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Synchronicity: Paradise of Light and Shadow

The Kingdom of the West, Occidens


a part of Synchronicity: Paradise of Light and Shadow, by Cayleen.

The western region is, like every other region, named after its capital city. Many parts of Occidens have been described as barren and unfruitful. The inhabited areas, however, are fruitful with the hard labors of strong, loyal subjects.

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over The Kingdom of the West, Occidens, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Large deserts and basins of barren land surround the inhabited regions.
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The Kingdom of the West, Occidens

The western region is, like every other region, named after its capital city. Many parts of Occidens have been described as barren and unfruitful. The inhabited areas, however, are fruitful with the hard labors of strong, loyal subjects.


The Kingdom of the West, Occidens is a part of Medieval Times.

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He tapped his chin, as though in thought, "You should use the broadsword, as mentioned before, it is the standard for all Occiden's men to carry a broadsword. However, you are different aren't you? You may use a broadsword forged for your physical traits by visiting one of the Crawfe- no, forgive me princess," He bowed slightly, "It would be best if you follow your father's preference in the forges and weaponsmiths, though you may decide to chose one of the forges bearing the name of Crawfel." He picked up the broadsword, it was wooden, lighter than the actual arms he was accustomed with but it would suit the princess while she builds her strength for the actual weapon. "When you have perfected your techniques, we shall proceed with actual weapons."

Aspyxious handed her the wooden broadsword, still in its wooden sheath and he himself picked up the katana. He tied the string attached to the sheath around his belt. He stepped back thrice, resting his left hand on the sheath and the other around the handle of the blade. He turned, drawing out the katana in a swift motion, practiced in years of training, to slay any opponent by merely drawing the sword from its sheath. Satisfied that the imaginary enemy was dead, he twirled the blade in a circle before sheathing it in a seamless motion. "Are you ready princess?" He placed his hands in their previous positions, preparing to disarm the girl.


The doors leading to the forges banged open and Vanairgrand strode in, embers sweeped up in his wake, clothing the guards behind him in burning ashes. "Where is he?" The king picked up a crudely forged sword and threw it into the bellows where white-hot metals flowed. "Where is he?" Vaniargrand repeated himself, looking around at the array of swords laid out one the various work benches.

"He left his mansion earlier today for a meeting at the castle." Someone reported, "He should have returned at his mansio-"

"True, he should have, unfortunately he was not present, that is why I have decided to come here in the first place!" He whirled around, snarling at the wasted time hunting down for the knight in charge of military matters. They had not finished discussing the mass production of the warjack just yet and the man dared to-

"He is still in the castle," Said a servant who entered from the lattice gates behind him, "He is training a student."

"What? He dared to postpone our meeting for a student of his?" He whirled around, foring his guards to back away, clearing a path for him.