System Shock: The Beginning

System Shock: The Beginning


Look at you, hacker: a pathetic creature of meat and bone, panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?.

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This begins in 2114. After joining the United National Nominate, You are assigned to the Rickenbacker, a military spacecraft. The Rickenbacker is escorting the Von Braun, an experimental faster-than-light star-ship, on its maiden voyage. A few months into the journey, the ships respond to a distress signal from the planet Tau Ceti V. A rescue team is sent to the planet surface where they discover strange eggs. The eggs infect the rescue team and integrate them into an alien communion that calls itself the Many. The infestation eventually overtakes both ships.

You either awaken in a room or from cryogenic sleep.
It is just before the infection..An hour to be exact. Soldier G65434-2 Didn't make it.. You people are our only help.
But beware, Someone aboard has been touched by the many.


1:Violence, Swearing, And flirting are allowed. Your part of the only survivors where everyone could be your enemy..Or someone a many.
2:Post as often as you can. This may slacken when we get going.
3.Characters should be unique, realistic, believable, and dynamic.
3:Literacy is required.
4:You can PM me, to be the 'many' traitor,
5:Watch your back...No Mary sues, please.
6: This is a 'realistic' And Sci-fi RP, There are no One hit kills.

Classes, And Details.


The Many.
They are a collective hive-mind, which has spies, and alike running around the Ships. They are waiting for the moment to strike.

SHODAN And the AI's.
SHODAN Is an artificial intelligence. Self-Aware. And fancies herself a goddess. Beware, She can trick and deceive her way to her goal.
Your Death. And Her AI's can hinder your progress with a thought..Literally.

Insane humans.
Self explanatory.

The Ships have various Weapons, From high caliber shotguns, to Laser rifles. But the latter is not common.

The most common weapon is anything you can get your hands on..Like a lead pipe


Classes, And Details.
You can choose to be either. A scientist, Soldier, hacker and an engineer. Or anything else, just PM me your idea.
They are all excelled towards their Paths.

Scientist: Highly intelligent. Weak at combat.
Engineer: Great at opening things, or repairing tools and alike. Weak at Combat that isn't hitting someone over the head with a spanner.
Soldier: Great at combat, weak at intelligence and melee combat.
Hacker: Great at well..Hacking. Weak at Combat, and repairing.


Code: Select all
[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]
[b]Birth Place:[/b]
[b]Date of Birth:[/b]
[b]Physical Condition:[/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]



[b]Relationship Status:[/b]



[i]With Friends[/i]
With Lovers[/i]

[i]With Enemies[/i]

[b]General Philosophy:[/b]

[b]Most Prized Possession (Material Value):[/b]
[b]Most Prized Possession (Emotional Value):[/b]


[b]Life's Ambition:[/b]
[b]Crippling Fear ( Single Biggest Fear):[/b]
[b]Least Outspoken About:[/b]
[b]Most Outspoken About:[/b]

[b]Psychological Condition:[/b]

[b]Positive Characteristics:[/b]
[b]Negative Characteristics:[/b]


[b]Noticeable Behaviors:[/b]

3) [/i]


[b]Past History:[/b]

[b]Current History:[/b][/center]

Jackson Brown.
Sergei Belov
Kenji Hyouda

I am update With every new char.

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People say Paranoia and fear are key factors in the human mind. But when the mind is asleep is it aware of things and goings of the real world?
The ship Van Braun was slowly pulsing with technology in the middle of an unknown galaxy. It is just a couple of days after the first infestation. When the ship is observed from outside it is seen how it is a simple and humble ship with no abnormalities. You need to get aboard the ship to experience the real horrors.
The corridors are blank, lifeless. It seems as though the ship hasn't been habitable for years. Cobwebs already shrouding the ship. It looked like an ancient tomb, undisturbed for ages. The corridors blood spluttered and corpse filled but empty and lifeless. From time to time strange creatures move about, leaving the ship undisturbed. The corridors themselves had a claustrophobic feel to them. The spirits of the dead seemed to wonder about the ship. Thinking they are living and still going about their business. Their essence is contained within the bowels of this metal bird.

In the medical bay there was a selection of stasis pods. Most ravaged by unknown hands. Blood spattered, stench filled.
One pod however was occupied.
A green light flashed through a screen before a small canister burst beside the pod. Oxygen shot out as the pod itself lifted it's glass casing, as if a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. Air filled the room like a mist.
A figure got out of the pod. Disorientated, unaware of what was happening around him. He wore a gas mask-like helmet. Military light armor was upon him.
He opened his eyes and threw his mask off as if suffocating within it. He had dark blond hair, a bark color. His eyelids fluttered open revealing two very emerald eyes.
"Where... where am I?"
He looked around the room. It gave him a cold lonely feeling. Blood everywhere, cobwebs. Failing transmissions coming through the computers.
Alarmed by the blood he got out his dart pistol and rolled backwards slamming into the wall. Still disorientated. He decided the best thing to do was to send out sonar. He focused his mind and sent out a weak quarter of a mile signal, his psychic force trying to find any life. The only life was a humanoid like figure. He decided not to risk it. He got out his water bottle and drank up, the cold liquid bringing life into him.
Now with his head together he picked up his helmet of the floor and clipped it onto his belt, he needed all the view he could get.
He put away his dart pistol and slowly walked out of the room trying to make as less noise as possible. He forced his mind into concentration and slowly he became invisible. The cloaking would not last very long in his disorientated state so he decided to be quick about it. He slowly paced along the empty corridor. Doors an all sides, a corpse was at the far end. A dried up blood trail led from the corpse, it was dragged before being viciously mutilated like a pig.
The man continued along the corridor before stopping in his tracks.
"Sergei... my name is Sergei, right?" He asked himself before realizing it was. He then heard a muffled cry as if a response to his out loud question. He heard quick footsteps and something heavy being dragged along. He got ready to kill whatever was coming at him. Suddenly out of a room a humanoid creature emerged. It looked like a normal human, but his ribs were sticking out of his skin. There was a tube like organ leading from his head into his stomach. His eyes seemed puffy and disconnected from his brain, perhaps this creature relied on smell or hearing? It wore no upped body clothes, just ripped trousers. It let out another cry.
"Please... I do not... want... hurt... AAAARGH!"
Sergei sensed pain coming from this creature. It was in pain. Suddenly he noticed it had a large rusty pipe. He lost control of cloaking and became visible. The creature screamed in a non human voice and swung the pipe at Sergei.
He just narrowly ducked to avoid it, anger building up within him. As the creature lunged at him, he flipped backwards before releasing that anger in a power psychic attack. The creatures stomach suddenly imploded and collapsed in on itself. The organs flushing out in a streak of red. It was as if a shotgun wound.
The creature was twitching on the floor, Sergei not taking any chances brought his boot heavily on it's head. Brains spluttering the floor as the skull cracked and burst.
The creature was still now.
Sergei feeling almost sick started coughing and choking violently. After a minute he got himself under control and sat down in the corridor looking at the corpse. He killed humans before but this was violent and gross beyond his stomach.
He decided to carry on in trying to find out what happened. He got up and jogged towards the exit. Now there was another corridor... Endless corridors connected this ship. In his current state, Sergei decided to find somewhere to lie down and sleep before continuing when he was at his full strength.
He opened a nearby cabin, it was an office. A terrible sight met him, a man was hanging by his neck... Suicide... Sergei pushed the corpse aside and opened the door from the office into a large bedroom. He entered it and sealed the door with his mind behind him. <Only an experienced hacker would get through that door now> He thought, before slumping onto the bed and letting his dreams take over.


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#, as written by Gasmask
"Must feed the children...Keep them happy." The voice rang though the corridors and alike in the hospital dorm. Then shotgun blasts, as a figure made his bloody path down the corridor. Mechanical fusions between flesh and metal stood in his way attempting to claw him with every turn. His shot-gun clicked empty as disconnect brought the nose towards a changing many. It mauled him as he flew in the air as the rusted pipe hit him square in the face. making him blackout.

He awoke with a jolt, he was being dragged along by the distorted figure, it had a firm grip on his leg and it had taken his shotgun and was dragging it along with his other. He was being dragged along a bloody corridor with the mad talking of the 'Mid-wives' as they were called. They used to be human...Sexy too, But now?, There horrible fusions of steel and flesh. They can't even think straight anymore.

Disconnect patted himself down, his Armour was thoroughly broken, bits of metal sticking out. Then it struck him..Metal sharp. He grasped one and broke it free with a loud snap. Then the many turned around. "Might want to reload, buddy." Disconnect said and brought the sharp bit of metal into it's fleshy tube connecting it's stomach and head. Blood spurted all over the walls as he brought it down with a sickening crunch. He then felt the thing falling on him. After a couple of minutes of struggling. Disconnect managed to push it off him.

Not before he was surrounded with mid-wives..



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I dreamed of a pale maiden who became a vicious AI mechanical construct. Oil flooded her face under her skin and wires pierced and replaced her veins.

Sergei woke up. He was feeling refreshed as ever and for a moment was ignorant of his surroundings until looking around. It was the room he took refuge in. Memories flashed through his mind of his encounter with the mutated creature. His mind seemed blank for a moment.
He stood up making sure his gas mask was on his belt before loading his dart pistol and then putting it away. He was going to practice his psychic powers if he was going to run into any creatures. He stood there looking around for a bit before taking out his water bottle and taking a sip. Feeling refreshed he decided to carry on to the main com center.
He opened the sealed doors with his mind wrecking them entirely. The doors let in a stench from the recent corpse he made. The body was still hanging there in the other room... Some people could not take the pressure so they decide to end it all...
Sergei walked a bit and looked at the monitors. These were cams from around the ship. There were 5 screens in total, the other screens must be in higher ranking observatories. Sergei looked on each screen. They all had death written all over them in human blood.
One screen was displaying an ongoing struggle between what looked like 3 female cyborgs and someone who didn't look remotely like any of the creatures Sergei had met before... Maybe he was one of the surviving who could tell Sergei as to what happened?
Where was this? Sergei read the tablet on top of the screen reading Main Corridor.
Sergei looked around the monitor for any weapons. He noticed a simple 9mm service pistol on the keyboard. He took it and checked the clip. exactly 8 bullets in clip and 1 in chamber already loaded... Perfect.
Sergei ran out of the room and headed for the corridor. All around him, corpses and blood. He felt like being sick because of the carnage but contained it.
A couple of female screams. Sergei was ready for anything. He flipped around the corner towards the three midwives. Setting of a mind wave which acted a lot like EMP. The females' cyborg legs were disconnected from the primary nerve system and they all collapsed. Their minds clear and the females themselves unconciouss.
Sergei tossed to the survivor the 9mm pistol, before he repeatedly stamped upon the heads of the females. Sergei then looked at the survivor.
"I'm Sergei"
His hand was outstretched.

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