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Synchronicity: Paradise of Light and Shadow

The Kingdom of the South, Notia


a part of Synchronicity: Paradise of Light and Shadow, by Cayleen.

The southern regions have been named Nótia after it's rather small capital city

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Nótia's climate is moderate and perfect for nearly all-year farming. It is made up of plains the seemingly go on for ever and the residents of the southern regions use them as farming land
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The Kingdom of the South, Notia

The southern regions have been named Nótia after it's rather small capital city


The Kingdom of the South, Notia is a part of Synchronicity: Paradise of Light and Shadow.

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Dear Journal...
I am writing you on the late eve to tell you that i fear the kingdom is going to fall under the attacks of thine enemies, and I do not know what is to become of my lovely kingdom. I must pray to the gods for the fear that if I do not I am not going to have a kingdom much longer. The attacks come in from every angle possible, and my troops has fallen into despair that the defenses will not hold. I do now know how many more men that I can spare to the borders. I write in this journal that in hopes that something will come and save us from the blunder that is going to be my kingdom if I do nothing.

The hour of the eve was late, and the king was deep into his journal. The wind was blowing ever so softly from the deep southern winds that were coming. The wind had a chill to it that could only be brought from the southern winds. As the king writes, a messenger from the Queendom was on its way to the gate. The howls of the castle watch could be heard in the night.

"Open the gates! A messenger is coming!"

The protest of the castle gates and the moaning of the wood as the doors were opened sounded in the night like a horror had taken a mothers babe. In rode the messenger and up to the castle steps. The horse and rider was greeted by a stable boy. The boy took the reigns of the horse and the messenger hit the floor with a sprint into the castle.

A loud knocking could be heard on the door of the kings chambers, but he didn't hear it at first, his nose was to buried deep in the journal that he was writing in. The knock at the door came louder, and with a loud roar like voice, "What is it?!" The king stood slamming the journal closed. He stood from the chair and headed to the door. As he moved to the door the kingly robes, and his long platinum hair flowed behind him like a river that graced an angelic figure. He opened the door, "What could you want at this hour Jenkins?" Jenkins cleared his throat with a bow, "Your majesty you have a message from the Queendom." Armond pushed past his servant, and headed into the throne room where the messenger waited.

In the throne room stood a tall and skinny man that bared a message, and his orders were to give it directly to the Queen. Armond took his seat in the throne that was made of the finest of Iron wood that was prominent in the southern kingdom of Notia. Armond looked to Jenkins so that he may retrieve the letter from the messenger. Jenkins bowed low again and headed to the messenger to take the letter. Once the letter was in the hand of Jenkins he stepped up the dais to the king. He handed the letter to the king, and with a quick bow the messenger headed out. He didn't even wait for any hospitality from the king, nor did he wait for an answer.

Armond took the letter and produced a small dagger from his belt. He placed the dagger under the wax seal and cut the letter open. Armond unrolled the parchment, and started to read...