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Mitsuki Voreia

Should I tell..No..

0 · 418 views · located in The Queendom of the East, Anatoli

a character in “Synchronicity: Paradise of Light and Shadow”, as played by Luna Star


Mitsuki Vóreia

Princess of Vóreia

Being the Princess

16 soon to turn 17


Appearance Description
She has long silver hair. When she doesnt tie up her hair, it goes all the way to her back. She has a pair of icy blue eyes which have speaks of silver in it, and it seems to have a gleam of sorrow. On the other hand when she is with her family her eyes have a gleam of happiness. Mitsuki is fairly tall. She is slender as well, also her skin is pale. It has a sickly look to it yet it looks graceful.

She usually wears very light clothing Something comfortable to walk in.

  • Her skills of calming people especially children are better then most maidens out there
  • Keeping secrets
  • She is skilled with most weapons such as swords and bow and arrows.

Phobias / Fears
  • She fears of her family to find out of her secret.
  • Fears to be alone
  • Fears to be too weak for anything

Bad Habits / Vices
  • Never lets any one in
  • thinking she can handle things herself.
  • Trying to act strong when she really needs help.

Best Qualities
  • Mitsuki is loyal to her loved ones.
  • Tries her best
  • cares for others more then herself

Worst Qualities
  • keeping harmful secret

  • Sweet treats such as strawberry cake
  • brother, her guard Rourke (thinks of him as an brother) and her father
  • Weapons especially swords
  • Warmth and the cold

  • staying still
  • being weak
  • worrying people
  • pain
  • hot temperatures

To find a cure for her "secret" disease and become stronger.

When Mitsuki was young she was perfectly healthy. She'll always train self defense as well with weapons. She loved to train even if it wasent lady like, but her father never cared much he wanted her to be happy. One day when she was training alone, she suddenly fell to the ground breathing heavily, and coughing out blood. Hearing footsteps, Mitsuki weakly covered the blood with dirt then wore a fake facade fooling the maids. The disease was a real pain but she never told anyone except her trusted guard. Her father was the king, her brother was soon to be a king, and she was to become nothing because of this disease. She will become a nothing, she wont be able to give healthy children to a man, so she was worthless. There was no point in worrying others. So Mitsuki always kept it a secret never saying a thing and always suffering the pain alone. Until she met Rourke. She was told to stay with him from her father when bandits came to the kingdom stealing eveything they can get there hads on including children and women. After awhile of being protected by him, she opened up for the first time and told him her secret. Some relief came over her. Rourke now portects her, and she feels happy about it.

Hex Code

Other Important Details
She has an awful disease causing her not to move much. if she tires herself she will pass out, breath heavily, feel a terrible pain in her chest or coughs out small/large amounts of blood. Her lifespan is short because of it and Mitsuki knows that. She doesn't fear death. Rourke knows of the secret

So begins...

Mitsuki Voreia's Story