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Raiz, Dark Knight of Anatoli

Raiz is known as The Dark Knight of Anatoli. He is a grim and distant figure whom few really know well. He is the sworn guardian of the queen and is both a capable sorcerer and swordsman.

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a character in “Synchronicity: Paradise of Light and Shadow”, as played by Lanz



The Queen's Guardian

Sorcerer, bodyguard.

Unknown. His age cannot be placed due to how much magic he has channeled into his own body.


Appearance Description
While Raiz is most commonly seen in his foreign and dire-looking armor, beneath it he looks more ordinary than one might expect. Raiz rarely shows his face in public. If he is not armored, he is generally hooded. Only the queen and few important individuals have ever seen his face.

Raiz's battle armor is a strange and foreign design. It is heavily enchanted to be more protective than it appears without hindering his mobility, and it projects an aura of unease to those around it. Those of a strong mind may simply feel discomforted around the armor, but those of a weaker mind could be struck with terror at its sight. Raiz's reputation as a remorseless killer does not dampen this effect. The focal point of the fear-inducing qualities of the armor come primarily from the war-mask. To look directly into his armored visage is to be affected by the most potent levels of the enchantment, and most do not meet his gaze.

Raiz is a skilled swordmaster and powerful sorcerer. He wields a pair of enchanted blades, named Hurricane & Bittertouch. His dominion over ice and wind synergize with his combat ability. His power whirls around him in combat. Foul winds, icy ground and blinding snowstorms conspire to ruin his opponent's momentum. He can direct this icy wind into blasts that can freeze a man solid if subjected to it for long enough.

Phobias / Fears
Raiz fears the loss of his powers, which is tied to sources outside himself. He also fears the imprisoned dragon, who knows how to break that power.

Bad Habits / Vices
Raiz has an immoral taste for developing his power, and frequently takes prisoners and others who anger the queen to test his powers upon. Most die in terrible ways.

Best Qualities
For all his cruellness, Raiz always has a motive. He considers his work to be a necessary evil towards some greater good.

Worst Qualities
He rarely speaks much with anyone, and generally never speaks his mind. As such, few understand his perspective or motives, and to most he is simply evil.

  • Studying old languages.
  • Swordplay.
  • Arcane research.
  • Weapon and armor forging.

  • Weakness.
  • Indecisiveness.
  • Children.

Raiz aims to reach a specific pinnacle of power which will shed his mortal limitations and grant him supernatural ability. It is unknown how close he already is.

Hex Code

Other Important Details
Raiz Unarmored:


Raiz has a cool demeanor and is not known to be particularly emotional. Even when he kills it is generally not an action of hot-blooded hate or cruelty. The casual ease with which he kills is unsettling to some, and many wonder just how many have died for his schemes. Around the queen, he maintains a professional and obedient attitude and generally answers to the queen's needs without hesitation. He does not have any interest in most others except for those who have been inducted into the arts of magic.


Bittertouch & Hurricane
Bittertouch and Hurricane are cruel-looking scimitars that are enhanced with elemental energy. Hurricane has the power to control wind, while Bittertouch has power over icy cold. These blades allow Raiz to draw upon his powers quickly in combat. Without them the magic would be too slow to be practical. Each blade is coated in hoarfrost and to be struck with one is to feel the terrible icy grip of death, sapping the life force of its victims and filling the void with numbing darkness. The elemental power in the blades links them to Raiz, and allows them to be recalled to his hand as if by telekinesis from significant distances away.

Mask of Zuulthas
While Raiz is known for being able to forge arcane weapons and armor, he did not create the Mask of Zuulthas. It is an artifact he recovered during his time away from the kingdom. It bears the markings of an ancient empire that was known for its terrible warlords and evil wizards. The mask is undoubtedly a thing of ancient magic, but it's true power is unknown to all. Even Raiz.

Raiz's Armor
Raiz's armor consists of partial plates covering his body, upon a leather suit with loose-fitting fabric vest and pants. It is light-weight and easy to move around in, yet provides protection rivaling that of a high-quality suit of platemail. The armor also makes Raiz resilient to cold, allowing him to wrap his icy magic around himself without risk of suffering its effects.


Born to a poor family, Raiz grew up as a boy always wanting for things he could not have. His youth was spent scrounging to survive until he found his path to freedom when he was a teenager. He had taken to pick-pocketing valuables to survive until one day he stole a strange ring from an old man. The old man heaved the moment the ring left his pocket, then died. Raiz didn't think much of it at the time, rather just thanking his luck that the man's death was enough of a distraction for him to get away. Later he examined the ring and found himself lost for hours staring into its deep, ornate details. When he finally pulled his thoughts from the ring, he felt as if he had returned from a journey. He kept the ring, and continued to stare into it for many days. It was like a drug, and nothing else mattered to him other than the strange whispers and odd sensations that staring into the ring brought. It disposed whispers of secret knowledge into his mind, and he came to know things that he had never been taught. Soon he began to follow the whispers of the ring for the promise of receiving more of its magic. This lead him to his first kill, and his second, and his third. By the age of twenty, he had killed dozens in back alleys and isolated areas. Each kill made the ring stronger, and he began to feel its icy power when he gazed into it. No one knows what happened to Raiz after that point other than that he left the kingdom. Ten years passed, until an armored sorcerer came to the courts of Anatoli, shortly after the current queen had taken power. The guards who tried to stop him were struck down, their bodies frozen and broken, until he requested to be presented before the queen. What arrangement they made and what offers were exchanged is known only to them, but from that point forwards, Raiz was never far from the queen, and no threat has come close to her without being intercepted by Raiz.

So begins...

Raiz, Dark Knight of Anatoli's Story