. He can't seem to get the fire started though.

"Come on...we're hungry..." She thought, referring to the stove which probably hasn't been touched in years when it suddenly lit itself. Was it her doing? Does she have pyrokinesis as well as telekinesis? She wasn't sure. Everything's so confusing.

"You never answered my question."

The man asked her as they waited for their food to cook. Was he just trying to make conversation? She wasn't sure as well. At least, it was better than awkward silence. "I can't answer that--for the sole reason I don't know. Or...I'm not sure. Some memories start returning but I don't think I have a way of confirming them for myself." She replied calmly, rubbing her temples a little. She stared at him, her aqua eyes meeting his.

"My turn. Can I ask you some questions?"