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Jonah McGregory

"I-I'm fine. ."

0 · 335 views · located in Espa Forest

a character in “Tails of War”, as played by Just Sayin'


Jonah Nathaniel McGregory


Everyone simply calls him by his first name, Jonah. He doesn't have any nicknames that he knows of.
"No one at the moment. ."
The Stiprus Pack
Role in Pack:

The Delta, surprisingly. .

In a group of people Jonah would not be the first one you heard. It's not that he doesn't talk, it's just that he's more of a thinker, an observer. He is definitely one to go to when you have a problem. He's a shoulder to cry on and gives excellent advise, or so he's been told. Actually, if he was your regular human Jonah figures he would be most likely going to school to be a phycologists. Ninety-three percent of the time his facial expression is stoic. He does not give his emotions away, always acting cool, calm and collected. Surpringly enough, when it comes to the opposite sex. . Jonah is extremely, terribly shy, to the point of bashful. He always gets tongue-tied and stutters around women, which is humorous to most due to his physical appearance; broad and prelaxed looking. Girls just baffle him! He always blushing around them, it seems. In Jonah's opinion this is his biggest "personality flaw." Instead of being "Mr. Bad Boy, Smooth Talker," he's "Mr. Trip-Over-A-Log-Face-Plant-Trying-To-Speak-To-A-Woman," embarrassing.
Looking past that, however, most would consider Jonah rather boyish, his personality that is. He is genuinely caring and concerned for the well-being of others in his pack. He is also loyal, almost like a puppy instead of a wolf. Though he's had no luck with women, when he was younger older adults, mostly elderly ladies, adored him. He is a big help and loves making other people smile. Maybe if he wasn't so nervous around girls he would actually be considered a "charmer."
Though Jonah acts passive, easy going, sweet, and laidback. . Try threatening the wolves in his pack or anyone he cares about for that matter. Just try. His immense strength and agility is the reason he's in his position in the pack; it surprised everyone. There's more to him than an lopsided smile and a caring heart, no doubt. More Revealed During The Role-Play

+ Silence; more time to think things through.
+ The Lake; he likes water, plus the lake is peaceful.
+ Music; who doesn't like music?
+ Nature; "It's beautiful. ."
+ Women; "T-They're. .N-nice."
+ Nice Conversation; you can never go wrong with a cood conversation.
+ Meat, Food in General
+ Warmth
+ Exercise; gotta keep in shape!
+ The Pack He's In; they're his only family. .
+ Etc. .


- Pointless Fighting; there is no point in fighting at all.
- Loud Noises
- The Rohani Pack; personally, he has nothing against them. It's sorta of pack thing to hate them, so. .
- Guys Who Think They Know It All
- Being Overlooked
- Himself For Being So. . Shy When It Comes To Women
- Bees; he's Allergic
- Snuck-Up Girls; "I'm not THAT bad, y'know."
- Being Put On The Spot
- Really Hot Days
- Etc. .

Jonah has been in the Stiprus pack for about two years now. For a long time he was a loner and lived fairly well that way. However, he would gladly admit being around people is rather nice. He doesn't mention his past to anyone, but he thinks on it an awful lot. It kind of lingers over him like a heavy cloud.


So begins...

Jonah McGregory's Story