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Gabriel Sanders

"Yeah, I'm the big bad wolf and I might just blow your house down. . . "

0 · 311 views · located in Espa Forest

a character in “Tails of War”, as played by Just Sayin'


Gabriel Lee Sanders

His close friends call him Gabe. Those under him simply call him Gabriel or when called up for "punishment," Alpha. He doesn't like any other nickname. . At all.
"A crush? Really? Hah. Does myself count?"
"The Elders say I should have a mate by now, but what fun is that?"
The Rohani Pack, of course.
Role in Pack:
"What do you think?"
The Alpha


Gabriel Lee is a very arrogant man. You could say his place in the pack and his ancestry has given him that much. He is confident in everything he does, and even if he was ever wrong he would never admit it. He does not like feeling threatened and angers just a little too easy. For all anyone knows he believes he himself hung the moon and the stars. Yes, he is that bad. Most would consider him hard to get along with. He does not trust many people, especially people of the same sex. He almost despises other males. Though he is "close" to everyone in the pack, there are only a couple he feels comfortable enough to talk to about certain things. Despite him being cocky, Gabriel is a good Alpha. Born and raised to be what he is today, you could say he is most definitely a leader, never to be a follower. He knows the right things to say and when to say them. He does not panic during stressful situations; or the other times most people tend to panic, and has a rather "level head." He does what's best for his pack, though it is to be believed he puts himself first.
Of course, that is solely based on the fact that he is practically in love with himself. Another thing Gabe has a hard time with: Emotions. You could put him in the most gory scene and the man would not blink an eye. Bring up emotions and you'll have him squirming. Maybe it's due to his past, but he does not like any aspect of the things, especially "love." Hence the reason he keeps everyone emotionally at "arms length." No one has ever really broken the icy barrier around his heart, though he does adore females for physical purposes only.
Behind his looks and arrogance Gabriel truly is a caring guy. His pack before himself, always, even if they do not know it. He would do anything for his wolves. He is loyal and extremely protective, dominant wolfy traits of his. He loves making people laugh and is easy going behind his "I'm-Mister-Bad-Ass-Alpha" facade. His arrogant attitude is just a shield to keep himself from "getting hurt." You just got to look deeper than the surface when it comes to Gabriel. More Revealed Thought-Out The Role-Play.

+ Order; without it he feels uneasy, call him OCD.
+ Power; what alpha doesn't?
+ His Pack; they're all he's ever known.
+ Feeling and Being Wanted; "I mean look at me! Of course I'm wanted."
+ Meat; practically all he eats.
+ Women; "What's not to like?"
+ Exercise; he's a health nut.
+ Cool Evenings; due to his warm body temperature, he cherishes cold evenings
+ Food; yeah, this is pretty obvious.
+ Teasing and Flirting; another obvious one, "The ladies like it. ."
+ Etc. .


- The Stiprus Pack; 'nuff said
- Being Ignored; he cannot stand it!
- Being Challenged(be it physically or simply his authority); quickest way to piss him off.
- Most Other Males; obvious reasons
- Carrots; he's allergic to them, blows up like a fish.
- Middle of Summer; too hot
- Liars; who would like a liar?
- Bitchy Women; "Take it somewhere else, babe."
- Feeling "Vulnerable;" it's definitely not his thing
- Emotion; too complicated to explain.
- Etc. .

Gabriel was born into the Rohani pack. His father, his father's father, his father's father's father was Alpha of the pack. You could say he was "destined for greatness" from the very beginning. Being the cocky man Gabe is, he likes letting everyone know it. . Repeatedly.
However, despite everything, due to being slung into the position recently. . Gabriel is very self-conscious about his role. He wants to be a great leader like his father who is still alive, having taken place as an Elder in the pack, Emmanuel Sanders, who was an excellent alpha. Gabe always goes to him for approval and advice. His father is his weakness and the only one he truly seeks to impress.

His eyes are an unusual yellow/gold color that stand out both in his human and wolf form. They're almost the first thing people notice when seeing Gabe. He stands at 6'4", a wall of muscle and broad shoulders. His wolf form is slightly bigger than the rest in his pack.


So begins...

Gabriel Sanders's Story