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Tainted Black Rose

Tainted Black Rose


Succubus rule beyond the shadows. Three girls destined to be something special become cursed over a death.The guys determine the girls fate, fight for their lives and protect the girls. Can they handle it? (Closed/Fail. Will try again later. )

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Failed Maybe I will try again later.

A world where humans didn’t believe in the impossible. Succubus rule beyond the shadows; acting as if human. They suck the energy/ life of the human they kiss. Three girls destined to be something special become cursed over a mistake...well a death. The three girls overused their power and it ended up killing a human male. After that they were cursed so that they could learn from their mistake, because it was against the law to kill a human. They say even black roses could be tainted. The girls wore a black rose necklace around their necks. It was a delicate thing and it would shine in its black color as night came. At first the girls believed it was nothing but soon they found out it was something that they couldn’t have imagined. When ever they fed and took energy from a human it would turn red. But if the black rose turned completely red then just for a second the succubus who has the red rose on would loose themselves and attack anyone around. The curse worked like that to give them a taste of what would happen if they failed. But is there hope? If the three girls fall for their true love the curse will be broken....but they would have to feed from him all their life. Is it a curse either way or a chance at life?

Three male humans with troubled lives. No matter what they did they always felt like something was missing. They live the lives of humans and never truly expected to find anything out of the ordinary in their city. It was a very busy place with busy people. In the eyes of others it seemed like the city was as it was expected to be...but to the three guys, there was always a feeling of curiosity as to what hid in the shadows of their city. Someone....or something might change their lives forever. Will they find what they are missing or will they just find trouble lurking in the shadows that they wish to explore?

The girls have to find their true love. If they don’t they will be cursed forever with the urge to want the energy of a human, never being satisfied. If they do.....will they stay in the human world or go back to their homes? No matter where they turn there's a question unanswered. The girls must find hope and try to find their true love. In the human world they felt lost but they still had money and they knew exactly where to go. It was an underage bar that they heard a lot about. They knew they would find people there. They had a home that they were given and were lucky it was near the club. They always stuck together as best friends and tried to stay in the shadows to stay unnoticed....But there’s a problem. They have sudden urges to feed off of the energy of the humans without being able to control it. As succubus they are naturally seductive but it causes attention when attacking a human. Of course no human would remember, if that’s what the girls wanted, but if they took too much then the human would die. With all the attention of course it attracts attention from unwanted people. Evil succubus lurked around ready to attack humans and hunters lurked around to hunt the succubus. With all the drama and danger happening will they succeed or fail and be stuck to their monstrous instincts? Will the guys see beyond their beauty and fall in love with them? Only time will tell.

They all finished high school and chose to not go to college. How the guys meet the girls is up to you as a character. If you have any Ideas send me a message or just write in the OOC and I will respond back.

The Characters

Girl 1- Me
Girl 2- Maeve
Girl 3- TheWeirdOne

Guy 1- smrtazz13
Guy 2- Nihilus
Guy 3- Trapt

Human hunters
Hunter 1- elloit
Hunter 2- Ununseptium

Evil Succubus
Evil Girl 1- kelsiikhaos
Evil Girl 2-

Character Sheet

Species- (Human or succubus)
Personality -
Equipment- (If you have any)
Weaknesses- (At least two)
Strengths- (At least two)
Fears- (At least two)

Toggle Rules

-No godmodding
-No one-liners
-Post at least once every two to three days if you are unable to post or will be gone for a while please contact me. Not to be mean but if you do not post for a while without contacting me to let me know its a possibility I will end your character. So you have been warned.

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#, as written by Maeve
The backsides of the town were unpleasant, but the subucuss wasn't afraid. Ivory sighed, glancing around. She needed a meal, having not "eaten" in quite a while.
Remember... she reminded herself, frownng. She rattled the cash in her pocket before turning.
There was a bar on the edge of the road. She noticed the night was getting late and let her eyes adjust before pushing open the doors.

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Character Portrait: Gabriel Castor
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Character Portrait: Flora Hael
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Character Portrait: Gabriel Castor
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"I am the Hammer, I am the right hand of my Order, and the instrument of its will."

Character Portrait: Flora Hael
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