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Sigrid Falk

WIP - I do what I do because it is the right thing to do. I am a warrior, and it is the way of the warrior to fight superior odds.

0 · 246 views · located in The Empire of Anatoli

a character in “Synchronicity:Paradise of Lights and Shadows”, as played by Retrovertigo


Sigrid Hillevi Eira Solveig Falk

Head Of The Royal Guard

Knight in the Empress' Service



Appearance Description

The tall lithesome blonde tends to cut a distinct figure. Pale blonde hair, cut in a blunt bob only enhances the severity of her cheekbones and small pointed chin. Large, wide set grey eyes rimmed by dark lashes are her most distinctive feature with a gaze that is penetrating, calm, cool and composed.

The knight is never without her preferred weapon, a traditional guard’s sword that has been handed down from each Head of the Empress’ Guard to the next. Sigrid is the first woman to wield the sword and does so with grace and quiet reserve of strength few knew she possessed. Her guards armor is in keep with the uniform for the other guards though her regalia is much more ornate due to her rank.
Sigrid’s own personal armor is in the traditional style of the Falk family. Iron, thin but strong hammered to her precise measurement along with armored skirt and grieves.

Strategist - Sigrid has been instructed in the ways of battle and war, and has learned to keep her eyes focused on the big picture. The decisions you make today will have resounding effects on the future. You'd better make sure they were worth it.

Agility – What Sigrid may lack in overall mass and brute strength she more than makes up with natural grace, finely honed reflexes, speed and dexterity.

Diplomatic – Sigrid has studied for years the way of the knight, with an emphasis on strategy and leadership. She knows that occasionally one must be charming and make concessions for the greater good.

Phobias / Fears
Failure – If her life ends up a waste, full of no meaning the that will be the ultimate failure for her herself as well as for her long dead childhood friend.

Being A Disgrace – It has been drilled into Sigrid’s head from day one, duty, honor and above all loyalty to the crown. No matter who happens to be wearing it at the time. If she were to ever bring shame upon herself it would be reflected upon the good name of her family. Something she couldn’t bear to imagine.

Bad Habits / Vices
Drinking – Sigrid likes to drink, although she keeps it a strictly off duty activity. She could stand to slow down a bit, drinking to forget never works in the long run.

Expensive Taste – Sigrid tends to prefer fine armor and weaponry although she has a pretty fierce weakness for pretty things. Usually pricey little trinkets that are essentially useless.

Best Qualities

Loyalty – Sigrid is above all loyal, loyal to the crown and to her family in that order. If you are somehow able to earn Sigrid’s trust and fealty she will do anything for you, up to and including death. Hers and perhaps others.

Worst Qualities
Apathy – Sigrid has spent the majority of her life tamping down any overt emotion or outburst. Such things wouldn’t do from a high born lady, as her mother often sniped at her. Especially now that she was entrusted to protect their Empress. This means most view the young guard as humorless or as being a cold fish. It doesn’t much matter to Sigrid what they call her behind her back as long as she gets the respect she deserves and they do their job.

Guilt/Shame – The stoic teenagers carries around a massive amount of guilt stemming from her close call with divahood, something that stole away her best friend and ultimately stole away the other girl’s own life. Since then Sigrid has wrestled with the fact that in another world it could’ve been her, or should’ve been her. She is always trying to make up for it, at times becoming reckless and making poor decisions especially in regards to matters involving children, the pure and the innocent.
Superiority Complex –

  • Being Outdoors
  • Exotic Food
  • Dancing Horse Racing
  • Music
  • Sword Fights
  • Handsome Men
  • Winning
  • Liquor
  • Traveling
  • The Color Yellow

  • Dirt
  • Being Ignored
  • Singing
  • Children
  • Winter
  • Her Mother
  • Talking
  • Losing
  • Nobility
  • Fools

Tell me what you wish to accomplish in life.

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Other Important Details
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So begins...

Sigrid Falk's Story