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Andréa Fairfax

"I will love the light for it shows me the way. Yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars"

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a character in “Synchronicity: Paradise of Light and Shadow”, as played by Cayleen


Andréa Fairfax

Red Knight

Knight to the queen of AntolÍ



Appearance Description
Andréa is tall, standing at about 5 foot 11. Her tall frame is accompanied by a curvaceous body that, if it weren’t for the concealing armor adorning her body, would attract the eyes of many. This womanly body is conditioned from years of fighting with tough, toned muscle. Her shoulders, though they are neither slight nor excessively broad, serve as the base of her surprisingly thin neck and branch out into two thin, yet strong, arms. These arms curve and swell slightly in an almost elegant manner as they reach the biceps and triceps. The toned muscles of her arms gently recede as they near Andréa’s narrow wrists and spread into a pair of slender hands adorned with long, slender fingers. The rest of her body is just as strong as her arms. Her chest is rather voluptuous, and they have, though she hates to admit it, been used in acts of coaxing or persuasion. Her chest sharply recedes and gives way to a narrow and toned waist. Her waist carefully spreads out in an urbane manner into a pair of graceful hips. Supporting her hips is a pair of long, shapely legs. The thighs of these legs are solid as fat is a very scares thing when it comes to her body and the calves sharply jut out below her knees.

Her skin is strangely pale; leaving no hint as to how much time she truly does spend outside and is almost free of all blemishes and scars. Her light face is shrouded in a cloak of short, thick, auburn hair that hangs freely about her face in a slightly choppy way. The edges of her hair gently brush just above her neck and angles down with her slight chin. Hidden behind this shroud of hair resides a pair of deep, nearly red, brown orbs filled with bright, golden flecks. Andréa's eyes are one of her most identifiable and noticeable features.

A skilled swordsman and warrior who almost never losses a battle

Phobias / Fears
She is afraid of not being able to protect the ones she loves. (cliché right?)

Bad Habits / Vices
Andréa has a tendency to drink more than what's healthy for one's body

Best Qualities
She is very loyal to those she's deemed trustworthy and you can count on her to have your back in a fight

Worst Qualities
She is excessively stubborn and will stop at nothing to accomplish her goals.

  • Serving her queen, though she has begun to question if Queen Reiann is suited to be a ruler.
  • Swordsmanship
  • Sparing
  • Alcohol

  • Loosing(very rare for her too loose in a fight). If she does loose she usually flees to her friend, alcohol, and mentally goes over the battle, searching for any of the flaws she made that lead her to defete
  • The queen's protector; Andréa feels that she is all the queen needs for protection
  • Failing to accomplish her goals

Her main goal is to save the captive twin from sharing the same fate as her friend.

Before she was the Queen's protector she lived with her wealthy family in a large manor very close to that of the Queen. It was at this homey manor that she lived her carefree youth. Growing up, Andréa was rarely permitted to leave the land owned by her father and because of this she had very few friends. One of these few friends was a young and kind girl of about the same age as Andréa. Her name was Teto; she was the daughter of the head of her father's maid staff and became Andréa's friend almost immediately. Teto was a lovely girl; both in persona and looks. She had vivid pink hair that was nearly always worn in spiraling pigtails at either side of her head and a pair of brilliant ruby eyes to accompany them. Teto was a sweet girl who would spend as much of her free time with Andréa as she could manage. Andréa greatly appreciated Teto's presence and loved her dearly. Of the two Teto was definitely more adventurous than Andréa. She would constantly coax Andréa into leaving her family's land boundaries and get her into entering the Dásos Scuro. When caught leaving the manor, the duo were both equally punished. These antics continued throughout their childhood and ended at about the age of 16 when Teto was taken away. Andréa's beloved best friend was taken away as yet another sacrifice or offering to the feared dragon. Teto lasted for only a few short months in the dank cave with the ferocious beast. The dragon had killed her with a tremendous blow to the head with its mighty claws. Andréa heard of the news shortly after Teto's death and went into a serious depression. She no longer smiled or went outside; instead she sulked in her room, dwelling on the past. Months passed like this before Andréa had a change of heart. Instead of watching the ones she cared for pass away with no protection she was going to become stronger. After this decision, she cut her long, lush, auburn hair and trained day in and day out to strengthen her mind and body in the way of the sword and other aspects of fighting. Several years of harsh, body and mind straining training, Andréa became a skilled swords-woman and was hired as one of the queen's loyal protectors.

Hex Code

Other Important Details
Not as of yet

Her armor is her best friend and Andréa is rarely spotted without it adorning her figure. It is made from a polished iron that gleams gloriously in any light and is impenetrable to nearly all weapons it has encountered. As a knight and protector to the queen, Andréa’s armor is very ornate and she loves it dearly. The front of the fitted chest plate is decorated with designs etched with a vivid crimson. Her fingerless leather gloves, reaching just below her elbow, are the same bright red as the designs on her front and allow her cotton clad fingers to move freely. Her left shoulder pad is larger than the right and the gleaming metal is rimmed with crimson. Her hips are protected by the single layer of surprisingly strong material that created the crimson dress she wore beneath her armor. Strapped about her scarcely protected hips is her sword sheath. Her shapely legs are protected by iron similar to the rest of her armor and resemble very closely to a pair of thigh-high boots.

So begins...

Andréa Fairfax's Story