Emrin Claffor

Chancellor and founder of Emrin College. Wizard.

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a character in “Synk”, as played by Baron Fowling


Emrin Claffor is the Chancellor and founder of Emrin College, which he established in the third dozenday along with his Vice-Chancellor Pirka Doppleberg.

Though a Wizard of particular renown, it is generally accepted that Claffor's power lies these days more in his command of his subordinates within the College and its environs. Unlike his rival head of the Holy Water Church, Blue Mirabel, Claffor cannot claim to be the most powerful wizard of the College, much less of Synk as a whole. Nonetheless he is famed for his broad grasp of Wizarding arts, and though it is said that he has no particular Knack he is nonetheless a master of disciplines throughout Transformation, Transmutation and Transmogrification, with particular aptitudes in Pyromancy, Petrichor, Blackening, Poisoncraft, Wolfhearing, Stoneshaping and Newtskin.

Having become somewhat reclusive in recent days, the view of Claffor among the people of Synk is highly varied and often inaccurate. Many know him as a genius, a philosopher and natural magician who has been instrumental in the development of numberless fields of Wizardry, his influence so great that it even extends into the other aspects of magic. To those with a more ambivalent view of the College, he is also known as a ruthless leader, a tyrant and gangster whose foremost concern is with maintaining his hold over the territory of Downtown and expanding his territory into the other areas of Synk. Some also call him short-sighted, caring only about ruling the city and preparing for the next threat it poses, and not enough for solving its mysteries.

He chiefly resides in the Chancellor's Tower, the tallest building of the city which has been heavily modified through Stoneshaping and other magical crafts, though he is known to also spend a good deal of time in Claffor Manor, the where the main offices of the College are located. In earlier days, the Chancellor was known for freely travelling around the environs of the College, its lecture halls, workshops and laboratories and personally seeking out students of noteworthy potential or frankly critiqueing those who he did not feel to be in line with the standards of his institution.

Claffor's half-mask is dubbed the Dragon, coloured red and black with a pattern resembling lizard scales and three short, angular horns that jut from the crown.

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