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Euphemia Anatoli


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a character in “Synchronicity:Paradise of Lights and Shadows”, as played by Starlight Keeper


Euphemia Anatoli
"I believe that humans are naturally dark creatures. I believe that they are radiant beings as well, capable of something beautiful."

"You... Do know who I am, correct?"

The Princess of Anatoli

"Not many refer to me in an informal manner."

Euphie~Emia~Your Highness~Princess

"I've grown weary of palace life."

Royal Princess | Euphemia was born and bred for royal life. She acts her part perfectly, seen as much more benevolent and reserved than her adoptive mother. She is well-loved by the people of Anatoli, though she is thought to be a bit of a recluse.

"I feel much older at times..."


"I must present myself in a feminine manner, so I don't believe there's room for error in this situation?"


.:Appearance Description:.
"They think I am nothing more than a pretty face."

The word most often used to describe Euphemia is beautiful. In a crowd, she would stick out like a sore thumb with her long black hair that falls in slightly curls when now tied up and turquoise eyes inherited from her late mother. Her skin a fair milky color that sunburns easily, which is why she has a tendency to wear a hat outdoors. She appears a bit mature for her age with a full, healthy figure. She weighs in at 125 pounds and stands at a stout five feet and three inches.

"I find most of my clothing very uncomfortable."

As it is expected, Euphemia wears very frilly dresses made of some kind of fragile fabric or another. She has a tendency to wear pastel colors and is fond of flower jewelry. She has a strong dislike for gloves. However, when alone and beyond the view of judging eyes, Euphemia tends to dress for comfort in almost peasant-like clothing.
Euphemia does not possess any armor aside from the helmet she keeps hidden at the back of her wardrobe, which belonged to her father.

"I'm afraid I can't be of much assistance..."

Gardening and Herbal Knowledge | Euphemia possesses an extensive knowledge of plants and herbs as well as their uses. She also knows how to make basic healing potions, perfume, and a few beverages.
Photographic Memory | A fact that most people fail to realize is that Euphemia has a photographic memory. She remembers nearly every detail of what happens around her and what she hears and reads. However, her memory of the past is limited somehow.
Basic Combat Knowledge | Euphemia is able to hold off an attacker for a short time, but she is by no means a skilled fighter. She would like to learn how to defend herself more if the need ever arises.
Intelligent | Despite what many think, Euphemia is not a girl that follows others blindly. She sees clearly what it going on around her and is determined to stop it.

.:Phobias / Fears:.
"I fear the inevitable."

The Empress | For obvious reasons, Euphemia fears her "mother". If she knew how the young Princess really felt, Euphemia is certain that she would be put to death.
The Throne | Although Euphemia would do anything to get the Empress off the throne if she is given the chance, she is also afraid of the responsibility she would then have to assume.

.:Bad Habits / Vices:.
"I have some fairly terrible habits that may be the death of me."

Holding her Tongue | Even when she knows that it is wrong, Euphemia will have a tendency to hold her tongue.
Biting her Nails | Euphemia constantly chews on her nails. It is probably the thing she get reprimanded for the most.

.:Best Qualities:.
"Smile and wave. That is all I have ever been taught."

Diplomatic | Euphemia is a very diplomatic person, preferring to solve most of her problems with compromises and advice rather than conflict.
Kind and Generous | Unlike her adoptive mother, Euphemia is well-known for being kind, considerate, and caring. She doesn't hesitate to give people what they need and does not treat commoners any lower than she treats nobles.
Patient | As far as Euphemia's aware, no one has ever seen her angry. She is a very patient person that doesn't jump to conclusions and is always willing to hear people out. Sometimes, it does annoy her, but she never lets her annoyance show.
Calm and Reserved | Even in the most pressured of times, Euphemia is a mask of pure serenity. She doesn't let intense situations rattle her and is always rational.
Humble | Simply put, Euphemia is not one to flaunt her talents. In fact, it is rare to see her bragging and even then, it is mostly just accepting praise.

Worst Qualities
"I am a terrible person on the inside."

Selfish | Despite all outward appearances, Euphemia is not a selfless person. In fact, she is very selfish in the way that she will do anything to keep her head. Unfortunately, that includes not standing up to her adoptive mother. She hopes to overcome this fear and selfishness of hers.
Anti-Social | Euphemia is known for a being a reclusive person, or more specifically, a reclusive princess. Some believe that it is the Empress's fault, but it is more driven by Euphemia's own want to be alone and not have to put up at front.
Submissive | Euphemia unfortunately does not know how to stand up for herself. When given a command, she will simply bow her head and follow it without question. In her mind, she is screaming a string of cuss words at the person.
Insecure | Euphemia does not think very highly of herself. She fears that she will turn out like her adoptive mother and does not think she is fit to be on the throne. In fact, it is a responibility she hopes she never has to bear.
Realistic | Euphemia is not optimistic nor is she pessimistic. She is a perfect neutral, always looking on the realisitc and probably side of things, even when they appear hopeless.

Tea . Animals . Plants . Sunlight . Freedom . Comfort . Flowers . Reading . Libraries . Daydreaming . Sleep . Cold Nights . The Stars . The Period Between the Changing of Seasons . Light . Her People . Purple . Pastels . Love . Her Mother . Her Grandfather . Her Cousins . A Certain Knight . The Ticking of Clocks . The Sound of the Wind . Clear Nights . Barely Cloudy Days . Sweets and Chocolate . Candy . Food . Fresh Water with Ice . Fruit. Anatoli . Rain . Snow . Large Trees . Books . Diversity. Beauty . Color . Hope . Sunshine . The Outdoors . Dogs . Cats . Comfortable Clothing . Cardigans . Wool . Watching People Perform Magic . The Servants . The Rebellion . The World Beyond the Walls. Her Father. Clouds. Birds. Thinking About a Future Without her Adoptive Mother . Flats . The Smell of Roses . Leaves . Ladybugs . Butterflies . Jewlery . Emeralds . Sapphires .



Put history/past here. (Preferred but not required)

Hex Code
"I think it is quite a romantic shade of lavender."


FC | Toujou Nozomi from Love Live School Idol Project

So begins...

Euphemia Anatoli's Story

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"What if I told you about a world where there are no masks? Would you believe it exists?"
Notia, Anatoli
EUPHEMIA STOPPED SECONDS BEFORE she passed the throne room. The door was open, the antechamber exposed to the outside world. Of course, the young princess couldn't be sure that her aunt was in there, but she didn't want to take her chances. She clutched the potted Begriflower to her chest and spun around, her long black hair whipping behind her in an arc. It was extremely majestic in appearance, but the fear on her face ruined any illusion of that beauty. Euphemia scuttled away.

The winding maze of the castle closed in around her and she couldn't help but feel like the luxaries that surrounded her were nothing more than illusions, created and formed within Metylda's dark mind. Only, this was obviously real and tangible, which made it more terrifying in the princess's mind. She finally ducked into the small alcove that led to the closest thing she had to escape.

The smell of exotic and commonplace plants greeted her in a hungry flurry for attention. She greeted the beautiful chaos of scents with a small and content smile. She hurried to the greenhouse, anxious to unpot the Begri. She only hoped her aunt wouldn't find the flower which, also served as a herbor more importantly, a drug. A healthy drug, but still a drug nonetheless. Euphemia was positive that her aunt would kill herif she found it in the greenhouse. After all, it was the only thing that dulled Euphemia's senses enough to keep her aunt's manipulation, at bay.

With a quick glance around, Euphemia plucked off a blue petal off of the flower and popped it into her mouth.

Calli will come later. ^.^

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..::The Royal Castle in Notia of the Anatoli Kingdom ::..

ImageSoft breathes filled the bedroom's still air. The light of the full moon shone through the parted curtains and illuminated the grand bedroom. Golden eyes fluttered open and blinked the sleep away. Sitting up, a small frown tugged at the Queen's lips. Disappointed at the way she had woken up during a quite restful slumber. It had been happening more and more often, her inability to stay asleep.

She licked dry lips and slipped her lithe body from under the thick comforters. Bare feet touched the cool tiled floors and a chill ripped through her. She braced herself and stood fully. Walking to the low table in the center of her bedroom, she leaned down and grasped the crystal pitcher in both of her hands. About to pour the water into her glass, Metylda froze as her eyes caught sight of something. Fear gripped her gut and she attempted to calm herself. It was nothing. To reassure herself, she straightened her posture and spun on the ball of her foot to face whatever trick of the shadows it was.

A smug smirk graced her face as she saw it was in fact, nothing. Until the open windows seized her attention. A stiff breeze tore through the bedroom. The white drapes of her canopy bed fluttered and past the movement, she saw it. Them. Metylda's eyes widened in pure terror. Stumbling backwards, her mouth parted as if to say something but no sound could be made. The two apparitions at the foot of her bed turned their heads to face her. The pairs of previously vacant eyes sharpened as they made contact with her own.

The two advanced upon her. It seemed to take centuries. Hands outstretched to grab at her. They spoke without having to open their mouths. Familiar, soft voices bounced all about. Coming from nowhere yet everywhere.

"Metylda, sister why?"

"You killed me."

"We loved you!"

"Why did you kill us?"

The Queen fell over the small table behind her and hit the unforgiving tile. The sound of her cup shattering and water spilling on her nightgown jolted her from her reverie. Her features contorted in rage, masking her fear. They dare to torment her so? "You deserved it," She screamed."I hate you all!" As they were just upon her she hurled the pitcher at the already bloody face of her elder sister.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The head maid was startled awake by the sound of glass shattering and piercing screams. Despite her older age, Alilla leapt from her bed. Swiftly wrapping her small body in her robe, she raced from her room and down the nearly pitch black hallway. Upon reaching The Queen's door, she rapped frantically on the thick wood only to burst in when the screams morphed into sobs. "Your Majesty!" It had happened again.

She ran over the hysteric figure on the floor. Ignoring the shards embedding themselves in her feet, she pushed them aside and flug herself atop the young woman. Wrestling down her arms that clawed at the air. "Your Majesty, there is nothing there! Please! Please calm yourself. You are going to get hurt!"

Ever so slowly her struggling died down and the panic left the Queen's eyes. Metylda blinked as she registered that her sisters had left her alone. She looked around to see the old woman on top of her, the glass on the floor, the table overturned, and the windows shut as they had been when she went to bed. She wanted to scream.

Without a word being exchanged between the two, Alilla took her to the washroom. Stripping the Queen of her clothes, she washed and bandaged the cuts she managed to inflict upon herself. Helping the young woman into a fresh gown and back to bed. She swept the glass and wiped up the water. Pushing herself up from the floor with a heavy sigh, she made her way back to the Queen's bedside. "Is there any assistance I can provide before departure?"

A clammy hand flew out and grasped her thin wrist with so much force it pained Alilla, but she dared not let it show on her face. "Speak of this incident to no one," The Empress hissed. The maid merely nodded her head meekly, Metylda released her and watched as she left in silence.

Alilla never told anyone anyway.

The Empress walked through the bowels of her castle. Her footsteps booming in the dimly lit hallways. Shadows twisted and writhed grotesquely over her features and the empty cells around her. She approached the door she was looking for and leisurely fingered her ring of keys. Absentmindedly she wondered if the lack of sleep would show on her face. That was the only thing she had trouble concealing. Her dress concealed most everything else.

With a twist of a key, she opened the door. The stench of excrement, blood, and vomit assaulted her senses. She would have gagged if she were not accustomed to the smell. Metylda stood in the doorway and gazed down at the two knights saluting her and the emaciated man hanging from his wrists. "Has he said anything useful?" She questioned her knights.

"No your Majesty," One answered. "Nothing we were not already aware of."

She hummed in disappointment. Oh well. She pulled out a slip of paper from her flowing sleeves. Unfolding it, she re-read what her informant had sent to her. A crazed grin pulled at her cheeks. "Gerey Mylne, it has been discovered that you have been conspiring against the royal lineage, and since your refusal to name your fellow conspirators, you are hereby sentenced to execution by sword." Her knights unsheathed their weapons and she exited the room. While slowly walking back up to the main floors, she liked to think that she could hear his pained cries echoing about.

Strolling through the throne room, Metylda stopped one of the passing younger maids. "Girl," She called out. A small good natured chuckle broke free from her throat as the maid jumped.


"I have been awaiting a special package. Has it come in?" The girl shook her head. "Oh. . . Well, have you seen my niece? As you must know, I have a very important announcement to make today and I want her with me for the event."

The maid pursed her lips in thought and the Queen waited patiently for her reply. "Yes, I saw her heading to the greenhouse I believe."

Metylda nodded to her graciously and waved her away. Figures. A grimace threatened to make itself known as she made her way down the halls to where her niece should be. That room was also once one of princess' mother's favorites. She should have known really.