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The Doctor

"I am not harming human life, I am just perfecting!"

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a character in “Synth Crisis”, originally authored by VivaVictoria, as played by RolePlayGateway


The Doctor

Name: Verena Kyleen Briggs
-Verena's real full name is unknown to anyone who has not researched her official files
-Some call her 'Doc', or 'the Doctor' for short.

Role: The Cyborg Vigilante

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Some would describe the Doctor as something beyond human. Her body hardly consistent of any natural parts, in fact, all of her limbs are mechanic. The reason why she was able to obtain this robotics is because of one, her past career of being a vice president of a cybernetics company, and two, because she is holds a high reputation on the streets and in with other cyborgs. If she wants something she will purpose a convincing proposition or win over a dealer's favor with good deeds. But this is not the time to talk about her personality, though Verna is seen as a tall and thin character, however she is more creepy-looking than attractive, because again, she doesn't look quite human, or even real.

Gear: "Why use guns when our bodies are used as weapons themselves?"

Here, I will discuss her offensive cybernetics. Verena did not always have robot arms until she will lost her former job. But her arms are very special because they look like your normal flashy cyborg limbs, but the right arm holds a hidden blade, where the left holds a stun gun. This gives her the choice of either a lethal or non- lethal take down. She enjoys this option because Verena believes that there are two types of people in the world, the innocent and the guilty, and she acts as the judge, jury, and executor.

This is not seen as offensive but can qualify as gear, her goggle type shades has a radar system.

Cybernetics: The Doctor has a great number of cybernetics, knowing that she is addicted to them but will never admit it. But most of her robotic parts are to benefit her through stealth. So say if you were in a fight with her and were able to spot and fire about two or three rocket launcher rockets, you would be able to rip through her steel plating and possibly put her in a dying situation. In other words, this will not be a godmodding character. Here are some of her cybernetics...

Cloaking System - Verena becomes invisible for a short period of time.

Jump Enhancement- Allows her to jump from far distances and fall down from far distances.

Sprint Enhancement- Allows Verena to run faster.

Hacking System- Allows Verena to hack through computers, doors, or cameras.

Implanted radio- Allows Verena to communicate through radio, though sometimes even strangers can appear on her same frequency.

Personality: When the Doctor is discussing affairs set with her cybernetics or business, she shows no emotion. But when Verena is trying to help and cure people with their addictions and mechanical tragedies, she shows extreme compassion and care. Verena is who she is because she holds in a strong love for people and for the advancement of human technology. She seems cybernetic technology as a way to live anew; we are living in a society where the cripple can walk naturally, where men can conquer death with a new body, but the same soul . The Doctor is only looking for a cure to stop her insanity from creeping inside of her or those who are desperate for it to stop but nothing seems to work. She will do whatever it takes to get the money or resources to heal people and to create this cure.

Some days, she will play doctor and fix up wounds or give medicine to the hurt who cannot afford any, or maybe be Robinhood and steal from he rich to only in the end give the poor. But she has a strong hate against the police for she watches as they torture and torment her kind. She is a wanted criminal for the authorities because of attacks against their facilities. Though Verena is very good at staying hidden, especially with the gangs backing her up by lying about her position. And that is another thing, he gangs both fear her for her threats against them if they were to ever cross her negatively, but also love her for Verena past history of saving multiple gang member's lives or at least trying.

Bio: Verena Kyleen Briggs was born and raised with her two very wealthy parents. She was a spoiled little girl getting everything she ever wanted. She was also very successful by graduating from America's top business colleges. But she never had the thought that she would be a scientist or doctor. Verena later found a job at a Canadian cybernetic company. Though the more she studied about cybernetics the more she fell in love with it. And of course she studied a lot being the vice president of a big running cybernetic company. But soon enough after the Synth Crisis there company was shut down and everyone left jobless. Verena was not in any dire need of a career, she was already rich. But with knowing about all of the suffering people with cybernetics, she wanted to help them. Since then she has been working for a cure, while trying not to be bothered with the insanity her toys have brought her.

So begins...

The Doctor's Story

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Verena Briggs pushed the grimy glass door to Hong's Chinese Diner. Inside, had an old musty smell; the red wallpaper was printed with Asian-styled yellow dragons, however the paper was ripping off the wall. The fan above the ceiling was collecting mountains of dust for it only functioned in the hot humid days of summer. The floor was concrete and stained with various colors from mysterious sauces. The diner was not very pretty at all, but you could not find any better in the slums of Toronto. And besides this was Verena's favorite, not because of particularly the food, though Hong's noodles are considered the best if you are on a low budget, but because Verena was good friends with the owner, Mr. Hong himself.

"Doc! Glad stop by," Mr. Hong, a rather lean sweaty Chinese man balding at the top of his head greeted Verena was a wave.
"What can I get you?"

"Oh you know, four egg rolls with two boxes of your famous Chow Fun rice noodles, and two bowls of egg drop soup," she answered in a response as her shades were pushed above her eyes.

"Lookin' to be a guardian angel today?"

"You got that right."

Verena smiled, she usually ordered just ate half a box of the Chow Fun noodles, but more often than sometimes she decides to order extra to give to those who are in need of dire help. She was loved among the streets because of this generosity, if she did not kill cops, Verena could be known as the world's first superhero.

Mr. Hong disappeared into his kitchen and arrived back with Verena's purchase. She already had a twenty and a five Canadian dollar bill out and ready to give it all. She tried to give it to Mr. Hong however he refused saying, "Twenty five? No, you know this only costed eight-teen-thirty-two, beside what you did for my son last week-- its on me."

Mr. Hong's son, Gan, encountered a biking accident, thankfully all he needed was a few stitched to the left arm and leg. Verena fixed him and up and offered medicine for him to get better.

"No, you and your son are living in rough times, you need this. And tell Gan, I said to stay out of trouble."

"Thank you. Doc, you are a miracle-worker! And no problem, stop by here anytime."

With that, Verena exited the small diner and walked down the alleys, making her way through the streets. She gifted her two bowls of soup, and egg rolls o various different beggars, telling them if they ever needed help to just give her a visit. But she stumbled upon a scene of a middle-aged white man pulling he arm of a little girl screaming. Verena did not care to know who he was or what he was planning to do, it all looked wrong. Verena activated her cloaking system; now invisible she sneaked over to the villainous man and cleanly injected her hidden blade through his back and into his chest. After the man's body fell to the ground Verena grabbed the girl's hand before she could run off. The Doctor knelt down and asked kindly, "Are you alright, sweetheart? What's your name?"

"Leave me alone!" the girl cried attempting to tug away.

Ignoring the girl's wish the Doctor asked, "Where's your mommy or your daddy?"

"I don't have a mom. The metal men killed my daddy! And you might kill me!"

"Listen I am only here, to help you, alright?"

Verena gave he little girl a box of Hong's noodles.

"Here, you look hungry. People call me 'Doc', I want you to go to Hong's Diner, not to far off from here. Tell him the Doctor sent you. I got to go to work but I'll be back to--."

"No! You're just a monster!"

The little girl scurried off refusing to take the food. Verena sighed staring at her cybernetics, sometimes they were blessing, being able to do things more than human, but sometimes that was the problem. To be more than human that was the curse, because to some you are no longer human.

Walking a little more Verena was stopped again but this time by a member of the rebellious gang, the Sons of the Forthcoming. Most of them wore either, dark brown, black, or gray jackets hoods on, and masked their mouths with bandannas. Every member had to be a cyborg, and because of this they were known to be the crazy type. But Verena knew that they were fighting for a good cause, they just needed a cure for their insanity. The Sons stood for the forthcoming, the future that they believe would revolve around cybernetics. They were very good friends with the Doctor, in fact, she could run the whole gang if she wanted to with how much they respected her. But Verena rather work along as much as possible.

"Look, Doc! Some of our brothers lost it, they waged an attack on a Kardmium warehouse! If you came up with a cure sooner then--," Isaiah a member of the gang was interrupted by the Doctor.

"Don't blame this on me, Isaiah. You know how hard I have been working!" she snapped back enraged.

"I'm sorry. Its just that-- you got to do something! They never meant to! We don't want to endanger the gang anymore, but those cops, they need to pay for there deaths. Even if only a few cops are executed, it will mean a lot to us."

Verena signed frustrated, she didn't want to lose their respect.

"Fine, load me up a sniper, and I will see what I can do."

"Wait, you're not going to the warehouse?"

"It would be stupid to rush in there, one person against an army of cops..."

However Verena, was never the best at shooting from far distances.

"I bet you don't have a bomb handy," she said rolling her eyes.

"Actually, Jax could whip two up fast. In a short amount of time, planting two bomb would surely leave a boom and a couple sorry cops in there grave. All you have to do is rush in, plant it and leave."

"You make it sound too easy, but I'm not scared."

"And one more thing, Doc."

"What now?"

Are you going to eat those noodles?"

Verena hopped on her motorcyclist and drove her way near the area, however not close by enough for the cops to notice someone was dropping by. By the looks of it there was already an explosion, but the more the merrier. She was going to creep to the back of the warehouse, plant the two bombs and leave. But this would not be easy, the place was surrounded and the rain would flaw her invisibility, you would not be able to see her but the raindrops would shaped out her body.

But the main issue was the risk of the Doctor losing her own sanity. The cops, the smell of burning bodies, the screaming of other cyborgs, it could drive any cybernetic user insane. She consistently told herself, "You're going to be fine, everything's alright. You're going to be fine, everything's alright."

Being stealthy and cautious she made her way to the back of the warehouse outside. Each bomb was kept in a black backpack. Once she let go of the item was no longer invisible. Bomb one was planted, she wanted to plant the second bomb a few meters apart from the first. She just couldn't get caught...

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#, as written by kemj25
Colton rushed around the corner to the back of the warehouse, but failed to see Anna. Shit. Maybe she went in after Gunnerson. He knew that Anna was capable of handling herself, and if she made it to Slade, then nothing short of an AT missile could stop them.

Stent brought up Anna on his comm, "this is Colton again. New plan: I'll stay around the back in case any manage to slip by you. Make sure Slade doesn't destroy the Kardmium with his heroics."

The young-blood drew his weapon and found some cover behind some miscellaneous crates and rubbage where he could also keep an eye out for any cyborgs exiting the warehouse. Awaiting for Officer Gulbrandsen's response, Colton keenly scanned the area. Just because the break-in was sloppy, doesn't mean that some of these guys don't have any fancy toys. The rain reached a heavy downpour but Colton Stent was used to these conditions. Ever since the Synth Crisis, the city itself seems down, almost crying for the hustle and bustle of its former life.

As he scanned the area, Stent noticed something... odd. The rain was hitting something. Something that wasn't there.

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Good the first bomb placed... Now all I have to do is--

Verena's thoughts were interrupted by a beeping she could only hear ringing through her head. It was her cloaking system signaling that it was giving out and needed time to charge. The Doctor had to think fast, the police was familiar with her actions, bombings, assassinating cops during riots, creating and installing cybernetics on people- in other words, Verena was a wanted woman. However two years ago near Christmas time she was hooking up small, cheap, cybernetics on homeless kids for free, it was her way of saying Merry Christmas. But she was not careful, one of the kids snitched on her. It was the first time she was surrounded by the police, the only way she could get out of there alive was to hold the kids hostage. She still regrets the feeling of putting a gun to one of the boy's head. But hell, she would never hurt those kids, or any child in fact. Though the cops now see Verena as the sick physio cyborg who not only is active in bombings, but in the killing of children. But she was better than that, everyone on the streets knew it, but the authorities didn't believe it.

In her head all she thought was, She plant the second the bomb and get out of here!
She wanted to finish her job, but also do it right, or at least decently. She wanted to plant the second bomb on the opposite corner of the first bomb. With her cloaking system to the end time of functioning, the Doctor how to be more flexible. Normally, Verena would hide for cover but there was really none that she could get to in a limited time, all she could do now was make a run for it. She now turned on her sprint enchantment and raced herself down to the next corner when all of sudden she was now visible in an area of cops. Could Verena get herself out of here? Probably, but would she be in the hands of cops?

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#, as written by kemj25
Come on, your eyes aren't lying to you. There is a pattern. A shape. The rain is contouring perfectly to some object.

Just as Colton began to work out in his head that there was, in fact, a cyborg before him, their stealth field began to drop. A short circuit? Faulty cyberware? It didn't matter to Stent because at that moment he noticed the backpack and scratch-built explosive on the cyborg's person. A saboteur.

"FREE-" Colton rose and took aim with his carbine, ready to strike if necessary, but was cut off from an unfortunate chain reaction of events. First he heard the explosion. The dazed and confused screams from the lot where the cops were positioned. He didn't know at the time, but a rocket struck the force. The blast from the explosion along with the ensuing chemical spray detonated the first backpack charge.

Stent was hit more by the shock wave of the explosion, as the bomb was positioned a considerable ways away, but this must have been one hell of a bomb. The blast knocked him down, some of his former cover falling on top of him. And for a moment, the always-stoic Officer Stent didn't have much of a thought running through his head. He was consumed by the ringing in his ears and the workings of what would turn out later to be a concussion.

He wasn't able to ask the important questions to himself: What's going on with the police? Are there more explosives? How are Anna and Slade faring? And what about that cyborg saboteur Colton saw?

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"No shit Sherlock......" Slade muttered to himself as he heard Colton's plan. He turned and headed towards the front of the building where the carnage and away from Colton and Anna. A few seconds later the he was at the front of the building. THe air was a lot warmer and it was full of the smells of flesh and rubber, and chemicals. Most of the fire had subsided and it left in its wake a lot of dead cops. He didn't see many survivors however the few that did survive were now severely burned, and ironicly would probably need cybernetics to survive. The thought of this made Slade furious, these were good men and women, and it shouldn't have come to this. A few of the officers that survived the blast and were ok had detained a cyborg that looked to be carrying a bomb. He would deal with her later, as of right now a lot things needed to be answered.

Slade looked around to see if he could spot where this explosion came from, Out of the corner of his eye his goggles locked onto a figure jumping from a nearby taller building onto the warehouse. It couldn't be who he thought it was, Slade hadn't seen or heard from him in a while. "Gunnerson what the hell happened down there? Who did this?" Said the sarge's voice from his mic. "I don't know but I think I'm gonna find out..." He said turning off his mic as he began to run back into the warehouse to confront the stranger. More and more questions began to pile up.

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The rain wasn’t letting up but at least the glowing glare of fire was finally calming down. It still had much of the street lit up and occasional would send sparks of light filling the alleyways. She had combed most of the depot for any other signs of cyborg activity but came up empty. What they wanted was in the warehouse and there was nothing out here that seemed to be of any importance. Leaning up against the wall she heard the shuffling of feet on the other side which was odd because Slade was in the streets and Colton wasn’t on this side last she checked. Which only could lead to one thing, she opened the door to that side of the warehouse and was immediately greeted with another cyborg but there was something different about this one. She wasn’t in a complete blood lust, which meant that she had to be in complete control of her actions despite the cybernetics.

“Hands. Step into the light. Slowly.” There was hardly any light in the room so she couldn’t make out what she looked like. As the women turned to her, Anna realized just how screwed she could be.As the women stepped into the light she learned two things. One,she had a bomb, not strapped to her but she held the detonator tight, thumb just above the button and Two, it was The Doctor. It had already been a long night and everything was pointing to it being even longer.

(OOC This is CaptainSchizo, this is my other account for when I forget my password.)

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Being spotted was just what the Doctor wanted. When ordered to reveal herself, she did just so- keeping herself cautious and her motions steady. Though the Doctor was in a weak state physical she did not let one finger of her dominate hand stray from the detonator. Earlier, Verena crashed against her face causing her shades to partly shatter on her face, glass plunged into her right eye. The smell of burning metal wore on her presence the way a bride wore white on a wedding ceremony.

The Doctor tilted her head at the female officer expressed with a twisted toothless smile. Shaking her head at the cop as if the policewoman were a fool child, Verena spoke emotionless in an eerie and lifeless manner as if she was a ghost of a girl who died in the hellish rain, "Is that any way to greet a doctor? I assume no one taught you manners. Perhaps you weren't listening."

The Doctor stepping forward, closer to the woman, limping while she did so however waving the detonator declaring that she had the upper-hand. Watching her enemy very closely she ordered, "You better listen now, because you wouldn't want to make my day any worse. So, turn off your radio."

Nothing happened at first, thus the Doctor ordered again but sounding much more vicious and with emotion, "I said, turn off your radio. Officer, I will leave you to a damn crisp if you do not cooperate."

The cop had no choice but to obey, unless she desired to not only take her own life but the life of her other fellow cops in the building. Therefore as soon as the radio went off Verena continued, "Look, you have really one option. Either you arrest me, tell no one I gave in willingly to arrest or my finger slips on this here red button. And red buttons are usually bad news. I am not planning anything, all I want to do is get away from this piss-hole. I have a better chance in prison then I do on the streets... after what happened. But promise me officer, tell no one I gave in willingly. Besides, it will sound better on your part, like as if you took down the Doctor heroically. Do this I will surrender the bomb and of course its detonator. Break your word and I will come back to break you, what do say, officer?"

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The Doctor raised her voice slightly and Anna had no choice but turn off her radio. She was in no position to spew out orders, she may be fast at the trigger but not fast enough to stop her from pressing the button, even if she did have a perfect shot.

"Look, you have really one option. Either you arrest me, tell no one I gave in willingly to arrest or my finger slips on this here red button. And red buttons are usually bad news. I am not planning anything, all I want to do is get away from this piss-hole. I have a better chance in prison then I do on the streets... after what happened. But promise me officer, tell no one I gave in willingly. Besides, it will sound better on your part, like as if you took down the Doctor heroically. Do this I will surrender the bomb and of course its detonator. Break your word and I will come back to break you, what do say, officer?"

Anna couldn’t help but smirk at the request, she was never good at keeping her composure. “If all you want to do is leave, why didn’t you just run when the explosion happened?” Adjusting her grip on her gun she took into account the wounds that the women had. She clearly was hit with the blast which either meant it was her bomb that went off early, or she didn’t expect it, meaning there was something else going on behind the scenes. “With all the mayhem going on out there, it would have been easy to slip away unnoticed.”

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“If all you want to do is leave, why didn't you just run when the explosion happened?” the officer asked Verena with a smirk.

But the problem was the Doctor couldn't just slip away, for many reasons.The rain turning from water to fire she was afraid that she would be meet an unfriendly encounter with the flames. And even if the fire was not directly on top of her, if fire is falling from any sky it is best to stay indoors, even if indoors is a cop-infested-warehouse. In other words, she had a better chance with the cops being the one determined to trigger yet another explosion if not given what she wanted. There was also the problem with leaving physically by herself and revisiting her motorcycle a couple miles away. Verena was no in the best of healthy, for goodness's sake she could only see out of one eye with a heavy light-headed feeling. The Doctor desired to see no inside of a prison cell or an interrogation room, but in a situation like such, it may be the best and craziest decision. Besides, who doesn't like a bit of adventure?

“With all the mayhem going on out there, it would have been easy to slip away unnoticed.”

"After the explosion I hit, the only 'slipping' I would do is slipping and falling. And there are... other reasons. But I give you no answers! Perhaps if you through with the arrest. This will probably be the only time in your life, officer, where a cyborg in her right mind surrenders so easily.... I mean what do you have to lose? Seriously! The only failure here.... is me," the doctor spoke her last sentence nearing close to shameful mutter.

"Do, this and you will be seen as a hero. And I ordered you turn off your radio for a reason, just so that there is not even the slightly chance that your comrades hear us negotiating."

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He didn't hear any shouting or exclamation after landing so for now Bernard assumed he was in the clear. Still, he wanted to be cautious. He just wanted to keep an eye on the kardmium to make sure the few remaining cops didn't load it up and ship it off to who-knows-where before he could grab some. He only needed a single box of the stuff. He could easily carry more but despite his strength he wanted at least one hand free just in case. But he was getting ahead of himself.

He made his way over to where one of the cops had gotten in. The mangled wreck of a cyborg was still laying there where it had fallen. But Bernard felt no pity. Only disdain. Such wasted potential. Down one flight of stairs and he was inside on the third floor, with more cyborg bodies laid nearby. He was going to keep heading down when he heard voices coming up from below. Even with his enhanced hearing it was somewhat hard to decipher with the rain pouring hard on the metal roof just feet above him, but it definitely sounded like two female voices. He drew his pistol, the giant .50 caliber monster that they used to use on cyborgs before pulse tech became more efficient and popular. It was the only thing left from his own days as an officer. That and a few vague, muddle memories. He continued towards the stairs leading down to the second floor, but slower, quieter.

He considered, briefly, giving up on the kardmium and just escaping, but he was already inside. It would hurt his pride to leave empty handed now.