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A suit of armor with a portion of Rastler's soul bonded to it, One possesses a personality and consciousness all his own.

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a character in “Taer Ayen: The End of Days”, as played by forgotten


''Ah, yes. Well I suppose you could call him my greatest failure.''--Rastler

A human soul bonded to a suit of armor, his lack of flesh and bone do not make him any less human.

[Name]| ONE
[Age]| 4
[Height]| 6'5
[Weight]| 85lbs


Although One is subserviant to Rastler's will, he does possess a mind of his own, complete with desires and feelings. He fully recognizes his debt to Raslter, the man who sacrificed a portion of his soul to bring ONE into existence, and feels he is forever indebted to his creator. He is not, however, a mindless drone that obeys all humans. He is rather touchy about being referred to as a 'golem' or anything less than a person and takes every chance he can to display and revel in his humanity.

Despite the fact that Rastler designed ONE for combat, his greatest joy is gardening. His fascination with botany and the resilient spirit of nature tend to cloud his thoughts at times and lead him to lose focus on the matter at hand. Given that he is--at his core, a portion of Rastler, ONE is quite intelligent, but lacks the drive and ambition of his creator.

While ONE exhibits a jealousy of humanity, he fears death and finds comfort in the fact that he is not in possession of a body that will age and decay.


Full Suit of Armor.


''This'' 'is a living being.' After the losses at Kashka, I sought a way to build soldiers that would withstand any onslaught. He can walk, talk, think and speak. He can rationalize and reason right from wrong, he simply possesses no human anatomy. No organs, no bones, no blood.His failing, however, lies at his core. In order to create such a being, a soul is needed, or at the very least a piece of a soul. Sadly, the trauma of splitting apart a human souls is something very few beings can live through and remain sane. Thus, he remains the only one.'' –Rastler Grenadia to Jane Fuller on ONE.

Currently serving as Rastler’s protector, ONE is completely loyal to the Creator. His full capabilities have yet to be seen.

So begins...

One's Story


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Beneath the ruins of Taer Ayen and the final incarnation of Castle Ayenee, he sat pondering the inevitable.  The effects of entropy were typically slow, time consuming, but  with utmost certainty would come to pass, draining  a society slowly of its lifeblood. Ayenee—and subsequently Taer Ayen, had been too long without it’s King. Without a trueborn heir of Queen Natasha or her son, Elysia Soreln, the nation had collapsed. The duty he had been tasked with had proven too difficult, even for one of his vast intellect and drive.


As a boy, he had always believed in the supremacy of the Soreln line, had ever put his faith in his Queen and her son. His love for the royal family had rivaled that of his own and, in truth, he regarded King Elysia as his brother first and his ruler second. How then, could Rastler Grenadia look Elysia in the eyes and tell him he had failed…that his quest for truth and power had resulted in the collapse of an empire? The Realm had once again been thrown into a chaos that Rastler had thought it beyond. Surely, after a generation of structure and order man’s humanity was destined to manifest itself and an era of true and genuine peace would arise? Would it not?


Only too late did Rastler realize his foolishness; peace, was not in man’s nature. Peace was a grand idea, but an unattainable one. The last of the Cores that powered the underground city of Laeraz would be non-functional by week’s end and Rastler had no one else to draw on as an energy source.


“It is a risky thing,” One said, “I can protect you. This is unnecessary.”

The living suit of armor was poor company, but better than nothing—not that Rastler was the sort of man who required human interaction. It was well known, rather it had been, amongst Taer Ayen’s Council that Elysia’s Chief Advisor was prone to spending weeks in his laboratory on end. 


“I have little choice in the matter,” he reminded the golem. “We’ve located the artifact, but I have no idea how it will affect the bonding of your soul. It could very well nullify it entirely and you’ll be useless to me.”


His tone was not cruel, simply matter-of-fact.


“This artifact,” Rastler began, sliding away from his work desk and raising his hand—the teacher standing before his students “Is older than anything I’ve ever dealt with. It could, indeed, be primordial and in possession of a power that we not only do not understand, but are incapable of controlling. Regardless of this, if it can restore order to Taer Ayen, it is my duty to lay claim to it.”


In all truth, it was for the golem’s own good. Rastler’s protectors had a way of meeting an unfortunate end…a fact the good doctor still remained quite curious about. His lithe form contorted as he stretched to claim the serum in it’s vial from his workdesk. Holding it up he marveled at it. The concoction of pure mana, Elysia Soreln’s blood and the Crystallys cells he had discovered was his only chance now. Rastler did not doubt it’s safety, he had used a less potent mixture for all of the KNIGHT candidates and a majority of the soldiers lived with little-to-no side effects.


Sharp aristocratic features, complimented by high cheekbones and deep set eyes, softened for a moment as doubt crept in and took hold of him. Raster Grenadia shoved it away.


He had no use for doubt.


He only had use for power and this was the fastest feasible way to gain it. Unlike so many of the ‘heroes’ who had wandered this Realm, Rastler had ever been a horrendously poor combatant. His life had been spent within libraries and institutions of learning, not upon a battlefield.


Taking a firmer grip upon the vial, Rastler rose from his seat and crossed the laboratory to an empty cylindrical chamber composed of steel and glass. Removing his coat and tunic—despite one’s lack of humanity, there was little sense in impropriety—Rastler stepped into the chamber and shut the door.


“Wait until I’ve administered the serum, then activate the chamber.” One’s helm tilted in a nod. Removing a hypodermic needle from within his pocket, Rastler removed the protective covering and inserted the tip into the vial’s opening. Drawing out all of the serum, Rastler wasted little time in injecting it. “Now,” he commanded.


The room was filled with the hum of mana-powered machinery, the lights flickered off, leaving only the dim glow of the chamber’s gauges.


Rastler was dimly aware of someone screaming, he was only partially aware of the ice cold sensation that coursed through his veins, or the feeling of his body contorting and changing. No, what had grabbed Rastler’s attention was the sensation of pure mana being sprayed upon his skin. Each drop felt as though it had been composed of exceedingly potent acid. Rastler refused to reach or comfort his burning flesh, in fear that his skin might slough off. Writhing and screaming, he fought against his instinct to keep his eyes shut and peered at the gauges spinning overhead. The pain would pass, it had to. Rastler’s vision blurred and refocused, blurred and refocused, blurred and refocused.


When he could stand the pain no more, Rastler Grenadia reached for the Chamber’s glass door, only to be enveloped in darkness. 


Even in death…all I feel is agony.


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Some time ago...
Evening had come and gone, ushering  in the dawn with little in the way of pomp and circumstance. Still the otherworldly light cresting the horizon served as a constant reminder to the professor that no matter the magnitude of his machinations, he was barely an atom within the molecule that was their universe. 

"Still," he whispered softly to himself "Quite the noteworthy speck."

"Hrm?" She asked, lifting her head off his chest. 

"Simple internal musings..." he explained, running his fingertips along the base of her spine. 

"I'd best get going," she said with a soft smile, swinging her legs out of bed and slipping into her skirt."The research division thinks they've gotten a lock on the subject's position."

Drusilla was certainly a sight to behold, but she was not the love of his life. His Daniella had been a creature of beauty to marvel at for hours upon end...but it was pointless to dwell on such thoughts. 

"If Corban Saezar cared a whit about his son in the first place, he'd have stayed in Ayenee."

"He's a Guardian Rastler, his responsibilities--"

"Are of no concern to me. These Guardians of Ayenee, assuming they even reside in this realm anymore, are things of the past. It is my intellect, my will, my love for my King that will insure the survival of the realm."

Buttoning her blouse, Drusilla sighed."I hope you're right, but Ethan misses his mother..."

"And wouldn't know his father even if Corban returned. Cease putting your faith in myths and legends...a new age is upon us."

Straightening her hair, Drusilla nodded her head. "If you say so, Doctor."

When she had gone and he was well and truly alone, Rastler peered out of the window at the riding sun and pondered things. There was nothing some Guardian could handle that he couldn't. 

"I'm the new protector of the realm...and I will insure its safety at all costs."

It wasn't genuine pain so much as a dull ache that had settled into his bones, a soreness that he was certain would fade in time.

Rastler was alive, he was certain of that, but it was with a great deal of reservation that he slowly opened an eyelid to see ONE's helmed head peering over him.

"Are you alright, Dr. Grenadia."

Sitting up, Rastler tested his basic motor functions. Moving his fingers and toes, touching fingertips to his nose, before he rose to his feet. The sight that greeted him almost took him aback.

Rastler recognized himself, his features were present within the face staring back at him, but his lithe and slender form had been replaced with a body befitting a KNIGHT, test subject. 

That was the idea though,wasn't it?

Marveling at his own brilliance for but a moment longer, Rastler grinned at ONE and crossed the room to tug a jacket on.

"Of course the physique of a warrior does not make me one, so you will still be necessary ONE."

The large suit of armor nodded. "Of course."

"Make preparations, we leave to reclaim the relic in the morning."

"It is Morning, Dr. Grenadia." ONE pointed out.

"It is? Oh... Tomorrow morning then. It will be just like old times, an expedition for the glory of Taer Ayen."

"The KNIGHT you requested is being sent up," the golem intoned, peering at a monitor. 

"Ah another success! I was getting rather tired of burning the bodies...Can't stomach the smell of burnt human fat."

"Shall I remain with you?"

Running a hand along his jaw Rastler shook his head. "Go enjoy yourself, make ready for our journey. Tomorrow we save Taer Ayen."

With that the golem dismissed himself and Rastler began pawing through his laboratory gathering vials and parchment, along with numerous other gadgets and nicknacks.