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Daniel Fittch

An athlete beyond compare.

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a character in “T h e F i r s t W e r e w o l f”, as played by FoolMeOnce



Name: Daniel Lee Fittch
Age: 18 years - Eighteen
Gender: Male

Appearance: Daniel, or Danny, is plain as day athletic. It hits you square in the heart the moment you see him. His tall, lean yet muscular frame is something to be besotted with, especially at such a young age. He's not champion for nothin'. Danny keeps himself in check; his weight down, his clothes neat and his coppery brown hair style just right. Danny's eyebrows are even trimmed to perfection. The girls seem to swoon over his stunning sea green eyes that glint so mischievously. Danny often teams up a simple t-shirt and dark, soft denim jeans. He loves his trainers and his high tops and owns several pairs of Kickers. Danny isn't a man of jewellery, but he does treasure the dog tags that swing around his neck. Daniel has a small scar across his right eyebrow at the peak of the curve. He also has a tattoo on his left torso and arm.

Personality: Being track champ, Danny receives a lot of attention, sometimes unwanted. But, he is always polite, always smiling and always calm. It takes a lot to stress level headed Danny. He's also got a touch of brains too. Danny is switched on in class, especially tuned in to Literature and Poetry. Daniel is deemed an all-rounder; athletic, smart, good and easy on the eyes. A nice, tight little package. What a lot of people don't expect is Danny's mischievous side. Mr Cool-and-Collected can be more than a little bit flirty and clever with his words. Once every so often he has a reckless moment and just be spontaneous and daring. This is what landed Daniel his tattoo. His parents had always told him that with his muscle building and the near constant fluctuation, getting a tattoo would be a bad idea. So, what did Danny boy do? Covered half of his upper body with one.

Danny's relationship with his parents has always been about push and shove; one person consistently winding up the other. There has always been the pressure for Danny to be great at everything, but it didn't stop even when he became champ. After that it was academic studies, then his extra curricular activities. It's lucky that Danny has his close, tight knit network of friends to fall back on, even if they do tease him for still being single. Danny assures them he's waiting for the right girl, but they joke and call him 'gay'.

So begins...

Daniel Fittch's Story


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a mythical tale.
Beginning to End...

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Rise and Shine

Danny was oblivious to the morning sun's rays, lost in his fantasy dream world. After a particularly intense set of training last night, Daniel had fallen into a deep, dream filled sleep as soon as his head had hit the pillow. He dreamt of his normal life. His friends, his family. The girl. And then it suddenly became all about that girl. Everyone else had the same face, the same voice, and that seemed to make hers all the more spectacular. Danny smiled in his sleep, the girl's face filling his mind. That is, until his sister gave him a rude awakening.

"Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan!" she chanted with each bounce on his back. Daniel unravelled his arms from his pillow and turned over, holding his little five year old sister Melanie at the hips. " it that time already?" "School Dan-Dan! School" Danny smiled, poking his tongue out at Mel, then wrapping her up in his duvet before slinking away. Daniel smirked at the "Dan-Dan!" protests that faded into the background.

Daniel fixed himself a quick but satisfying breakfast of weetabix with fresh yoghurt and slices banana and a cup of sweet tea. Tea was Dan's guilty little pleasure. The two teaspoons of sugar could ruin his regime but it was his one little liberty. It tasted too good to pass up. Daniel lounged in the corner of the sofa, the TV still set to Mel's cbeebies. "Daniel, c'mon it's time to go. You'll be late!" tutted his mother, handing Dan his lunch bag and car keys and kissing the top of his head. "Alright, alright," he smirked, pulling on his black and white high tops before breezing out of the door.

Once in his car, Danny turned on his stereo and turned on his favourite all time song. Papa Roach were always Danny's inspiration, and the lyrics to this song were so perfectly motivating for someone who took part in a lot of competitive sports. In no time at all, Danny pulled into the car park, just before that strange Lyra girl. He really should take the time to find out who she was, she seemed...different. Danny quickly found a spot for his car after everyone moved out of his way when they realised who it was and parked up, turning the CD player off. Stepping out, Danny locked his car and immediately spotted everyone gathered around Maggie. Eugh. There was just something about those sort of girls he couldn't seem to like. That was when she walked by. Danny stopped dead in his tracks, right in the path of Lyra's car, as he watched her dreamily walk towards the main doors. She was digging through her bag searching for something, and Danny watched as she retrieved it and sat down on the steps. Was that a book? Hmm. So she was a book worm. Cute.

"Hey! Danny-boy!"

Dan turned to the sound of his friend Carter calling, or rather hollering, to him from the crowd now gathered under the tree. "'Sup?" Dan greeted, wandering over and taking his seat. Danny turned to look back at the girl but she was gone already, much to his disappointment.