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Calliope Alair


0 · 618 views · located in The Empire of Anatoli

a character in “Synchronicity:Paradise of Lights and Shadows”, as played by Starlight Keeper


Calliope Alair
"Care to test my limits?"

"The bitch's guards call me Nesti ~Teehee"

Leader of the Rebellion

"Bet you don't even know my real name."

Calli~Miss Alair~Nesti

"Um... Let's see... I've been a farmer, a shopkeeper, a tavern girl, a Royal guard, and a mercenary. Oh, you mean currently?"

Blacksmith: The most recent of Calliope's career choices is a blacksmith. She learned the trade in the Royal guard, but it most acts as a base for the Rebellion's operations.

"I am aware of the fact that I look a bit young for my age."


"I pretty sure these are real boobs...


.:Appearance Description:.
"I know, I'm adorable."

In her civilian appearance, Calliope isn't really that notable. 5'5" with a youthful appearance and weighing at 120 pounds, everything about her seems ordinary. Even her short and untamable blonde hair is nothing out of the norm. However, Calliope's eyes are a deep crimson color that tend to stand out. It is also the only visible trait she has when working undercover as they gleam through her mask.

"My, aren't we nosy?"

In general, Calliope doesn't wear anything incredibly noticeable. However, her clothing is a bit more revealing than most people care to wear, seeing as her red skirt trimmed with gold only reaches her mid thigh. Other than that, she wears a white blouse with puffed sleeves that are cinched at the wrist with the same goldenrod trim as her skirt and a black and gold short-sleeved jacket with a red bow. She finds the entire ensemble, complete with black tights and a pair of black boots, quite comfortable.

When out and about doing rebellious activities, she wears black trousers and a plain black shirt with a crimson cloak. She also wears the mask of a bear and requires that all members of the Rebellion represent an animal. Her eyes have a tendency to glint red behind her mask under the cowl of the cloak. She doesn't wear any other visible armor.

"Most people find me quite impressive."

Blade Combat | It is actually self-explanatory. Calliope is able to wield most blades easily and with accuracy. From kitchen knives to swords, Calliope is able to use them with the skill of an expert. She prefers to use small daggers in a fight though.
Tactical Response | Planning, response, tactics. Calliope is a genius in her own right, able to come up with many ways to respond to situations. In that way, she is also resourceful, able to make do with what she has on hand.
Hand-to-Hand Combat | Calliope is able to hold her own in a weaponless fight. She has a very acrobatic style of fighting, flipping, twirling, and spinning to avoid, block, and hit her opponent. To some, it might even appear flippant.
Occupational Trades | Calliope is skilled in more than a few trades. She is amazing at haggling as well as making various things such as dresses, bartending, and even housework. She is able to jump into most occupations if the need arises.

Death | Although she appears fearless and a bit reckless to most people, Calliope is actually terrified of death.
Failure | With all the effort she has put into dethroning the Empress, Calliope is terrified of failing at dethroning her and failing her country.

Bad Habits / Vices
Digging her Fingernails into Her Skin | When she is angry, nervous, or just plain agitated, Calliope will dig her fingers into her skin, often breaking the surface.
Scaring People | Honestly, it isn't something she tries to do. It just sorta... happens. She usually apologizes afterwards unless it works in her favor.

.:Best Qualities:.
"Hey, we've all got something going for us."

Charismatic | Calliope has a way with words, both good and bad. She seems to tell you exactly what you want to hear and most people find her presence addicting, even if she seems a bit... Eccentric.
Kind | On the other hand, Calliope is very kind and generous. She is a great shoulder to lean on, go get a drink with, or simply walk to.
Optimistic | Calliope tends to look on the brighter side of things. She is rarely states what the actual outcome will be, preferring to see even the most hopeless situation as an opportunity.
Hardworking | Calliope does not stop something once she starts it. She is determined to see things through to the end.
Loyal | Her country, the people, her followers, all of them. Calliope does not see a single person as expendable and believes they all have a purpose in this war.

Worst Qualities
"Comes with the job description, sweetie."

Overly Flirty | While a little bit of a flirtatious attitude can be good, Calliope tends to overdo it. She will flirt with boys and girls alike, making them a bit uncomfortable sometimes.
Manipulative |
Merciless |
Crude |
Unpredictable |

  • Tell me your likes.

  • Tell me your dislikes.

Tell me what you wish to accomplish in life.

Put history/past here. (Preferred but not required)

Hex Code
"Red, my favorite color."


"I don't give out my secrets easily, you know."

FC | Hashiri Nio from Akuma no Riddle

So begins...

Calliope Alair's Story

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Notia, Anatoli
"Stupid fucking metal! Melt!" Calliope dropped the watchamacallit on the ground and stomped away from the furnance, growling and grumbling to herself. Out of all the jobs she had possessed in her short life, this was by far the second worst. She grabbed a biscuit off the table and bit into it. The baker across the street made the best biscuits in Anatoli. For a moment, Calliope just savored the taste. A small breath of air escaped her and she wandered into one of the back rooms, hidden unless you knew it was there.

She stepped inside, striking a match and lighting a lantern. The room was instantly bathed in a dim red glow. Calliope ran her hand over the scattered documents. Maps. Blueprints. Memos. A few fiers here and there. She looked at one paper with millions of scenarios doodled on it. Calliope pressed her calloused fingers over one drawing. Soon...

A noise abruptly came from the shop and Calliopefroze, her fingers instantly reaching for the small dagger concealed under her skirt. She slithered out of the hidden room and weaved through the halls before coming to a stop at the enterance between the shop and the house. With her dagger concealed in her sleeve, she approached the stranger. " Can I help you?" she questioned with a polite smile and a sweet tone.