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Ralarth Skyruler

"This fire still burns.....No matter what those fools thinks"

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a character in “Synchronicity: Paradise of Lights and Shadows”, as played by nltniko


Ralarth Skyruler


Currently locked away and is being used to spread fear.



Appearance Description
Ralarth is a great red dragon who is covered in scales that covers his entire body. His scales have magical properties and whenever they are used to produce things such as armors, then the armor made from the scales will have magical resistance against fire. The scales are therefor wanted by warriors all over the queendom for it's magical properties. However when Ralarth himself loses a scale it will simply grow back out over time.

Ralarth wears no armor as he believes that it would impaire the way he would be moving, not to mention the time taking to make an armor large enough for him to even wear. Also he does not trust armors as he believes they are nothing compared to his own scales that are stronger than most armors anyway.

Ralarth can, using the great wings on his back, fly. Whenever he is flying he is capable of moving a lot faster than when he is on the ground. He can also talk which is unlikely for a dragon, and therefor unknown to anyone but the Dragon Keeper and the Female Twin. Apart from this he is also highly intelligent and not just some mindless beast and have therefor tried luring the former dragon keeper to let him out, but with no sucess.

Phobias / Fears
He fears being locked away for all of eternity without ever breaking out again.

Bad Habits / Vices
Greed. He is completely obsessed with gold and treasures and would stop at nothing to get it which also caused his downfall.
Pride: He is so proud that he refuses to see himself defeated no matter the odds and keeps on fighting. This, along with greed, is the reason he got locked up.

Best Qualities
Ralarth have few to none good qualities. Yet one of the few he does possess is when he chooses to help a person he stays loyal to that and he would never break an oath or a promise he had sworn.

Worst Qualities
He is very aggresive, meaning that if anything happens that might annoy him, he instantly goes into a rage where the only thing able to cool him down is the voice of the female twin.

  • Fire
  • Gold

  • The cave
  • The queen and her knights

His goal is to get out of the cave again and live whatever way he wants to himself. Wheather that be attacking humans or not.

(written in first person) "Once there were a time where people feared to look into the sky...That was before I were locked away in here, used by a tyrant to strike fear into the hearts of men. However I need no human to teach me to strike fear. I have burnt down villages, slain countless foes and never have I found anyone who could match my strenght and prowess in combat...However, one day...One single day I underrestimated them and this caused my greatest mistake of my entire life...Now I have been caught in here for many, many years. My keepers have been many and even though they have changed, my prison have not. Soon however. Soon this will change. I will fly out and I will bring death to this land. These lands shall burn and once again the world shall know true. The Skyruler will reign the heavens again, and I will be the rule. The queendom shall be reduced to ashes and the queen shall burn."

Hex Code

All Hail the Ruler of the skies!

So begins...

Ralarth Skyruler's Story

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#, as written by nltniko
Ralarth Skyruler

Dragon's Cave, Anatoli

Ralarth woke up from his sleep once more. Another Night inside this prison of his. Once again he had thought of the times of old, where he was free to fly, to destroy and to kill who or what ever were in his way. That all changed though when they locked him away. Locked him away so that he could be the queen's plaything to spread fear. However now, he was getting restless. For every day that he were trapped he longed more and more to be free once again.

Then he came back to reality. He was chained in a cave that had magical properties to keep him there, and his only company was the his warden at the same time. He roared as his eyes thundered with rage. He then noticed the female twin. She started singing, which then started making him relax, and easen up once more. Shortly after she had begun she stopped though.

Ralarth looked over to her. "Why do you not continue singing girl ?" He said. "You are normally not the one to stop that quickly..."
He knew himself that this girl were just as eager to see the outside world again as he was, and therefor would be important for him if he ever wanted to see the light of day again.

His mind circled once more around the world outside before he decided to lay down again. "Rest now girl...There is no need to destroy one's own body or mind." He said as he noticed the blood from her mouth. For a slight moment he thought of what would happen if she died, but then realized that it would only result in a new keeper, who might be harder to persuade, or harder to trick. No....His best chances would be with this girl...

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{NOTE: In each of my posts I will be changing the location, depending on which character I begin my post with, seeing as I play four. I will be including each character's post in the one as a whole, so as to avoid posting four times in a row, and will simply go off of whoever I put as the first post. If that makes sense ... You'll understand once you see what I mean.

SECOND NOTE: In my first posts for all of my characters, they will all be long. I will be posting twice, the first time with Alessia Occidens and the Dragon Keeper, Jackovitch, so as to shorten the length. As for my second post, I will be placing Axel Rhodes and Celestial Tihmbuhrs in that one.

CHARACTER TAGS NOTE: ~'.'~ALESSIA~'.'~ Durbe is mentioned by her, but she does not interact with him. Doran is at the end of her post. Varithos is near the middle.

~'.'~Jackovitch~'.'~ Emma and the Dragon are both in his post about halfway through.

"According to the stories, I am cruelty personified - the identical offspring of my father. For that ... I sincerely apologize."


"Can I keep it, Grandpapa? Please? Can I keep it?"

Akron snickered, his eyes flashing as he held the kitten in the air by its' nape. "You want a kitten? If I were to give it to you, you would grow to love it - and love makes you weak, Alessia," he said, his voice soft and dark. With that, he flicked his wrist, tossing the kitten. A knight caught it in a bag and it let out a cry of fear as the bag was closed. Th knight disappeared through a door.

"And that stuffed animal of yours needs to go." A snap of his fingers had a knight approaching the seven-year-old girl, his hand reaching out to grab it.

"Don't you touch Fialee!" Alessia cried, stumbling back and clutching the stuffed bunny to her chest.

"Give him the doll, Alessia, and stop acting like a child."

The knight once again approached her, but before his hand could even graze her skin, the armor that adorned his body began to glow a bright red. Shrieks of pain escaped the knight's lips, and it was mere seconds later that his skin began to bubble. A moment later and he collapsed to the ground, his skin slowly becoming black, his body jerking. The smell of charred skin began to circulate the room, and smoke swirled up from his body.

Tears brimmed in Alessia's eyes, her small legs giving out as she collapsed to her knees, her shoulders trembling. But they stilled as a clapping was slowly heard in the room. She lifted her head and turned her watery eyes to her grandfather's face.

"Well done, Alessia," he chuckled as he rose from his massive chair, clapping all the way. He crossed the impressive room to her side, his footfalls heavy on the marble flooring. Her grabbed her arm and yanked her to her feet. “Enough sniffling, Alessia. You have made your first kill. No longer are you a child – you are an adult. It is due time that you act like one.”

Blinking, Alessia lifted her head from the book that it rested on. She had dozed off in the middle of reading a book on the laws of Occidens – something she was more than just familiar with – and felt a bit ashamed by the fact that she had grown so relaxed that she had slept.

Sitting up, she stretched, rubbing at her eyes. It had been a while since she had thought about that day, and only she and her grandfather knew about the events of it. Her mother had noticed the changes in her daughter after it had occurred, but did not know the origin of them. She had grown distant from her brother, also, and began to ignore his attempts at continuing their kinship. As for her father – well, her father was more than pleased with the change, despite the fact that she no longer idolized him as she once had.

Pushing the chair back and rising to her feet, she braced her hands on what she had claimed as her desk – the only desk on the top floor of the private castle library. It was hidden near the back of the level and in a corner for privacy, and the servants knew better than to touch anything on the desk. It was often cluttered with books, papers, pens, drawings, a globe, and a lamp. As many of the servants referred to it, it was an ‘organized chaos’ – but it was her chaos. It was the only area in the entirety of the kingdom that she could feel alone and relaxed.

Marking the page and closing the book, she set it aside. She freed her hair from the tie that held it back, picked up her stuffed bunny – in surprisingly good condition despite its age – and strode from the library.

As she walked, she held up her hand, her palm up. Three circular, glowing orbs appeared, rotating in the air in her hand. She did it idly, moving her fingers in order to keep them moving.

When she reached the war room, she paused.

Life really was unfair, wasn’t it?

Lifting her hand with the bunny, she opened the door and slid inside.

“I apologize for my tardiness. I had business to attend to and lost track of the time,” she said blandly, moving further into the room. She drew out the chair on the right side of her father, across from her grandfather, and folded her hands before her. There was only a slight lull in the strategic planning, and once she was seated, the voices rose to their normal volume once more.

She listened in silence for a moment before slowly shaking her head and rising.

“No, no, no … That will not work at all,” she said, striking silence within the highest members of the Occidens military. She leaned forward, the glove adorning her hand and helping to complete her battle uniform clothing her arm up to the elbow. She plucked the metal poker from the hand of the man who currently held it, easily beginning to maneuver the figurines around on the map of a small Kingdom that was West of even them, completely out of the loop of the main kingdoms.

“We do not sacrifice our soldiers merely to advance our movement into a territory. You may not think it, but these soldiers have names – lives, families, friends, and loved ones. Not only that, but I spent damn near a year training each of these regiments to their highest abilities. These soldiers are the best and the most elite – aside for the new recruits – and I’m not about to sacrifice any of our soldiers, no matter their skills. A military without soldiers is no military at all,” she said, her hand stopping and drawing back once the figurines had been reorganized.

“The Kingdom of Hotine has three entrances. Before we can reach any of those, we will need to fight the military that they will send out to fight us. Regiments Kato, Orange, Olpoid, Naztish, and Iliya will engage in battle with them, while regiments Alpha, Green, and Nova will advance through the front gate, to the East, since it will be the most heavily guarded. Regiment Sly will advance through the most unused entrance, the West, and will immediately hunt down the royal family due to their stealth. Regiments Fox, Red, and Jean will advance through the entrance to the South, and will meet up with Regiments Alpha, Green, and Nova in the center of the City after clearing out their sections of said City. They will then advance on the castle and work together to defeat the military stationed outside of it, creating enough of a gap for Regiment Sly to slip through and enter the palace. Once the military outside is defeated, Regiment Fox and Kato will follow after Regiment Sly and enter the castle to assist them, while the remaining Regiments will guard the outside of the palace in case reinforcements of any kind appear. There will be no raping, pillaging, or murder of any of the civilians of the kingdom, and if I find the body of a single child or woman laying anywhere in the kingdom, I will find the culprit who allowed it, and the culprit who committed the crime, and they will be duly punished.”

There was a sound of a grunt as a man near the other end of the table pushed to his feet, his expression red. He could be no more than thirty years old, yet obviously thought very highly of himself.

“And why should we listen to you? Not only are you but a child, but you are also a female. You haven’t any clue what you are talking about, as proven by your pathetic excuse of a warrior’s uniform.”

There were a few gasps at the man’s audacity that followed his statement, and immediately the attendees of the planning pushed to their feet and retreated against the walls. A look of confusion and then uncertainty crossed the man’s features as he noticed the movements.

Alessia stared at the man for a moment before chuckling softly and straightening. “My, my, my …. Boys, it seems that we have a little boy here who knows not his own place. Due to the fact that I do not recognize your face, I have no doubt that you have been recently inaugurated into the planning committee, so therefore I will be easy on you.”

Glancing at her father, she batted her eyelashes at him. “I’m afraid that I just cannot let this go, father. I apologize in advance for disrupting the meeting.”

Holding out her hand, she deftly caught the broadsword that was tossed to her. Not even close in design to her own sword, it felt odd in her hands, but she quickly adjusted to the light weight of it and the movement of it through the air. She swiveled it a few times before stepping towards the man.

Two of the members moved forward, followed by three more, and the long table was pushed up against the wall. Another member approached the man, handed him a sword, before scurrying back against the wall in fear.

Swinging the sword much like one would swing, say, a grappling hook’s rope before throwing it, she eyed the blade, a slightly dark smile on her lips. She stopped it and stretched, bracing her free hand on the flat of the sword as she did so.

“Tell you what. Since you are obviously new and seem that you are quite the amazing and distinguished warrior, I will allow you first move. I feel that that is more than fair, correct?”

The man trembled for a moment, the sword shaking in his hands. She had yet to even make a move and had already struck fear in the foolish man. Pleasure slithered through her at the fact.

His face hardened suddenly. “I would be more than happy to put a childish, foolish woman in her place!” With that, he launched forward, throwing his entire body into the attack.

It didn’t even seem like she moved. Instead, she was so swift that she took one little step to the side, turning her body just so, and the man missed entirely, losing his balance and nearly falling on his face.

“For shame … You call yourself a warrior, and yet you cannot strike even a little girl.”

Chuckles echoed in the room, and the man’s face turned red with anger and embarrassment. He let out a battle cry, lunging forward with the sword. She bent backwards, much the same as one would do when doing the limbo. Her free hand shot out, grasping the wrist of the man. She allowed her sword to fall to the ground, preferring hand-to-hand combat over weapons combat, and brought her now-free-hand up, she gripped his hand that was curled around his sword. A twist earned a yelp of pain and the sound of a bone snapping, and the sword fell limply from his fingers, clattering to the floor. Immediately removing the hand that was on his wrist, she shot it upwards, striking the man hard in the jaw with the heel of her palm. The sound of teeth-hitting-teeth was disgusting, and blood splattered from the man’s mouth, mixed with two teeth. Her right leg moved forward, curling around the back of his left one, and she jerked. At the same time, her free hand grabbed his throat in a choke-hold, her other hand releasing his now-broken wrist, and she placed it across his eyes. She twisted her body along with his, spinning him as he fell so that he turned face-first into the floor. His head struck first, as was her intention, followed by the rest of his body.

She lifted her foot, slamming it down on the side of the man’s head, and immediately digging into it in order to crush it into the floor.

“Now, what was that about a childish, foolish female? Because the only child and fool I see here is you, veslingr*.”

With that, she turned her face to her father. “My duties here have concluded. As the king, you have last say in the planning of war. Take my idea into consideration,” she said. Immediately she removed her foot, turning a bland look on the sniveling man. “One of you – fetch a couple of servants to clean this pathetic excuse of a man up. I don’t want his blood staining the floor.”

Alessia returned the swords to the men that had offered them, bowed to her father, and left the room.

Her stuffed bunny was clutched by the ear as she strode through the hallways of the castle, no destination particularly in mind. Instead, she was looking for a person in general – the person that her father had recently brought up in the ranks and placed as a member in the royal families’ personal guards.

She found him outside, of course and down the hill from the castle. Despite the short amount of time that he had been working for her family, she already knew him well enough to guess where he would be – reading people was a skill that she prided herself on, after all.

“Sir Doran,” she greeted as she neared him. He was lying on the ground beneath a tree, an open book in his lap and his head tilted to the side. The afternoon sun cast a shadow from the leaves of the tree across his sleeping face, and her footsteps faltered. The sight of his face caused a soft badump in her chest as her heart skipped a beat. After a moment, she shook her head and finished the trek down to him.

Leaning over, she placed her hand lightly on his shoulder – after all, she is a girl. She isn’t always violent. She lightly shook him.

“Sir Doran, you fell asleep. You missed the meeting,” she said. When she received no response, she knelt down beside him, her skirt reaching to her mid-thigh when kneeling. “I can cover for you only a few times, but my father will eventually find out that that is what I am doing. Besides, it is now time for me to assess your abilities – my grandfather wishes it, seeing as he does not trust that you are capable enough to be placed in the royal regiment.”

Sighing, Alessia shook him once more. “I swear to the Gods, if you do not wake up I will be forced to burn you – and I really do not wish to do that.”

{SIDE NOTE: ALL languages used will be placed at the end of each character’s post, along with the translation of the word(s) used.
Old Norse
~ Puny Wretch

"It's simple, really; I protect what I deem to be mine, and what I deem to be mine is very special."


The darkness no longer frightened him. It did at one point, but now? It was merely a slight annoyance to him.

"Here is the girl's lunch, Jackovitch."

Turning his head to the side, Jack trained a dull look on the Head Kitchen Maid of the castle of Anatoli. They were at the beginning of the forest of Dasos, in a cabin-like structure that was built by the Queen's orders. It was where Jackovitch lived and where different maids traded being stationed in every week, and also led to the cave that had held him captive for two decades.

"You made sure that there was nothing with carbohydrates in her meal, correct? I have told you many a times what carbohydrates do to a young girl of her stature," he said, rising from the stool that he rested upon.

The maid rolled her eyes and let out a sound of irritation. "Of course I did. I know how to do my job, and I know how to do it well. I don't tell you how to do yours, now do I?"

Jack's eyes flashed with warning as he gripped the tray handles, practically tearing it from the woman's hands. He leaned across the counter, his pupils boring into her own, the frightening nature of him enhanced by his ever-present mask.

"You would do well not to forget who it is that is actually in charge in our partnership, Clarise." He spoke softly, his voice holding an underlying growl to it. After a moment of holding the now trembling woman's gaze, he straightened and shook his hair from his face. "I will see you at supper time," he said, the only farewell she would be receiving from someone such as him.

Turning, he strode from the kitchen, his footsteps making nearly no sound on the stone flooring. As he neared the stairs that were just outside of the kitchen, the stairs that lead to the dragon's lair, he paused.

In reality, he was not a cruel man. He had merely lost all happiness and hope in life. After being forcefully torn from his mother's arms twenty years before, he could see nothing in the near nor distant future that could possibly improve his life. He knew the Queen, almost as well as he knew himself. Despite her promise to free him as soon as Emma grew to the age of sixteen years, she would undoubtedly never allow him to leave. Instead, she would find a fresh excuse as soon as her old one wore thin. Whether be her order for him to stay on for the reason of ensuring that Emma did not somehow escape the Dragon's lair, or for him to prepare potions for her to retain her beauty, he would never leave.

His only option?

The Queen needed to die.

Too bad there was no one to perform such an impossible deed.

There was a soft tap as his foot hit the first stone step of the stairway. He need not touch the handles posted along the wall, for he had more than enough balance in his stance to as avoid falling headfirst down the stones. As he descended the stairs, he slipped his hand inside of his jacket. Withdrawing it, he brandished a thick book that reached to an estimate of 873 pages - a mere few days read for a girl such as Emma. He studied the cover as he walked, eyeing the golden lettering that spelled the simple words, A Complex History. It spoke of almost everything that had occurred in the history of the kingdoms, and also spoke of the world outside of the dreaded cave that she had lived in for the entirety of her life. It gave detailed descriptions of oceans, volcanoes, deserts; mountains, rivers, canyons. Things that people never thought of as being interesting, for they had always seen such things. For a girl such as his Emma, however, it would undoubtedly be one of the most interesting books he had ever gifted her with.

Stopping at the bottom of the stairs, he moved to the stone wall that stood before him. Placing his palm against the stone, he murmured a few select words.

"Indica mihi, est occulta ..."*

A warm, dark green glow appeared beneath his fingertips. The glow spider-webbed throughout a tall, rectangular section of the wall, forming a door of some sort. A creak was heard, followed by a soft rumble, and then dust rose as the stone slid aside, disappearing and retreating into the rest of the stone wall. Stepping through it, the stone rumbled shut behind him, and he strode down the smooth walkway made of rock. It led down into the beautiful, yet dark, cave. The first part of the cave was the hole, which he passed beneath, the rays of the sun barely reaching the bottom of it. After that, he reached the main area of the cave, his eyes immediately finding the enormous dragon.

"Hello, Ralarth," he spoke softly, his eyes moving to Emma's relaxed body on the stone floor, his disinterest evident. As he approached her, he placed the tray of food on the stone slab that he had turned into a table-like structure with his stone-work. He crouched beside her as he reached her. Placing his hand on her back, he leaned over to glance at her down-turned face.

"Emma, I have your lunch. It's your favorite," he said gently.

A flash of red caught his eyes, and before she could react, he had gripped her face and turned it up so that he could better see it.

"Have you been taking your medicine?" he asked, his voice irritated and his expression a mixture of anger and concern - the latter he attempted to hide as best he could.

Reaching into his jacket pocket, he removed a hankie and wiped her bloodied lips.

"If you continue to forget your medicine, than you are going to die - just as the Dragon Keepers before me. Or have you forgotten the stories I told you?" he asked, his hand slipping into his pocket. He removed a vial, popped it open, squeezed her cheeks, and tipped the liquid into her mouth - or so he hoped it would fall. Returning the vial to his pocket, he sighed and rose. "If you don't take your medicine, I will stop bringing you books to read," he threatened, moving over to the table. He held up the book and waved it in her direction. "I brought you a history one that also explains the outside world. If you want it, than you need to promise that you'll take the medicine I made you." Holding the book in the air, he awaited her response, his eyes locked on hers.

Indica mihi, est occulta
~ Reveal your secret to me.}


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The dragon's deep throaty voice startled her, she had yet to realize he had fully awaken and was now addressing her. Emma would have answered had she not been preoccupied by the glistening crimson that adorned her fingertips. "Rest now girl...There is no need to destroy one's own body or mind." All the female on the stony floor could do was nod her head as the initial shock wore off. It was almost mesmerizing watching the blood drip from her hands and onto the floor.

A new character entered the cave, one Emma was far too familiar with. She winced at the sound of his voice and attempted to move, to wipe the blood off somewhere but the only place Emma could think to wipe it off was her white dress, which would only make the situation worse. "Have you been taking your medicine?" Emma slowly nodded her head as he suddenly forced it up and pinched her cheeks between his fingers, tipping a terrible tasting solution down her throat. Emma swallowed and cringed as the awful concoction made its way into her stomach. "If you continue to forget your medicine, then you are going to die - just as the Dragon Keepers before me. Or have you forgotten the stories I told you?"

On shaky feet Emma rose, wiping her mouth and looking up at man who had raised her. "I've been taking it everyday," it wasn't a lie, Emma was not one to make excuses. "If you don't take your medicine, I will stop bringing you books to read," Emma pouted and crossed her arms, glad that he was here although she did her best not to display her affection. "But I've been taking it." There was honestly nothing left to say, Jack would know if she was lying, he was magical like that. "I brought you a history one that also explains the outside world. If you want it, than you need to promise that you'll take the medicine I made you." Emma nodded her head and went over to the tray of food he had placed on one of the stones he had shaped into a table. There was steam still rising off of the freshly baked bread. "Yummy," sometimes Emma wondered where the food came from, but then she remembered that she didn't care, as long as she got to eat. Occasionally the food was so scarce that all she got was a loaf of bread and a glass of milk, but sometimes, for example today, Emma got delicious delicacies she would savor to the last bite.