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Synchronicity: Paradise of Light and Shadow

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Join this young traveler on his treacherous journey to save his twin sister from the Dragon Keeper and dethrone the tyrant the people of Anatolí call their queen.

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Character Portrait: Jonas Feyhart

A Wandering Kensai, sworn to his lord, and to the sword.

Character Portrait: King of Nótia Armond D' Angouleme

Entering at the hour is the King, My hour.

Character Portrait: Vaniargrand Vi Occidens

"One way or another, this world shall bow to me"

Character Portrait: Andréa Fairfax

"I will love the light for it shows me the way. Yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars"

Character Portrait: Mai Nora

"Go jump in a volcano or somethin'."

Character Portrait: Arkyn de Calzone Voreia

Beauty sleeps as beauty dies. I neither slumber, nor am I held tightly by deaths grip; I am beauty forged from the hammer and anvil of God, the Prince of Voreia! Description

Character Portrait: Raiz, Dark Knight of Anatoli

Raiz is known as The Dark Knight of Anatoli. He is a grim and distant figure whom few really know well. He is the sworn guardian of the queen and is both a capable sorcerer and swordsman.

Character Portrait: King Baldrick Voreia

"Bring forth the feast! Let us dine in good humor!"

Character Portrait: Ashton Willowmark

Character Portrait: Marcus Von Burken

No, I'm not death. Why would you ask such a thing?


"I shall rule, any and all who stand in my way shall be torn asunder."

Character Portrait: Avarrianne Voradiis

"Nothing is as it seems. Not even me."

Character Portrait: Maedoc Soulfast

It seems my duties never end, but if this is what I must do to survive then it shall be done.

Character Portrait: Aryel Rosenguard

This fight shall not be in vain, I'll make sure of it!

Character Portrait: Tiris Lanswarth Occiden

I am not my father, I wish only for peace. What is the worth of your material power over people? Father, why do you seek something so empty and unfulfilling?

Character Portrait: Rhys Hughes

I can't control my destiny, I trust my soul, my only goal is just to be. There's only now, there's only here. Give in to love or live in fear. No other path, no other way. No day but today.

Character Portrait: Asphyxious Crawfell

"Thousands? No, don't be silly, millions shall be killed."

Character Portrait: Princess Cerebra Snow Primrose of Occidens

"Isn't she just beautiful? I suddenly feel my heart break,"

Character Portrait: Mitsuki Voreia

Should I tell..No..

Character Portrait: Emiko Misaki de Medlimar

"I will reveal the truth. Our history has been concealed from us, and that is a betrayl of trust."

Character Portrait: Lavinia DeMounte

"How lovely, do want me to give you a tissue or push you in?"

Character Portrait: Leora

How long do I have to sing for my nightmares to go away?

Character Portrait: Kra'zahl the Flamebringer

By Claw and Flame, I will be free...

Character Portrait: Rourke

Knight of V??reia, Bodyguard of the Princess